Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 94

The content on the screen is very familiar to Song Shu.

At this time last year, she was still one of the noble ladies who stood under the lens with boundless beauty. When Yu Guang saw the environment he was in now, Song Shu felt a little trance and a little self-deprecating.

The excitement and noise on the screen hurt her nerves, but Song Shu didn't want to look away.

Ye Jin in the car next door also saw the live broadcast, but he had a nervous breakdown and loudly asked the accompanying staff to turn off the live broadcast on the screen. However, the staff did not put his words in their ears, and even deliberately increased the voice of the live broadcast.

None of these staff can afford Song Shu and Ye Jin, so naturally they are very targeted.

Passing through the screen is what is happening in the insect hunting ground outside the protective layer at this moment.

Although this aristocratic coming-of-age ceremony is now more gimmicky, it is the only empire’s annual and routine public broadcast of aristocratic activities. Something like the New Year's Eve party at the end of each year.

And on this day, all major TV stations will send their own masters to follow the broadcast, and from time to time there are conflicts for a good live broadcast location.

At the beginning of the whole ceremony, the nobles who had already taken their seats were presented under the live camera. The entire venue is arc-shaped like the Colosseum, the golden position in the middle is left outside the royal family, and the spread out is obviously divided according to the nobility and actual status of the nobility.

Lin Yi and Qin Nuo were located very close to the royal family. Before them were some old aristocrats, who really belonged to the old school. Therefore, after seeing Lin Yi, the nose is not a nose, and the eyes are not eyes.

As soon as Lin Yi sat down, the two old nobles in the front and back row immediately frowned.

The real power of the two of them is not as high as Qin Nuo, but their seniority and title are one level higher than Qin Nuo. In addition, they belonged to the generation of Qin Nuo's father and even his grandfather. I have been away from politics for a long time, and I don't know how the current situation inside the court is changing. I pretend that there is still some air to put on Qin Nuo, and I feel a little dizzy.

One of them ignored Lin Yi and just said directly to Qin Nuo, "Serena Williams, do you comply with the rules for bringing civilians into the venue?"

"In the eyes of young people nowadays, besides arrogance, what rules do you have? If old Williams can live to this day, huh!"

Another nobleman also echoed the Tao.

The two of them sang together and it was quite interesting, and even Lin Yi glanced at them with interest.

At that angle, a live broadcast camera was switched over. Many viewers who were watching to find Qin Nuo and Lin Yi just happened to see Lin Yi turning his head slightly, with interesting smiles in his eyes. Looking at the camera with curious eyes.

Lin Yi usually shines brightly on people, but today he specially cleaned it up, so perfect that he can't be faulted. Such an act of seeing it seems like a punch in the hearts of the audience. Even people who don’t like Lin Yi usually have to admit that Lin Yi looks a little too much, and Qin Nuobi who sits next to him is also Favorably.

"Ahhhhh, Master Lin Yi's face is a crit, so pretty!"

"Mom!! He is smiling at me."

"One hundred thousand deaths on the spot."

However, the audience's attention was quickly attracted by the words that followed through the camera.

"If my father can live to this day?" Qin Nuo's face was faint, but his voice was not soft. It was obvious that he was in a bad mood. "You can tell me what you two want to say."

The camera turned to Qin Nuo's side very neatly.

When the live broadcast camera is switched to, the audio and picture will be synchronized directly, so the nobles will pay great attention to their words and deeds on this occasion. But Qin Nuo's words have a lot of meaning. Even if you don't know what the person outside the camera said, you can know that the other person will not be polite to mention the old Williams.

Probably because of the mentality of rushing to the ratings and watching the excitement, several shots were focused at this time, so that all the people who had been talking were included.

Except for Lin Yi, who was still relaxed and indifferent, the other three people were obviously emotional.

Lin Yi's hand even tapped gently on the back of Qin Nuo's hand, with intimacy and ease.

The two old nobles were immediately recognized under the camera.

The two of them had originally planned to rely on the old sellers to fight with each other, but Qin Nuo would not expect Qin Nuo to poked back so seriously and with no regard for the face. After noticing the presence of live footage, the two old nobles became more and more speechless.

As a result, Lin Yi's eyes became more and more smiling.

Qin Nuo did not withdraw his gaze because of this moment of silence. He seemed determined to get an answer from the two people.

The two old nobles could even feel the smell of pheromone faintly overflowing from Qin Nuo. The smell of such a young and powerful pheromone had a certain effect on their mental state, and the two of them frowned. I don't want to admit that it's just that if there are seemingly non-existent pheromones, it interferes with my mental state, and the anger in my heart increases.

One of them couldn't stand his temper and said, "If old Williams lived to see you now taking such a civilian to participate in such aristocratic occasions, he might withdraw your inheritance rights."

Such remarks rarely appear in live footage. In fact, the gatherings of nobles in previous years have always been fun, at least superficially peaceful.

The audience was engrossed and hardly watched the content of the other live broadcast perspectives.

The smile in Lin Yi's eyes slowly closed.

Qin Nuo did not show an angry expression. His tone was still flat but strong, "Such a hypothesis has no rationality. Both of you should know that my father did not give me the right of inheritance when he was still alive. The right to inherit the title of the Williams family. It's still not on me now, but it affects me sitting here right now, doesn't it?"

Qin Nuo paused, and raised his hand and hooked his fingers to call the attendant not far away. His voice was not loud but it was sufficiently deterrent, half to the attendant and half to the two old nobles, "These two gentlemen seem to be a little unwell. Please send a medical team."

Hearing this, the attendant nodded immediately and agreed to use the brain to invite the medical unit.

The two old nobles opened their mouths and said that there was nothing wrong with their bodies, and it seemed that no one around them heard them. Even the medical brains who came over completely ignored their wishes and put them in the medical box. Take it out.

Qin Nuo used actual behavior to prove that the fictitious name and actual power of a title are completely different things. The two old nobles who had been emptied for a long time were too self-righteous in front of him.

At this time, the audience on the live scene also guessed what happened before and after from their conversation. Simply put, this is the behavior that your partner will defend after being offended.

It's just that Qin Nuo came to do this kind of behavior, which seemed especially Su Mama.

Looking at what Qin Nuo said to Lin Yi after he finished all this, Lin Yi just smiled and shook his head, the audience inevitably wailed with envy.

"Master Qin Nuo simply grew up on top of my Su point. Is Master Lin Yi really his first dating partner? He is good at it. Just now, her boyfriend's power was overwhelming."

"If a person pays enough attention to you, he will definitely not be able to bear any grievance from you. The Marshal just gave the standard response to this situation. Although Lin Yi's reaction was beyond my expectation, hahahaha. He is so cool and calm."

"Lin Yi's expressions and eyes just now gave me a sense of'civilized monkey watching'. He really didn't seem to take these people's words to heart at all."

"It's really rude to say such a disappointment on this kind of occasion, Master Qin Nuo's handling method is very relieved."

The two old nobles were out of touch with the entire public opinion, and did not expect that there was not much condemnation of Qin Nuo's behavior from the outside. On the contrary, because of what they said, it was inferred that what they said before was probably the same, thinking that the two of them were old stubborn and old-fashioned.

Where can you directly diss the other male partner on such occasions and think that you are an important person?

This is the first time that the perspective of Lin Yi and Qin Nuo in the entire live broadcast. I don't know if this has dug out the highlights of the two of them, or if the live broadcast camera is aimed at the two of them, the surge in ratings has made the TV station feel the fragrance.

Anyway, in the entire live broadcast process from then on, both the official TV station of the Empire and other TV stations have aimed the camera at Qin Nuo and Lin Yi without exception.

The audience's many speculations about the way the two get along are already present in a variety of ways.

But there are so many varieties, and most people naturally feel that in front of a super alpha like Qin Nuo, an omega like Lin Yi will always be soft. The relationship between the two should still be very common, A strong and O weak. The previous episode of Qin Nuo made people feel even more preconceived.

But this kind of feeling did not last long, because Qin Nuo and Lin Yi soon broke their view.

There were nobles fighting in the animal hunting ground below the viewing platform, and Lin Yi began to look down intently.

The intelligent brain robots waiting for them walked back and forth graciously.

"Have you participated in this before?" Lin Yi asked Qin Nuo, pointing down.