Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 90

Mrs. Williams, who originally wanted to question whether Qin Nuo’s proposal was inspired or urged by Lin Yi, was interrupted and did not say anything else for a while, so the moment the three of them communicated, the scene was really evil. The mother-in-law bullied the poor daughter-in-law, so that Qin Nuo frowned in an instant, and turned to Mrs. Williams without any concern, "What are you talking to Lin Yi?"

Mrs. Williams was taken aback, and then reacted to the misunderstanding of the situation at this moment. She immediately said, "I haven't had time to say anything yet."

When the mother and son said this, Lin Yi looked down at the news and news bullet box that was constantly flashing in the lower right corner of the personal terminal. When he caught a glimpse of the headline of the news client, he realized that Qin Nuo was actually there. The New Deal made a proposal that could be called a shocking horror in the current empire.

Lin Yi's heart seemed to be rubbed vigorously by something suddenly, and her emotions could not help leaking out with the upward movement of the corners of his originally peaceful lips. The growth of joy is almost beyond the control of his personal will.

He still had some eyes that hadn't dissipated the water and stared at Qin Nuo's stern face at this time. He didn't expect Qin Nuo to make such a big one, let alone that Qin Nuo would really give up so decisively. For this privilege that alpha has at this time.

From Lin Yi's point of view, he himself has no sense of marriage. He used to be like this, and even more so when he becomes Lin Yi now. Especially from a pragmatic point of view, as an omega under the imperial system, marriage will be of no benefit to him, so Lin Yi is naturally reluctant to get involved.

Even if Qin Nuo himself made him hesitate, after all, it was difficult to change the tilting direction of the balance.

But at this moment, Lin Yi also had to admit that the happiness leaping in his heart at the moment was real and full of allure. He couldn't restrain the urge to embrace this happiness for a long time.

As for Mrs. Williams, even though he explained it for himself, Qin Nuo obviously didn't believe it because of his many previous backgrounds. He noticed Lin Yi's gaze and turned to look at Lin Yi. Look at yourself.

Qin Nuo's gaze was too familiar. Every time when the two of them were about to break through the bottom line, when Lin Yi was pressed by his hands and pressed his feet, it was usually such a look, which matched the fact that there was no deterrent to him in his mouth. The clamor and intimidation was a moment when Qin Nuo thought he was very cute, but when he thought of it, his vitality was surging.

Therefore, when Lin Yi's eyes collided at this moment, Qin Nuo almost forgot the unhappiness in front of him.

"Xiao Yi?" He softened his tone and asked Lin Yi in a low voice, "Did something happen?"

This tone seemed to mean that he wanted to put Lin Yi in his arms as a child, patted and coaxed.

When Mrs. Williams heard it, Qin Nuo obviously regarded Lin Yi as the one being bullied, and she really couldn't express her grievances.

In so many confrontations with Lin Yi, Mrs. Williams didn’t even take advantage of it at all, but Qin Nuo was often the one with teeth and claws, and she really suffered a lot, so she simply shut up at this time. I don't want to talk anymore.

Lin Yi blinked, and then wiped away the residual moisture in his eyes, leaving only a bright smile, "There is nothing except wanting to fly back to the capital star to see you immediately."

Qin Nuo's emotions completely followed Lin Yi's emotions, and at this time his face relaxed, his eyes filled with smiles.

Mrs. Williams was watching this change in a short time, and suddenly felt that she had thought that Lin Yi was not a vixen and was simply fascinated by ghosts. What is this not a vixen? This is probably the king of the fox.

Given such a disturbance, Mrs. Williams didn't even want to say anything at all, and hung up the communication between the three of them.

The proposal to abolish the concubine system is currently only in the review stage, and the actual voting has not yet arrived. As for whether it will pass, it is still unknown at this time, but regardless of whether it will pass, public opinion and media comments all agree that this will be the beginning.

After the reign of the ruling class represented by Qin Nuo, the empire is bound to usher in a brand new beginning. Not to mention the precarious old order, there will always be a major change in blood.

Of course, the old nobles did not want to just sit and wait for death, so two forces soon strangled in the field of public opinion.

After Qin Nuo put forward the proposal to abolish the concubine system, many media criticized them, not only about this incident, but also listed many untimely behaviors of Qin Nuo from the early years to the present. Trying to count the many blunders in him.

Qin Nuo's image among the imperial people tends to be perfect, but it is not really perfect. Speaking of it, it is indeed a point to be criticized that he has not had any relationship for so many years, because Qin Nuo himself directly expressed his disapproval of the current AO matching system of the empire, and his contacts with Lin Yi now further confirm this point. .

The social system and operational benchmarks of the empire are almost all based on the difference between the three ABOs. This disapproval of this will touch the dissatisfaction of many conservatives.

Therefore, the transfer of some media from this perspective did arouse many voices of dissatisfaction with Qin Nuo.

At the same time, Fred's new film, which was filming on a remote planet, finally finished the last scene.

From Fred's point of view, all the content is not at all difficult, especially the protagonist is Lin Yi, so he is completely handy and knows the level of the other actor. During the filming process, Lin Yi did not disappoint Fred at all. Every time he looked at Lin Yi’s face, Fred felt that the emotion was in place and pleasing to the eye. Moreover, because of Lin Yi’s existence, the crew’s security forces were not one or two. Hierarchically, there was a local gangster who wanted to commit a crime. Before he was admitted into the filming range of the crew, he was shot in half by the soldiers guarding the scene by the First Corps. Since then, nothing bad happened.

And because Lin Yi was in the crew, Xiao D also followed, and Fred himself followed Lin Yi to eat every day, and his face was rounded.

But this is only on Lin Yi's side.

Before Qin Nuo proposed the abolition of the concubine system at the New Deal meeting, the crew members were just a little restrained in front of Lin Yi. Fred could also perform a few words on the other party, but when the news at the New Deal meeting broke out, Fred's scolding didn't work either.

There were originally a few scenes that had greater physical contact with Lin Yi. When filming, several alphas stiffened when they touched Lin Yi's hands or shoulders, as if Qin Nuo could eat them away.

In this way, wouldn't it be bumped when shooting.

Later, Lin Yi couldn't help but said, "I have an appointment with Qin Nuo in the capital for three days to meet with the stars. If he is late, he may not be too happy."

Use Qin Nuo to scare people who are frightened by Qin Nuo, and finally become a cure for poison. However, a few alphas who made rough scenes with Lin Yi still begged Lin Yi again and again, in case there is any personal danger to them after the film is released, I hope Lin Yi will definitely help them speak nice things.

"As for?"

The day after the filming ended, Lin Yi leaned on the sofa with her feet on Qin Nuo's thighs, acting very presumptuously. The two happened to be watching the trailer for this feature film which was temporarily renamed "Thorns" by Fred. When Lin Yi asked, the plot just reached the scene where the protagonist was bullied by the alpha.

In fact, this clip was already very cryptic, Lin Yi was just knocked to the ground with a slap, and then tore off the clothes on his shoulders. Fred originally didn't plan to shoot just this point, and Lin Yi didn't mind acting a little more, but in the end Fred's desire to survive went online and he chose to stop here.

"Not so much." Lin Yi said vowedly then.

Qin Nuo's subsequent reaction clearly proved that Fred was right.

He grasped Lin Yi's calf with his hands, and pulled the person into his arms with strength, clasped Lin Yi's waist, leaned over and gently rubbed Lin Yi's cheek with his cheek, and then firmly Say: "As for."

Qin Nuo even returned the movie to the list of cast and crew at the beginning, pointed to a few of them and asked Lin Yi, "Is it them?"

Lin Yi couldn't help but tilted her head back to avoid the gesture of kissing him, and laughed.

As a result, before he finished laughing, he saw Qin Nuo retrieve the identity information of these three people on his personal terminal, and Lin Yi realized that he might not be joking.

"Hey," Lin Yi turned off Qin Nuo's personal terminal, stretched out her hand to cover Qin Nuo's eyes, and then went up and kissed his lips a few times, turning the topic away at will, "Do you miss me?"

The two of them hadn't seen each other for half a month, saying that they didn't want it to be bullshit.

Even if Qin Nuo knew what Lin Yi was doing, he couldn't help but follow his steps. His lips chased and kissed Lin Yi. At any rate, he held the person and kissed him deeply for a while before he really took the time to speak.

The two lie sideways on the sofa, looking at each other face to face.

Lin Yi’s space ran across Qin Nuo’s cheek, and slowly came to Qin Nuo’s chin to the Adam’s apple. After a pause, Lin Yi said, "Your mother seems to be very dissatisfied with me these past few days. She probably doesn't like your proposal."

Qin Nuo was disturbed by his fingertips, so he had to reach out and hold Lin Yi's hand, and then said, "How about you, do you like it?"

Lin Yi smiled, "I like it to death."

"Then you get married?" Qin Nuo asked as usual. He didn't expect Lin Yi's different answer immediately.

But I didn't expect Lin Yi to smile, "Okay."