Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 92

Of course, Lin Yi will no longer ask Qin Nuo if he is such an exaggeration, because Qin Nuo doesn’t need Lin Yi to ask at all. In the virtual theater, he has already used his eyes up and down to kill the attention of the surrounding people, and it will be issued from time to time in the corresponding plot. The amazed audience a hundred times.

Qin Nuo's discomfort was about to penetrate the network data of the virtual theater, causing Lin Yi in the middle to step in and smell him several times. That is, in the virtual theater, everyone can see each other but will not be interfered by each other's pheromones. Otherwise, Qin Nuo might be upset that he would instantly empty the entire theater.

However, after the whole film, Lin Yi's bold shot is no longer the focus of special attention.

The main content of this movie is seven points similar to the experience of the original owner. When Fred was drafting the script, he had a lot of discussions with Lin Yi. Many social phenomena worth focusing on are added in the middle, and it is easy for the audience to take the position of the protagonist, and as the plot develops, they feel worried about the protagonist’s encounters.

All the way to abuse, the final ending is not so bright, the depression film may be difficult to shoot, but it is impressive enough. The film "Thorns" is very attentive from the preparation to the casting. Lin Yi's performance in it is also impeccable. In addition, the whole plot is tragic and sadistic, opening the skin of reality. In the end, the protagonist commits suicide. At the end, it was natural to earn enough tears from the audience.

Even if such a film is not as pleasing as a light comedy, it still pays off with its excellent reputation.

If in the last movie "The Wasteland" where Lin Yi was just a supporting role, some black fans could still describe Lin Yi's performance as "I can't see anything in such a short period." Well, what can you tell from just such a film?"

Now in this "Thorns," which is completely provoked by Lin Yi, the black fans naturally can't say anything. Even the first schadenfreude to humiliate Lin Yi with bare shoulders and other shots that some of the omega stars don't know how to do, most of them just haven't watched a movie. After watching the whole movie, in addition to tearful reflections on myself, I also have to turn my head to educate and educate the spectators who share the same ideas with me.

These shots have nothing to do with earning eyeballs. On the contrary, they are obviously the great sacrifices made by the actor in order to make these clips well and fit the experience and emotional development of the characters in the play.

The voices accusing Lin Yi of such shameless behavior as Qin Nuo's associates, except for a while before the film was released, were soon overshadowed by other film critics.

It doesn't make much sense to write film reviews for general commercial films. There are just a few routine films over and over again. Anyway, most film reviews are commercial bludgeons. But "Thorns" has formed a trend in a short period of time. Writing a film review is like caring about the people at the bottom. Many well-known film critics don’t have to take the initiative to express anything on the screen. The essays follow one by one. Come.

"Oh, my tears are worthless, and I feel so sad after reading it, but I want to see it again, all the details are taken very well, it's just too confusing."

"In fact, when I watched it, I brought into Lin Yi's previous experience. Didn't Fred say that this film was tailored for Lin Yi? Fortunately, Lin Yi is not dead."

"So if you bring Lin Yi into this movie, you can pinch off the tail. Lin Yi is a complete positive example, isn't it? I feel much better after thinking about it this way."

"I think that an omega filming such a scene in such an environment is really worthy of respect. He is very careful and sincere. I always felt that Lin Yi didn't like too much news and gossip, but his performance in this film is really good. Great, Lu turns into a fan."

"Xiao Yi has always been great, talented and willing to endure hardships. The best thing is that he pays attention to a lot of social issues. He is not jealous like some omega stars every day. He suddenly realized a little bit. Is it because Xiao Yi is like this? Only by finding a partner like the Marshal..."

From the discussion of Lin Yi's work to his personal experience, it is indispensable to talk about Song Shu and Ye Jin. The two have been out of the autonomous corner in the gossip discussion on the Internet for a long time, but because of this film, many people mentioned them again, and then someone went to the notice of the court that tried the case and found that the judgment was publicly pronounced. The time is just a week later.

Many people therefore expressed that they would pinch to watch the live broadcast. Ye Jin and Song Shu's case is far more than Lin Yi's, and the scene of the verdict is probably another good show.

But now most people are still focusing on Lin Yi.

Especially after Qin Nuo's proposal to abolish the concubine system was passed, Lin Yi, who was considered to be the root of Qin Nuo's proposal of such a bill, inevitably was on the cusp of relevant discussions.

Although there is no lack of sour words that Lin Yi can't give birth to Qin Nuo is selfish behavior, but still can not stop most people's envy of Lin Yi to the point of biting the handkerchief.

How many married and unmarried omega dream lovers in the empire, Qin Nuo, who wants to marry the ten millionth wife in this life, has fixed a law for you to marry you only. Are you unhappy? Are you unhappy?

No one can tell the truth, the eyes are so hot that they almost fall out.

But with the advent of "Thorns", many voices saying that Lin Yi was unworthy were suppressed.

Not only the movie itself, but also some people specifically went to pick up what Lin Yi did during the time when he didn't act or sing, but they didn't know if they didn't pick up, and they were shocked.

The music area of ​​the Empire Forum has long regarded Lin Yi as a god-like figure, and the anonymous account that Lin Yi used to post songs has long since been made public.

However, due to the niche nature of music forums, it is difficult for Lin Yi to search for things here except for posting songs, so few people know about it. So naturally not many people know that after Lin Yi was interviewed and said that he would increase investment in music, he put a lot of energy on the music area and helped many enthusiastic music lovers. Many people went to his studio.

In addition, a portion of the profits of the Earth Restaurant will be invested into some of the empire's charitable funds every month. This is almost an act that has existed since the opening of the Earth Restaurant, but it has never been discovered or actively promoted.

On the one hand, these contents were discovered by netizens themselves, and on the other hand, they were also carefully managed and promoted by Wei Que. The combination of the two has a very good effect, which makes many people look at Lin Yi with admiration.

No one can deny Lin Yi's ability.

"Do you remember that there was an interview with Lin Yi very early, when he said that removing the shackles of gender, everyone should be given the same opportunities and rights, to the effect that his value is similar to whether he can have children? The decision is not determined by his gender. At that time, many people, including me, were dissatisfied with such remarks. They thought it was his excuse after losing his fertility. Now it seems that my face hurts a little."

"I think Lin Yi is still judged by childbearing now. It is really low-level to try to demean him. If you give birth to a hundred, you may not be able to achieve one-tenth of Lin Yi's achievements."

"You can see why the Marshal likes Lin Yi by watching the videos of Marshal's early talks about some concepts of marriage. Lin Yi meets all Marshal's views on choosing a spouse. It is made in heaven!"

"Before I envied Lin Yi, now I envy the marshal."

In reality, Lin Yi has moved to a new house, leaving the old house to Wei Que. The new house is only a three-minute drive from Williams’s old house.

After moving to the new house, Lin Yi and Qin Nuo went in and out a lot more times. Even if Qin Nuo is not at home, Lin Yi often goes to dinner with Mrs. Williams by herself.

I probably knew that the matter was a foregone conclusion, or gave up treatment. Since the passage of the bill to abolish the concubine system, Mrs. Williams had been reconciled to Lin Yi for a while. The nose was not the nose and the eyes were not the eyes. However, after the bill was completely abolished, Mrs. Williams was completely at peace. Down.

Not only did he never scold Lin Yi again, but instead often took the initiative to ask him to eat together.

Mrs. Williams’ hobby is relatively quiet, bubble tea arranging flowers, and Lin Yi’s personality that can squint and listen to songs in the garden for a long time after plugging in headphones like this is somewhat unexpectedly compatible, and the two have long been due to each other. I'm used to not having the restraints between ordinary elders and younger generations, and getting along comes from a lot of things.

Mrs. Williams often pruned flowers and talked to Lin Yi about the Williams family’s situation and personnel relations. Lin Yi listened with one ear to each other, until Qin Nuo came back and the three of them had a meal together. What.

Because Qin Nuo was more willing to come when Lin Yi was there, Mrs. Williams also preferred to call Lin Yi over, but gradually there was a tendency to form a positive cycle.

It’s not news that Lin Yi frequents the Williams house. Almost everyone believes that he will marry into the Williams family, but this does not mean that the flash of light passing by his hand one day is captured by media footage. , Don’t make a sensation when the news breaks out.

There is a ring in Lin Yi's hand, and Qin Nuo also has one. The rings of the two are obviously matched, and they are worn in the same position as the matchmaking agency.