Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 91

After Lin Yi finished speaking, she realized that it was not as difficult as she had imagined. After she finished speaking, she didn't have much hesitation or flinching except for a trace of excitement in her heart.

He couldn't help but laughed again, and his smile became brighter.

Whether Qin Nuo’s proposal will be passed is not so important to Lin Yi at this time. What Qin Nuo has done is enough to make Lin Yi at this time fascinated, so he is also willing to make new ideas for this heartbeat. try.

"I thought about it. Even if you want to marry a concubine or something in the future, it doesn't matter, that's a big deal." Lin Yi's fingertips slowly rubbed Qin Nuo's shoulders, her movements frivolously, but the words she said had serious meanings, obviously not. Not joking, "It's fine to get a divorce then."

No one can predict what direction their relationship will develop in the future, but if the feeling at this time is right, Lin Yi feels that it doesn't hurt to follow the feeling.

Besides, he has enough confidence that he can put it down freely and freely, so he can pick it up now.

After Lin Yi said these words, she felt that Qin Nuo was pressing her shoulders. At this time Qin Nuo was obviously a little gloomy, the strength of his hand was almost out of control, and Lin Yi felt that his bones were all hurt by him.

"It hurts!" Lin Yi felt that he was grateful for the good quality of the sofa. If he ran into a harder sofa, his shoulders might have been bruised for a few days.

Qin Nuo hurriedly took back the strength in his hand and hugged Lin Yi into his arms. The joy in his eyes seemed to jump out, "Don't talk about divorce... is what you just said is true?"

Lin Yi had expressed his insensitivity to marriage more than once, and Qin Nuo was already prepared for a protracted battle.

Lin Yi raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, "If you think the timing is not right, then we can consider it again?"

"I think it's very appropriate." Qin Nuo's actions were rarely rude, as if he wanted to rub Lin Yi into his bones at this time, so that the two could merge into one.

"That," Lin Yi's eyes lit up, and he grabbed Qin Nuo's shirt with his backhand, and looked down, saying that Qin Nuo had already pressed his chest, just like a girl with a yellow flower.

He said: "After the marriage registration is completed."

Lin Yi popped a word, and Qin Nuo knew what he wanted to do.

Lin Yi lay down, kicked her feet in Qin Nuo's arms a few times, and said boredly, "Does it make any difference?"

That is to say, the physiques of the two are too different, Lin Yi can't use coercive means against Qin Nuo, otherwise Lin Yi feels that she has already made a breakthrough on Qin Nuo eight hundred years ago.

"Of course there is." Qin Nuo's bottom line insisted on unshakable for a hundred years.

Naturally, tonight still had to wander on second base, and Qin Nuo didn't stay overnight either.

But the next morning, Qin Nuo returned almost at dawn.

When Lin Yi was awakened by Xiao A with sleepy eyes, she had endured her sleepiness and thought it was already eight o'clock in the morning, and when she was about to get ready to go to exercise after washing up, she glanced at the time and realized that it was only half past six in the morning.

Lin Yi put his eyes back on the bed, lying down and said, "Little A, are you itchy, why are you telling me now?"

Little A said seriously, "Master, but Master Qin Nuo has been waiting for you in the living room for a while."

"What?" Lin Yicai opened his eyes and looked at Little A again.

Little A touched Lin Yi quietly, lowered his voice and said, "Master Qin Nuo won't let me disturb you, but I'm afraid he waited too long, so he came secretly. Would you like to see him or sleep for a while? "

Lin Yi kept lying down, and it took about five or six seconds before he sat up and walked to the bedroom door.

Qin Nuo had arrived at Lin Yi's side as long as six o'clock. Lin Yi moved to a new place. The distance between the two was not far. Qin Nuo also had access control, so it was easy to get in.

Lin Yi walked out of the bedroom to the living room downstairs, and saw Qin Nuo's straight figure.

"Why are you here so early?" Lin Yi yawned slightly, her eyes half-squinted.

Qin Nuo turned his head when he heard the sound, and saw Lin Yi coming downstairs and the sneaky little A hiding behind him, and he knew that the little A who said that he wanted to make tea for himself was actually going to call someone.

"I have something for you." Qin Nuo stood up, obviously he slept less than Lin Yi, but Qin Nuo was full of energy at the moment, and he couldn't see the slightest exhaustion.

Lin Yi’s lack of sleep, plus she hasn’t completely pulled out at the moment, and her behavior is a bit slow. Hearing Qin Nuo had something for herself, and extending her hand to herself, Lin Yi naturally took herself. Hand passed over and made a gesture of picking up something.

Unexpectedly, Qin Nuo grabbed his hand and just flipped it, and then the other hand somehow dexterously put a ring on Lin Yi.

The ring was inlaid with a gem shining like a cosmic star, which was dazzling and dazzling.

Lin Yi was flashed by the light, and her sleepiness disappeared.

He raised his hand and looked at the ring on the ring finger, then smiled and asked Qin Nuo, "Engagement ring?"

"Yeah." Qin Nuo nodded, and seeing Lin Yi had put on the ring, he felt complete as if he had completed a certain task.

The atmosphere between the two is better than ever, but the external atmosphere is not.

There were countless voices against Qin Nuo’s proposal. This morning, the Empire News Channel also reported a small piece of news against the masses taking to the streets, believing that Qin Nuo’s proposal violates the imperial morals and ethics, and asked Qin Nuo to come forward and make it. Response.

The old nobles hoped to use this kind of public opinion to put some pressure on Qin Nuo, and they did achieve this effect.

When the noises of the old and the new were in turmoil, Qin Nuo released a long news unexpectedly.

"I have something to say about some of the discussions that have arisen in recent days. The pedigree theory has been the foundation of imperial rule for a long time. I cannot say that such a ruling foundation is unreasonable. It has indeed brought long-term stability and stability to the empire. Development, but I think no one can say that a system is eternally perfect. In fact, there is no eternal perfect, universal system at all. Any status quo may change with future changes, and there are only changing systems. This is a truly reasonable system. The empire’s treatment of gender and class differences for a long time is deviated from the status quo and untimely. We cannot make immediate changes, but we should at least work in this direction."

As the representative of the nobles with the most concentrated and loudest power in the empire, Qin Nuo's remarks are completely contrary to the tone of the old nobles, and in fact they are more in line with the aspirations of ordinary people.

With Qin Nuo's voice, the voting on the abolition of the concubine system also entered the voting stage at the voting site of the New Deal meeting that afternoon.

After a whole afternoon of debates, the final voting result, with a very anxious gap of five votes, announced that the concubine system that existed at the beginning of the empire was formally abolished.

The difference of only five votes also shows how thrilling the repeal of this bill is. Of course, this shows more that even Qin Nuo is not easy to change the existing imperial system.

The bill passed at the same time as the abolition of the concubine system also has the equal education rights of omega. The passage of this bill is not as difficult as the concubine system, and the proportion of votes for it is far higher than that for opposition.

It is rare for Mrs. Williams to do something that has a beginning and an end, and she has received a lot of praise for this. For the time being, it offsets the displeasure caused by the abolition of the concubine system.

But in Mrs. Williams' eyes, it is still Lin Yi's fault that the concubine system will be cancelled.

Mrs. Williams now only hopes that public opinion will grab Lin Yi more in this regard. Anyway, she now finds that not only is it useless to say these things, but also Qin Nuo will be disgusted. In the end, not only does she feel angry, but Lin Yi has nothing to do.

But Mrs. Williams' expectations soon fell through.

The trailer for Fred’s new film "Thorns" has attracted a high degree of attention once it was released. Mrs. Williams has been vigorously promoting the equal education rights of omega during this period. "This film tells the story of an omega on a remote planet being swallowed up cleanly by life. Mrs. Williams's enthusiasm for the bill in the early stage is now all sent to "The Thorns."

Before the feature film was broadcast, Fred first released the filming documentary during the entire shooting period, presenting the shooting process to the audience from a third perspective. There are funny parts, such as the male second crying to the camera and saying that he is afraid of Qin Nuo's death. Hahaha he detonated the barrage himself.

But more is the admiration that everyone has for the hardship of the shooting environment and the dedication of the cast and crew.

At the end of the documentary, there was an interview with the actors. Lin Yi, as the finale, said to the camera, "This is a movie, but it is also the real fate of many people. The only difference between film and reality is that reality is often more cruel. Absurd, so always be grateful, always remember kindness, and don’t easily destroy anyone when you gather the power of the masses into a tower."

The shooting process recorded in the documentary alone is unimaginable for many people. Whether it was a beating or a high-altitude jump and other dangerous actions, everyone, including Lin Yi, did it personally. There is no part of the whole movie that uses cutout special effects.

In particular, Lin Yi, as the starring role, not only has a lot of dangerous shots, but it is also surprising that there are quite some very naked shots, such as the entire back and half of the chest, or the entire thigh. Even though these exposures are a fart in Lin Yi's eyes, they are still a huge dedication to art in an empire that is accustomed to the conservative omega actors.