Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 89

Whether it was Qin Nuo's choice of spouse or marriage, they were all under the attention of the people of the empire.

Because Qin Nuo itself represents the empire's persistence for many years and maintains the strong standards of the current social structure. There is no need to consider other factors. Starting from Qin Nuo himself, it seems that he has everything.

Even in the early years, there were voices asking whether the concubine system could be relaxed in response to Qin Nuo's situation, such as changing the four concubines that were generally applicable to unlimited. It is fair and unabashed to use Qin Nuo as a stallion.

But Qin Nuo has not made any statements in this regard, and he has been a monk in the military for so many years. Until this time when he returned, the public had almost become accustomed to his state and felt that there would be no change. Qin Nuo suddenly announced his relationship with Lin Yi.

No matter what the others are, Lin Yi is still a lowly status and has lost fertility. Regardless of whether Lin Yi is a victim or not, in the eyes of many traditional conservatives, he still does not match Qin Nuoquan with 360 degrees.

As a result, Lin Yi still frequently said astonishing words. The key thing is that everyone thinks that Lin Yi like this might be abandoned by the marshal who should only be confused for a while. Lin Yi said it. That almost deprived the upper-level alpha, especially the alpha privileges that Qin Nuo can enjoy, everyone was suffocated and hoped to get some response from Qin Nuo on this matter. Qin Nuo was in the imperial New Deal. At the meeting, such a case that could shock the whole family of the congressmen almost instantly was presented.

Long essays with narratives and discussions of tens of thousands of words or lyrical or realistic literary masterpieces are probably not as good as nearly ninety-nine percent of the people of the empire who were dumbfounded after seeing the title of this proposal.

Those who can't help but want to be sour, Lin Yi will not be in love for a long time, and tomorrow's gossip lovers who are abandoned and have no capital and arrogance feel that their speeches in various public occasions have now become a note. A loud slap in his face.

Once this proposal came out, who would dare to say that Qin Nuo didn't like Lin Yi? If this is to be called dislike, I am afraid there is no real like in this world.

"This is what a shocking boyfriend, after reading this news, I couldn't help turning around and kicking my husband."

"Uuuuuu, it really is the marshal, it's still the same when it comes to love."

"This proposal!!! Although the Marshal and Lin Yi are together, this proposal healed my feeling of broken love at once, and I have paid for it for so many years."

And when Song Qin Rong, who was sitting in the voting seat of the meeting, saw the title of the proposal, he almost spewed a mouthful of old blood on the spot. He suddenly remembered that when Lin Yi's comments on the concubine system had been hyped up by the media earlier, he asked Qin Nuo his opinion on the matter. In retrospect, he felt like he was rushing to ask Qin Nuo to solve the matter.

Now that Qin Nuo gave his solution to this matter, Song Qinrong couldn't laugh at all.

As an alpha who has not yet married his wife, Song Qinrong has a lot of traditional concepts. He doesn't understand that Qin Nuo feels that it is a burden for him to ask him to have more wives and children. For Song Qin Rong, having such privileges is all about welfare!

Song Qinrong didn't think he was a stranger, nor was he ashamed of thinking like this. No matter from which point of view, the real alien is Qin Nuo.

He looked around and found that everyone sitting on the voting seats at this time was all bitter, stabbed by the proposal.

When Song Qinrong was about to take back his gaze after watching, he happened to ran into Qin Nuo not far away. The two looked at each other, and Song Qinrong felt that he saw a rare smile in Qin Nuo's eyes.

Song Qin Rong might feel relaxed all over in normal times, but at this moment, his back spine was agitated, knowing that Qin Nuo's expression was not so friendly, it was a warning.

Song Qin Rong felt that if he dared to vote against the proposal after the proposal was approved, he would probably be twisted in half by Qin Nuo when he went out.

He withdrew his gaze, took a sip of the drink in front of him, pretending to be calm, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, isn’t it just a vote for him, besides he still has a few thousand votes, when the time comes, he won’t have more votes, and if he’s less, he won’t have more votes. few.

Qin Nuo's proposal is not complicated, but very decisive. The content requires changes to the current empire’s relevant laws and regulations for concubines. On the premise of ensuring that the concubine system before the entry into force of this bill remains unchanged, the concubine system shall be suspended after the bill enters into force.

To put it simply, I will not take care of the benefits you originally had, but this benefit will no longer exist in the future.

Qin Nuo is not the first person who wants to use the knife on the concubine system. Earlier years, similar proposals appeared in the civilian proposals reviewed by the New Deal through netizens, and even those similar to those who want to change the current concubine system are not as clean as Qin Nuo, but they are basically proposals. Reduce the number of concubines to one or two.

Even so, because it has touched the cheese of most upper-level politicians, there is no possibility that such a proposal will pass, and it will even receive public ridicule.

But Qin Nuo's identity is different. No one dared to laugh at his proposal, and he even had to give more consideration to voting.

Since Qin Nuo returned to Capital Star, Song Qinrong has not been the only one who came back with him, and many people have slowly participated in imperial politics through the military headquarters and through various systems.

The depth of its planning can be seen from how many of the people with voting power in the Empire’s New Deal this year are new faces with a military background.

In the eyes of the public, this proposal is Qin Nuo's full care and pure expression of Lin Yi. But for politicians, it is the choice that Qin Nuo will test their position and attitude.

Qin Nuo's attitude to reduce the power of the nobles is already very clear, and whether the nobles are willing to follow this change or stand firm to the end, this vote on the proposal can be seen.

However, in the eyes of the public, no matter whether this proposal is passed or not, the problem is not big anymore. Qin Nuo's willingness to do this is his own position. Even if this bill is not passed in the future, Lin Yi probably won't have to worry about any obstructions such as concubines in her life.

There are naturally people who disagree with Qin Nuo's actions, and his mother is one of them.

Mrs. Williams has been very busy these days, and has shown less concern for her son. When she was just experiencing the joy of having a career, Qin Nuo almost stunned her by this action.

Without being able to contact Qin Nuo the first time, she turned to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi was filming a crying scene with great mood swings. After filming the same scene several times, he was already full of tears and his voice was a little hoarse.

Fred stared at the machine and shouted another click, and then angrily shouted at the supporting actor next to Lin Yi, "Do you understand what conflict is? Sad and sad, do you understand? Do you think you are acting? Is it facial paralysis? You have no reaction to such a beauty crying in front of you?"

The scolded supporting actor alpha said cautiously, "Director, what's the reaction?"

Fred looked around for a while, then picked up a bench that he wanted to smash directly on the opponent's head, and finally resisted, and said patiently, "Love, love, distress, want to hug him. Can there be a little bit?"

The alpha complexion became even more miserable. He looked at Lin Yi and Fred, and finally glanced at the soldiers of the First Corps who were guarding not far away, "Director, Marshal, I dare not."

He was afraid that after he acted according to the script, the soldiers over there would be able to sack him on the spot and send it to Qin Nuo to claim credit.

Fred finally couldn't help but smashed the bench to Alpha's feet, but he had to admit the fact that Qin Nuo could cause tremendous psychological pressure on the whole team without going to the scene.

He simply called for an intermission.

Here at Lin Yi, Little D and Little A rushed up to meet him. Little A greeted Lin Yi with a tissue in his crying voice, "Master, I will cry whenever you cry."

As it said, it handed him the communicator that Lin Yi had removed, and said, "Madam has been calling here just now. I have to hang up for the master first. Should the master return one now?"

Lin Yi glanced at the missed call on the communicator, nodded and called back. He was still a bit immersed in the emotions of the scene at the moment, his eyes were red, and he looked pitiful.

So after Mrs. Williams answered the phone, she was about to ask Lin Yi what kind of ecstasy soup was poured into her son and abolishing the concubine system, isn't it a joke? Seeing Lin Yi's eyes were red, it seemed that the more pitiful, the more pitiful.

I was used to seeing Lin Yi's usual smile, but now even if Lin Yi fell into the eyes of an angry Mrs. Williams, she was unable to speak hard.

"Madam, is there anything?" Lin Yi asked.

At the same time, I found that there was a phone call from Qin Nuo and it was time to call in.

So before Mrs. Williams could answer, Lin Yi picked up Qin Nuo's call. He wanted to have a rest time, and it was okay to answer the phone calls of both mother and son together.

As soon as Qin Nuo got on the phone, he saw his mother who was angry and Lin Yi who was crying.