Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 95

The action of the nobles below hunting insects and beasts looks quite neat, but it is a bit strenuous.

Qin Nuo's unhappy mood in front of Lin Yi changed so rapidly that it made people wonder if he had learned to change his face. He opened his lips and smiled, "I participated, but it was a little different back then."

As for what is different, it is a big difference in difficulty. When Qin Nuo participated, this event could still be deadly. It was a true coming-of-age ceremony.

"But you got the first place, and then you announced your decision to enter the military academy." Lin Yi's hand was placed on Qin Nuo's palm, but he didn't hold it completely, just lightly nodding on it from time to time to make Qin Nuo's Following this unpredictable force, his eyes fell on Lin Yi's hand.

When Lin Yi's hand fell into Qin Nuo's palm again, Qin Nuo held it with his backhand.

The two of them looked at each other naturally and smiled, making many viewers a bite of sweetness to their hearts.

"That should be the decision to change your life?" Lin Yi tilted her head and leaned lazily on Qin Nuo's shoulder.

The conversations and actions of the two are entering the eyes of thousands of viewers following the live broadcast.

"Yeah." Qin Nuo nodded and picked up the hand held by the two of them together, and put the back of Lin Yi's ring on his lips and kissed him, "This is also a decision that changed my life."

Almost all the audiences who can have a channel to send barrage exclaimed their own exclamation with excited and trembling hands at this time.


"Ahhh, does this mean to admit that two people are about to get married?"

"The marshal is not the marshal I know!"

Qin Nuo didn't show up in the public much, and he had only faced the camera directly a few times over the years. But whether it is presented by him or the description of the people around him, the public has only one impression of him, that is, serious and cold.

Especially the officers of Huang Xing who had worked with Qin Nuo, and the soldiers under them, when talking about Qin Nuo, they looked cautious and admired.

Everyone never felt that there was something wrong with Qin Nuo's appearance. It wasn't until this time that he saw Qin Nuo and Lin Yi's appearance when they were getting along, only to realize that Qin Nuo had such an unknown side.

"The marshal is unexpectedly gentle."

"The sentence just now was really sweet to me!"

Lin Yi also laughed when he heard that, the expression on his face was bright, and he turned his head to kiss Qin Nuo's cheek naturally. The two did not speak for a while, but they looked very right when they sat together, and there was no unnatural emotion due to this moment of silence.

This completely exceeded the fan's imagination about the relationship between the two. Not only fans of Qin Nuo, but fans of Lin Yi were also surprised by this situation.

However, in addition to the accident, there was an emotion like "As expected of our sir Lin Yi!" This sentiment was mixed back and forth to make my cub grow up gratified.

Service Zhinao brought two glasses of juice and some small snacks from the side, and presented them respectfully.

Lin Yi took a sip of her own cup, frowned and put it aside, as if she didn't plan to drink it.

"Not good?" Qin Nuo put Lin Yi's cup to his lips and took a sip.

Lin Yi shook her head, "I don't like it too sweet."

"Waste is not good," Qin Nuo said sternly.

Lin Yi bends his eyes to look at him.

This kind of event live broadcast is a favorite event for many nobles who are willing to show their faces on social media or must show their faces on social media to stay hot. Therefore, at this time, it is basically a process of live broadcasts competing for traffic, and live broadcasts are blooming.

However, shortly before the live broadcast this year started, there was already a clear winner. The audience is almost endlessly sweetened by the candy that Lin Yi and Qin Nuo keep sending out, there is no time to watch other scenes.

The frequency of screen switching at the end of the live broadcast is completely determined by the number of viewers. After the forward cycle, the audience naturally concentrates on Lin Yi and Qin Nuo, two people who are not interested in winning the audience.

Qin Nuo's positive expression made the audience outside the camera a little nervous for a while, and some people felt it was clear that it was Qin Nuo in the end. Even Lin Yi would maintain his principles when facing things.

Lin Yi nodded and agreed with Qin Nuo's words just now, "Waste is really bad."

But that was the case, but Lin Yi didn't have any reaction to touch the drink again in the action.

Qin Nuo raised his hand and called to serve Zhi Nao, and asked him to prepare some light-flavored drinks.

Before serving Zhi Nao, he noticed Lin Yi's drink that he hadn't drunk much, and asked at random, "Do I need to replace it?"

Said that he was ready to recycle.

"No." Qin Nuo raised his hand to stop, and then put Lin Yi's cup in front of him.

Indeed, it will not be wasted to carry it through to the end.

It was not once or twice that the two of them ate something in the same cup. For Lin Yi, Qin Nuo's behavior could not be more ordinary. He also knew Qin Nuo's character.

But the audience didn't know. Just two minutes after the broadcast, there have been five or six popular searches on the star network over there.

What# From the live perspective.

In this way, even the official live broadcasts are frequently transferred to Lin Yi and Qin Nuo because of the algorithm.

Song Shu and Ye Jin, who were still being escorted on the road, also saw Qin Nuo and Lin Yi because of this.

Song Shu looked at Lin Yi in the camera with a daze. This kind of unreality seemed like she was dreaming.

How could a humble person like Lin Yi appear in such an occasion?

A beta staff member on the side looked calm but couldn't hide the excitement in his gaze, and was staring at the screen. Until she suddenly heard Song Shu next to her whisper, "Fake, deceitful..."

Song Shu muttered to himself, his expression seemed to be stunned.

Make the female beta feel a little panicked. But when she thought of Song Shu's cruel heart at the beginning, she didn't feel that Song Shu was pitiful anymore. Not only that, she couldn't help but replied to Song Shu, "What a fake, it's real, it's really live broadcast."

Song Shu didn't know if he listened, his eyes still fixed on the camera without shifting.

The audience did not divert their eyes. Qin Nuo didn't finish counting after Lin Yi's drink. Lin Yi took a bite of the cake, and the fruits that Lin Yi felt bored were basically all Lin Yi tasted and delivered it to Qin Nuo's mouth.

Qin Nuo did not refuse to accept all orders, and did not show any dissatisfaction, but did his duty to complete the task of eliminating Lin Yi's leftover food.

It has aroused the resonance of many audiences.

"Seeing this, I suddenly felt a sense of balance. It turns out that even alphas like Marshals eat leftover food in front of my wife. I think that when I was working as a trash can at home, I was just a marshal. The same thing will be done. From today on, this is what the Marshal and I have in common."

"Hahahaha, this scene is really too real. I am typing and eating an apple that my girlfriend hasn't finished eating."

The audience in the alpha group had a feeling of finding the same kind at this time, while the omega audience collectively ate lemons.

"In contrast, my boyfriend is like a dog."

"I just told my boyfriend about this. My boyfriend said he was dull and couldn't use the marshal's standards to demand himself."

In the previous wave, I felt that being with Qin Nuo meant burning high incense. The omega viewers who were supposed to provide Qin Nuo suddenly discovered that being with Qin Nuo really burned high incense, because being with him is simply being burned. Qin Nuo offered it.

This kind of front-to-back contrast has a huge impact on people, and almost makes many people a little suspicious of life for a while.

And a little more sober, people who weren’t confused by this frequent sugar-making and typed calmly, “The marshal is very good, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but as for Mrs. Williams, didn’t she always express the desire to welcome the next generation of small lives? She really Will you be satisfied with Lin Yi?"

This is indeed a real problem. The relationship between Mrs. Williams and Lin Yi is not bad, but he has never been publicly recognized and affirmed. It is reasonable for the audience to question this aspect.

But this kind of questioning was quickly deemed completely untenable.

"Lin Yi wears full marks today. Of course, the best marks are the accessories on his body. If those are real things, I have only seen a few in the ancient earth Tibetan area in the Capital Museum, and I feel the things in there. His color is not as good as those of Lin Yi."

After this humble comment came out, it immediately attracted the attention of many netizens, and then seemed to be awakened by the comment. Netizens clicked on the live broadcast screen and returned to look at the jewelry on Lin Yi's body.

The live broadcast can be clearly zoomed in as if two people are sitting in front of the audience, so the two accessories on Lin Yi's body are still easy for people to see clearly and distinguish the authenticity.

"There is a 99% chance that it is genuine. This kind of thing is completely priceless."

"Wait, I went to search for the price of similar collections in the Capital Museum, and now I look at these two things on Lin Yi's body, and I feel a little dizzy. Is this price against the sky real? Why is Lin Yi wearing it on his body? He can still be so relaxed and at ease in a dozen or so houses, so if I don't even dare to bend down..."

"This kind of thing is really priceless. It should be the private collection of the Williams family. It is impossible for Lin Yi to buy it. So Mrs. Williams should approve of Lin Yi very much."

Some people still think this has nothing to do with Mrs. Williams, "What does it have to do with Mrs. Williams, maybe it's just the jewelry that the Marshal gave Lin Yi."

But soon someone searched for a few photos that Mrs. Williams posted on her personal dynamics in the early years. In the photo, there was a jewelry box that was dazzlingly placed in the jewelry box that was exactly the same as Lin Yi's body at the moment. Combining this to say this It's impossible to justify not what Mrs. Williams gave.

As a result, just after the live broadcast for such a while, whether it was Qin Nuo's attitude towards Lin Yi or Mrs. Williams' attitude towards Lin Yi, it became clear.

No one among the audience could say that Lin Yi might be a humble courtship. If this is a humble courtship, then is it really arrogant to go straight to heaven?

Those similar things that many people would say when gathered together were naturally answered by the big-headed fans of Lin Yi and Qin Nuo at this time. As for the upper-class aristocratic circles, if the position of Lin Yi's attitude is not clear before today, he will have to weigh it himself after today.

After all, not everyone wants to be forced into the medical warehouse.