Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 93

Whether it is a photo, video or dynamic ring, it is hard to ignore, but the two parties have always responded less than one.

Not to mention that the media has no authority to get close to blocking Qinnuo, even if they have, there are not many that have not mentioned that they dare to make such a show operation.

They could explore and explore on Lin Yi's side, but it was even more difficult on Lin Yi's side. At least most of the media were blacklisted in his address book, and there was really no problem at all.

There are activities on Capital Star that really require people to go out on their own, but they are rare. Like Lin Yi and Qin Nuo, they were photographed outside the Earth Restaurant last time. It is a rare thing. The only ones that can really take good shots are the Empire’s. Large-scale celebration or event.

It’s also a coincidence that at the end of this month, a few days after the ring on Lin Yi’s hand was photographed, there will be an annual noble event. Or if you plan to take the relationship one step further, it's tempting to think about it.

The Capital Star has a constant temperature all year round. Whether it is sunny or rainy, it is the weather of the ancient earth simulated by the system under the protective cover. Unless there are special festivals, it is rare for the weather to change.

The weather changes outside the protective cover that are opened once a year are so severe that humans can't bear it, and only a few low-level star pests are stocked to wander back and forth. These star-rated pests are exclusively for the empire’s annual aristocratic assessment.

The noble families with noble titles in the empire send adult alphas to participate in the assessment every year.

It is said to be an assessment, but in fact there is no risk at the beginning of the establishment of this assessment. Because the participants are all the children of the nobles, and no one wants to sacrifice in vain, the difficulty of the assessment is decreasing year by year. Now it is basically a performance of the nobles to the public to show the etiquette and demeanor of the nobles.

For events like this, in addition to the young aristocratic alphas who participated in the coming-of-age ceremony, all the prestigious aristocrats in the empire will participate. At that time, nobles are the least valuable things, and the three floors inside and outside can stand full.

The media is looking forward to this event Lin Yi and Qin Nuoneng will attend. Even if it is an extravagant wish for two to participate together, one of them is not too small.

The royal family has suffered a lot of reputational trauma this year, including the entire conservative old aristocratic system. This event naturally became one of the tools for the royal family to hope to save the respect.

Although the people have complaints and doubts about the aristocracy, the people still worship and look up to the aristocracy as a whole, and they still look forward to such activities.

The event is still live-streamed, and the list of participants will be published on the official website of the Royal Family one day in advance.

Netizens with unsatisfied gossip hearts immediately went to pick up the entire list as soon as the list was published. Of course, it didn’t take much effort to see the word Qin Nuo on the front row of the invited list on the first page. As expected, the male companion in parentheses behind Qin Nuo is Lin Yi.

The personal dynamics of Hua Dan, the head of Imperial TV, who hosted the live broadcast of the day, were full of various questions that netizens hoped that she could raise that day.

Qin Nuo has not participated in this kind of event for many years because he has been stationed in Huangxing all the year round. Now it is rare to participate with such an anomaly that has not been answered to the public. It is certain to bring his own focusing halo.

The host’s dynamics is all about asking her to ask Qin Nuo about her marriage.

Regardless of the public's acceptance of the relationship between two people, it is a matter of another level that two people really get married.

To put it simply and clearly, public opinion generally does not think that Lin Yi is a high-level Qin Nuo, but at the same time it must admit that he does not conform to the traditional concept of the empire as a partner of an aristocrat. He is wanton and not restrained, and his family is low and public opinion is dominated. , It is impossible to even give birth to children, it is not an alpha in any way, especially a qualified partner like Qin Nuo who has attracted much attention after adulthood.

How such a Lin Yi really marries Qin Nuo smoothly, it almost represents the collapse of an old concept and the era.

The younger generation tends to be open and free, and young people who oppose the shackles of the traditional concepts of the empire are happy to see it, but they are still a little hesitant in their hearts.

Qin Nuo and Lin Yi's love affair was rarely announced in front of the public. Qin Nuo didn't need to talk about it, and even with Lin Yi's status, people who should have used the relationship between the two to make a hype never mentioned the relationship between the two, and the public had no way of knowing how they were.

As a result, there are so many different speculations about the relationship between the two, and so many speculations based on their own imaginations.

"I think no matter what Lin Yi is, when he is with the marshal, it is definitely impossible to be as bold as when facing the camera. I think any omega will be soft when he is with Qin Nuo. It feels like two people. It’s probably the most traditional way of getting along with AO, but Master Qin Nuo’s A is already very good, so I still envy Master Lin Yi."

"I think no matter how good two people are, once they get married, Lin Yi will definitely have to face all kinds of restraints in the noble circle. This is unavoidable. Of course I have no intention of complaining for Master Lin Yi, I want to say The thing is that if there is such an opportunity, I am willing to be bound for a lifetime."

"But have you forgotten the royal dinner when the two were not together? Master Lin Yi was even more aggressive than Master Qin Nuo. I think the two of them might still be in that state in private."

"So, I look forward to the two people getting along at the coming-of-age ceremony even more. During the whole live broadcast, I will only set my perspective on the two of them motionless!"

For this event, Lin Yi was very calm, but Mrs. Williams was very enthusiastic and asked Lin Yi to try on clothes and various accessories one day in advance. Pulling Lin Yi around the Williams family's warehouse, picking and choosing.

"Madam, I'm ready to dress." Lin Yi spoke out and was about to decline, but was ignored by Mrs. Williams.

"Tomorrow will be your first appearance in front of the public as Qin Nuo's fiance. From now on you represent not only yourself, but also the Williams family. I am not dressing you up, I am dressing up our family. "

So... it's true. Lin Yi was unable to refute consciously, so he stood obediently and let Mrs. Williams toss.

Fortunately, Mrs. Williams's aesthetics is still very online. From accessories to styles, Lin Yi has chosen a good one, and strives to make Lin Yi low-key luxury while perfect in appearance. However, Lin Yi saw a lot of things that she was familiar with before. Needless to say, tie clips and cufflinks were basically ancient earth styles.

Seeing Lin Yi touching the accessories, Mrs. Williams also seriously explained, "Don't worry, they are all genuine."

The materials used to make these accessories are also luxury goods in the ancient earth period. At this time, there are indeed very few genuine products on the earth. Most of them are placed in the Imperial Museum, and a few of the boutiques are scattered. In the homes of various nobles, the Williams family is naturally the finest among the finest works.

Lin Yi even found one of the same models that she had owned.

I don't know if she was born, Mrs. Williams is obviously very keen on dressing up accessories. A feeling of wishing to smash the entire wardrobe on Lin Yi.

Tossing back and forth for almost two hours, until Qin Nuo went home, she could not dispel the enthusiasm.

Lin Yi had to open his mouth to hope that Qin Nuo would take him along, but he did not expect that Qin Nuo, who Lin Yi thought was not interested in this kind of thing, had no intention of saving him. Instead, he rarely stood on the same line as Mrs. Williams. , "Tomorrow is indeed a very important occasion, worthy of dressing up."

Seeing that both mother and son looked at him expectantly, Lin Yi had to patiently try a few more sets.

Williams could not balance human rights, so he turned to ask Qin Nuo for advice, "Well, which one do you think is the best?"

Qin Nuo frowned and stared at Lin Yi for a long time. Just when Mrs. Williams thought he would give a useful answer, Qin Nuo said, "Perfect, no matter which set Xiao Yi wears, it is perfect."

Mrs. Williams and Lin Yi were silent for a moment, and then they accused in unison.

"There is nothing to say!"

"Then you watch me try so many sets!?"

Almost just after 12 o’clock that evening, the live broadcast of the coming-of-age ceremony started. Until the live broadcast officially started the next morning, there were billions of barrage in the live broadcast room, and nearly half of them were Lin Lin. Memories and Qin Nuo.

Many people are quite entangled.

"Forgetting the time, I suddenly found out that Song Shu's trial announcement happened right in the middle of the live broadcast of the coming-of-age ceremony. I seemed to look at the results of the verdict there, and I was worried that I would miss the live broadcast details here, so annoying."

"Although it is difficult, I have already made a decision. The results of the trial can be seen at any time, but I must eat the CP candy I like immediately."

In stark contrast to the festival celebration is the environment in which Song Shu and Ye Jin are located.

While they are awaiting trial, although they have not been formally put into prison, their freedom has always been restricted. Whether it is the Song family or the Ye family, regardless of their earlier attitudes, they have already abandoned them now. I'm afraid that the reputation of the two will affect their family more, and they can't wait to clean up the traces of the two on the genealogy. With no one to manage and lose their original status, and then fall into a place where both criminals and the weak can feed themselves, the life of the two of them will naturally not be so easy.

When they were in power, they played other people's fate between their hands, and felt the despair of being unable to resist when they treated other people as mit grass. By the time of Judgment Day, Song Shu's face was as gray as death, and there was no anger on his face.

On their way to the court, the aircraft was playing the opening ceremony of the bar mitzvah. The excitement and excitement in the screen jumped into Song Shu's eyes, as if she slightly awakened her spirit.

Song Shu stared at the screen stubbornly, without blinking, it seemed that he couldn't wait to get in directly through the screen.