Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 88

Giving up a privilege is not easy. The concubine system has been criticized on the Internet, but it is still the upper-level vested interests that determine its existence. After all, the lower-level alpha of this welfare is not only untouchable, it is even a victim of this system. The number of omegas that do not have as many alphas themselves is getting closer to the upper level under such a system.

In this age of descent, the direct result is that the pedigree of the upper-level rule is continuously optimized and differentiated from the lower-level.

At this level, how Lin Yi is the focus of the discussion.

His interaction with Qin Nuo as a civilian is already breaking the norm. Whether in the eyes of ordinary people or nobles, Lin Yi Gaopan is certain. This kind of identity mismatch, under reasonable circumstances, Lin Yi must be cautious and very pleased. Then there were rumors that Mrs. Williams and Lin Yi were at odds, and they were even more predictable, giving people a feeling of, "That's right!"

I don't want Lin Yi not to follow this idea at all. His speech was aberrant and showed sharpness everywhere, which was almost contrary to the standards in the eyes of the nobles. However, not only was the family not abandoned, but the relationship with the marshal seemed quite good.

Although Qin Nuo rarely expressed his opinions in public, everything he said and done about Lin Yi was for protection. Although Lin Yi does have the confidence to speak arbitrarily, if it is just himself, the aristocratic group that has been constantly touched by interests will not be so restrained and restrained. He has already counterattacked on Lin Yi with tons, how can he be as aggrieved as he is now .

If there is only a boyfriend who is so good that he is angry and resentful, and who is partial and indulgent to you, it is enough to make people enviable, but now even the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is so harmonious, many people think that Lin Yi saved the galaxy and ate lemons on the spot. .

"Yunxiao has praised Lin Yi again today, oh oh oh, I began to suspect that it was the Marshal's ghostwriter, it's no different from Master Qin Nuo directly boasting."

"Recently, I have been woken up every day..."

"Although Master Lin Yi is also very good, he is very good at every field he is involved in and admires him very much, but I never thought that the Marshal would be like this when he was in love. I always thought that when he fell in love with the Marshal, it was a straightforward glance. , Very abiding by the rules."

If Lin Yi sees this comment, he will most likely reply, "You are not mistaken. He is really abiding by the rules. Please find out about the older virgins."

"Wow! I watched the previous kiss several times a day, and every time I watched it, I felt like I was dead. Master Qin Nuo and Master Lin Yi are so good and so good, both of them are immortal looks."

"Marshal is simply a standard boyfriend template, can't it be better."

A few days later, the facts proved that Qin Nuo could really be better.

The filming of the new movie started, and everything must pursue perfect reality in accordance with Fred's style. Therefore, the shooting location undoubtedly settled on a remote small planet with the subject matter.

Such a small planet's public security is incomparable to Capital Star, and the entire crew is quite cautious.

Unlike the last time I went to shoot with Huangxing, there was no Archie to embarrass Lin Yi, let alone cold-eyed. Everything turned the other way around, and I wished to confess Lin Yi's as a gold ingot, and almost turned Lin Yi's upside down.

Before getting off the spacecraft, considering the unexpected situation that may happen at any time when shooting the planet, Fred also called the main actors over for a small meeting and told them what to pay attention to when shooting.

"Safety is the top priority. If you run around randomly and accidentally, you will have to bear the consequences." Fred said seriously, and then added, "Even if it is within the range specified by the crew, it is safe. There is no guarantee, you know this in your heart."

Everyone? ? The specified range cannot completely guarantee safety. Isn't this really just a fight?

Of course, no one dared to talk about their inner complaints. After all, Fred’s reputation has risen again since the last "Wasteland", and this film is basically a box office guarantee from the theme to the starring, which is revealed in such a film. A face is something that many people can't ask for.

Little D sat in the back row with Lin Yi, and heard Fred’s words and whispered to Lin Yi: "Don’t worry, my lord, when we get off the spacecraft, I’ll go to the military camp here and ask for weapons to be assembled. Come one to kill one, two to kill a bunch, and if these people are disobedient, kill them too."

An alpha ear sitting not far away from Lin Yi was quite clever. He was taken aback when he heard the words. He looked back at Little D and saw that it was just an intellectual brain, which made him feel more relieved. He deliberately talked to Lin Yi, and said, "Did you bring a bodyguard?"

"Bodyguard?" Lin Yi was puzzled.

Alpha pointed his finger at a row of people standing in the corner, "Like this, the ground environment is not very good, and the crew can't protect it one-to-one. For the sake of safety, it is safer to find one or two bodyguards to pay attention to the surrounding situation. Moreover, even if you have the opportunity to go out when you are not filming, bodyguards will be very useful at that time."

Xiao D's eyes met him, and when he talked about killing someone, his anti-human sentiment was strong, and he immediately questioned the other person, "What bodyguard, are you questioning my ability to protect adults?"

The alpha felt cold in the back, and the emotional floating sign seemed unstable when the brain was speaking. Moreover, most of the intellectual brains he met in life were respectful when facing humans, wherever they opened their mouths like this intellectual brain was a strong murderous intent.

Alpha couldn't help being stunned, his back chilled and he didn't speak for a while.

Little D made a nasty voice, "Don't hit my knife, I see one kill the other."

The alpha hesitated to look at Lin Yi, " intellectual brain, isn't it?" When he spoke, his body had already started to tilt backwards unconsciously.

With a smile on Lin Yi's face, he reached out and touched little D's head, "Don't worry, little D is joking, don't worry."

This touch made Little D quite enjoyable. It took a step back and leaned to Lin Yi's side. It was an obedient gesture, but it still stared at the alpha with chilly eyes, "I'm not telling lies."

Alpha gave a dry cough. Although he didn't quite believe what the other said, he was completely uncomfortable by Xiao D's gaze. He quickly retracted his gaze and didn't dare to talk nonsense with Lin Yi.

Above, Fred is still personally explaining the dangerous situation that may happen to the planet they are about to land.

Robbery, stealing, wounding, etc. are all things that happen on the street every day in a fair manner, and the level of technological development here is almost intergenerational with the Capital Star. Under the ignorant concept, the existence of the law is almost a dead letter.

Fred said with eloquence, "You should be mentally prepared for what scenes you will see after getting off the spacecraft. Safety first, pay attention to yourself. If you encounter an accident, remember a little bit. Money can be earned again. You can only live once. Those who bring their own bodyguards will let people follow them, and those who don’t bring them will be expensive to hire the locals after getting off the spacecraft.”

What Fred said was a bit noisy below, and they all had more or less fear of the destination they were about to arrive.

Just Lin Yi touched Little D's forehead, not at all afraid. He has no doubts about Xiao D's combat effectiveness.

When the spacecraft slowly landed, Fred's meeting was barely over. As soon as the hatch opened, the security personnel hired by the crew on the spacecraft ran off first, preparing to investigate the surrounding situation.

Knowing that Lin Yi does not have his own security personnel, Fred is still discussing with his assistant and giving Lin Yiyun two bodyguards.

Although the crew has long applied for permission to shoot in this area, no one can guarantee that there will be any emergencies.

The main members of the crew were all standing in the lobby on the first floor of the spacecraft at this time, watching the security personnel rush out quickly, taking care of their own mood, and seeing the security personnel returning back the same way, they all looked like they were being caught. The people retreated like an escort.

Fred was taken aback, thinking that he had encountered a hijacking incident. The bodyguards invited by each individual in the spacecraft immediately took a fighting stance and protected their employers.

In this way, only Lin Yi stood in front of two Q-version coats that were bought at a high price, from head to toe revealing my master's rich and stupid intellectual brain robot.

Simply the best person to kidnap.

Almost a few people, including Fred, had a twitch in their hearts, and looked at Lin Yi subconsciously. Fred reacted quickly and immediately pulled Lin Yi and moved the person behind him.

Just kidding, if Lin Yi is really kidnapped or injured here, Fred is afraid that he won't have to make movies anymore.

But no one thought that it was not a robber kidnapper who walked in, but a group of soldiers in formal clothes. To be precise, they were soldiers under the First Army.

The officer in the lead scanned the crowd and his eyes fell on Lin Yi. He immediately strode towards Lin Yi, and then stood firmly and delivered a standard military salute, "Master Lin Yi, your subordinates are instructed to make sure you Safety issues during work here."

Lin Yi didn't know beforehand, so she also showed an unexpected expression at this moment, "In fact, it doesn't need to be so troublesome." He looked at at least a dozen soldiers behind the officer, and felt that the battle was really big.

Fred, who originally wanted to give Lin Yiyun two bodyguards, just wanted to ask Lin Yi for two bodyguards. At the same time, he felt that his head might be cramped before he felt that Lin Yi would be short of protection at this time.

Can the bodyguards they hire be comparable to professional soldiers?

It was Fred that reacted quickly, lest Lin Yi would say something to refuse, he immediately reached out to the officer and shook hands with the opponent, and then said with a big smile: "Thank you for the military support for our shooting, and for us. As far as security is concerned, I know that the military is very concerned about our ordinary people."

The military has a long-standing reputation for being difficult to deal with, and there has always been a history that the king of Lao Tzu is not accommodating. Although Fred wanted to use Lin Yi's name to request certain security cooperation, it directly affected the shooting and the like.

The officer here just received an order from the boss, and seeing Lin Yi's reaction was afraid that he would directly dismiss it, so that he would not be able to return to the boss. Fred came up right now and gave the officer a reason and a step. The two hit it off, their faces filled with smiles, like old friends they hadn't seen for many years.

The security issue was successfully taken over by the military camp.

Lin Yi is busy here, and Mrs. Williams is also busy here.

She has been at ease for so many years, and it is rare to find something that she is willing to do and has a sense of accomplishment. After putting it in, she is so motivated that she almost forgets the day and night.

While Mrs. Williams found a few ladies and friends who were about the same as her usual, she invited many professionals to form her own team to complete and detailed the proposals that have passed the popular vote, and she also paid attention to this online in real time. Netizens of the matter shared the dynamics for discussion.

And Lin Yi, who has enough security, also visited many local people during the filming interval on the planet on the shooting location. On the one hand, it is to deepen his experience of the character and make the character more full and real. On the other hand, it is also Send a lot of first-hand video materials to Mrs. Williams.

A lot of what they have learned becomes worse on such a remote planet. The number of omegas on remote planets is often low, but the small number of omegas does not bring about the improvement of the status of omegas. Instead, they are increasingly treated as rare commodities to be squeezed back and forth for profit. This is true for omega, and so are many alphas.

The tragic life of some people because of poverty and ignorance occurred in the same country at the same time as the stability and tranquility of other people. Such a place is not only the education problem of the poorer omega, but even the education problem of the more valued alpha cannot be guaranteed.

Many bad cases Lin Yi shared directly under his account with dynamics.

Most of the netizens who can laugh and laugh online have little or no understanding of this situation. It is difficult for them to imagine that such a place still exists in the same empire.

"Sorrow for its misfortune, anger it for nothing."

"The environment is really confining to people, so don't blame the other party for being stupid. Your vision determines your behavior."

With the convening of the New Deal meeting, discussions on similar cases have been placed in a prominent position on the table.

The New Deal of the Empire officially began on the tenth day after Lin Yi entered the group. For a full week, all the passed proposals will be discussed and reviewed one by one.

Not every proposal will arouse public discussion, but there are always a lot of eye-catching proposals every year, and there are also many that attract attention.

Because of Mrs. Williams and Lin Yi, the issue of equal education rights for omega has attracted considerable attention. Subsequent derivations revealed many related resource imbalances and poverty issues in remote areas.

This is undoubtedly a hot issue in this New Deal.

Proposals are usually not good or bad, but many things are different because of the contrast.

For example, in the past, some irrelevant noble proposals are always passed, which are more or less to improve the welfare of the nobles. If you start with the premise, you will mention it, and then you will pass it. No one will discuss anything more.

But this year is different. On the first day of the New Deal, a bunch of proposals were picked up, all such as "recommendation of abolition of military service of nobles", "about nobles' tax relief" and so on.

This kind of news was originally not reported by the media or television stations, and naturally it could not attract the public's attention. But this year is different. Yunxiao Satellite TV directly pierced these proposals, and used a long space to relentlessly refute the absurdity of these proposals, and severely refuted the concept of the supremacy of nobility revealed behind them.

No matter what other TV stations, Yunxiao's voice is equivalent to the voice of the military department represented by Qin Nuo, which naturally caused up and down vibrations.

The people all support Yunxiao.

"Yunxiao is really brave enough. What kind of broken proposals are these? Look at the poor planets recently reported, and then look at these ridiculous proposals. Isn't it too ironic?"

"Ahhhh, worthy of the military department, I love it."

Everyone is combining the field reports brought by Lin Yi's back and forth visits with Mrs. Williams' active participation, and the two aspects are combined with the reports from Yunxiao. It is almost a family of three who are working hard for the benefit of civilians.

It is inevitable to attract people's favor.

Of course, on the other hand, the aristocratic class was quite annoyed by this but couldn't say anything. After all, these aspects of Qin Nuo's work have not touched the core interests of any nobles at present, and Qin Nuo has already mastered the real power of the entire military, and those nobles who are not well-known are not a heavyweight at all.

Even if Qin Nuo does not seem to be in power, his intention to change the current distribution of power in the empire and weaken the status of the nobility is obvious and he has the ability.

Several proposals that were named by Yunxiao were quickly rejected, and several similar proposals passed in previous years were dug up to talk about matters, and may soon be brought out for reconsideration.

However, this is not the most compelling focus of the New Deal, after all, this is only the first day of the New Deal, and the next few days will be the focus.

The proposal of Lin Yi and Mrs. Williams entered the review and voting stage the next day. Obviously, this bill will have a lot of impact and change on the education system of the empire. The upper-level views on this bill are not small, but after intense debate and voting, the proposal was passed with a gap of 6 to 4 that afternoon.

Before the upper-class nobles could breathe a sigh of relief, another proposal was submitted.

The title and content of this proposal are not unexciting, and more importantly, the identity of the initiator of the proposal.

Qin Nuo: "The Necessity of Abolishing the Concubine System"