Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 96

The young nobles who were fighting the insects and beasts at the adult ceremony, which should have become the focus of the audience, were still struggling to perform at this time.

And before the start of the normal activities, the countless media who wanted to throw questions to Qin Nuo had already been prepared. At this time, most of their attention was focused on the specific position of the observatory, eager to find opportunities to ask Lin Yi and Qin. The question of whether Nuo is engaged.

But no matter how prepared you are, because with the lessons learned from the two old nobles just now, several media outlets are a little bit hesitant.

Under the live broadcast, the paired rings of Lin Yi and Qin Nuo were magnified to a more obvious position, which was beyond doubt.

It is obvious that anyone who asks will get a big news, and after hesitating, there is still a reporter walking towards Lin Yi and Qin Nuo. But before he arrived, Xingwang was bombed by a news that was suddenly topped.

Qin Nuo released a regular news under his Xingwang account, announcing a news very solemnly.

Qin Nuo: I made a successful proposal not long ago. Although the wedding date has not yet been determined, I also want to share this good news and this luck with you. @林忆

The picture is a picture of him and Lin Yi standing in the frame, with two silly little brains at their feet looking up at the camera together. Standing together, it feels like a family of four. The smiles of Qin Nuo and Lin Yi in the lens are especially bright, making the whole photo feel more cordial and warm.

Just looking at this photo, no one can deny the mood of the protagonists when the photo was taken. If you are not happily in love, you can't take photos that feel like this.

Qin Nuo called the successful marriage proposal his luck, and made many omegas feel envy and envy for Lin Yi, as well as the sweet and sour taste in his heart.

At the event, the reporter who had plucked up the courage to step towards Lin Yi and them was also held back by his colleague just before he was about to break the calm. Threw the news to him.

The reporter stood there with his eyes wide open and digested the sudden news. When he raised his eyes to look at Qin Nuo and Lin Yi, the other party was already surrounded by various brains and reporters. Those in front of him hesitated and hesitated. Uneasy can't keep up with the enthusiasm and motivation to fight for a big news.

As a result, not only was the star network exploded, but there was also a small press conference in this corner of the live broadcast.

The sudden crowd made Qin Nuo straighten up and stretch out an arm to block Lin Yi’s face, and put his palm in front of Lin Yi’s eyes to block the lighting of the equipment. Before the two of them could speak, the problem there was already. Throwing in a steady stream.

"Master Qin Nuo has an approximate range for the wedding date?"

"What specifications will the wedding be held in accordance with the old rules of the Williams family?"

"Lin Yi-sama, what do you think about the wedding?"

"Where did the two propose marriage and what kind of process was it?"

There were too many voices in this area, and they couldn't help but look a little noisy. As a result, a sound-isolating protective cover was immediately raised around them, completely avoiding them from the surrounding environment.

Lin Yi's hand gripped Qin Nuo's palm and pulled it down. At first, Qin Nuo faced so many uninvited scenes, even if he knew that it was within the scope of the adult ceremony, he was still not so happy.

However, after hearing the reporters' questions, his complexion eased a lot, and he was obviously patient in front of the camera.

The reporters rushed over now with enthusiasm. If it was Lin Yi alone, they would still be able to stand a little bit, but Qin Nuo was in such a close position. Most reporters felt that The feeling of tightness in my scalp. Even in such a public place, Qin Nuo had already put away all his natural oppression. But he was shocking enough from the aura of the superior.

When he saw the momentary expression of his displeasure when facing the camera again, the reporters who finished their questions in a hurry all retreated.

First-hand news is of course important, but more importantly, after reporting this news, there is still life to continue working.

The result was beyond everyone's expectation, Qin Nuo spoke up, and even carefully answered the chaotic questions they had just given, and answered them in a very standard order.

"If it is according to my personal opinion, I would like to have the wedding directly after the proposal, but it is obviously too hasty, and this is not something that can be done according to my intentions, Xiao Yi's ideas are more important than mine. "

"As for the specifications, the specifications have not yet been determined, but I think there is no upper limit."

"On the occasion of the proposal..."

Qin Nuo said this seriously, focusing most of the time on Lin Yi, who was next to him. At this moment, he suddenly saw Lin Yi smile.

"What's the matter?" He lowered his head and immediately turned his attention back to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi shook his head. He just felt that Qin Nuo, who showed a serious expression at this time and was very happy to share news about marriage with the media, was too cute. It's just that if you say it directly in front of the camera, it seems a little inappropriate. Lin Yi herself endured it, but the hand that was originally placed on her side and Qin Nuo's hand was simply touching, and at this moment he held it. Qin Nuo's hand squeezed slightly.

The smiles between the two of them looked at each other suddenly.

Lin Yi didn't want to explain too many private topics to the media. His impression of the current popular media in the empire was not that good. He took the stubborn words at this time, "I am looking forward to this wedding, but we have not discussed the specific content carefully, so thank you for your concern, and we will announce the latest development."

Lin Yi's few words clearly meant to end the topic.

Qin Nuo followed him, with an unabated smile on his face, but he didn't speak anymore.

The reporters got the chance that the two in front were easy to talk about. At this time, they became more courageous. One of them first asked, "It's not easy for Master Lin Yi to walk all the way up to now. Do you have any feelings now?"

Lin Yi glanced at the source of the sound and recognized that the other party’s TV station was a long time ago, and shortly after he replaced the original owner, he had interviewed his own TV station. At that time, both the direction of public opinion and others were very unfriendly to the original owner. As for the interviewers, Lin Yi's words were quite rude.

Faced with the contempt of an omega who had lost fertility, he made no secret. Even when Lin Yi said that his lack of fertility would not affect him to do anything, the other party even used Qin Nuo to mock himself.

What are you talking about? Toad wants to eat swan meat or something.

Lin Yi returned to the cage during this moment, couldn't help but smile, and said, "What do you think, maybe what the toad felt after eating the swan meat, what kind of feeling do I feel now?"

Although this should be an affirmative sentence, the remaining sound was extraordinarily uncertain by Lin Yi, so it was like a rhetorical question.

The report once done by that TV station is considered to be quite influential. Not for anything else, just because Lin Yi, who was not well-known at the time, made such a big talk on the show. The program team drafted a lot of sensational and even mocking titles for the audience rating, which attracted a lot of heat.

It's just that since the relationship between Lin Yi and Qin Nuo was exposed, that episode of the show has become a forced face-slapping scene, so that the title "Toad Wants to Eat Swan Meat" is very popular.

At this time Lin Yi mentioned this statement again, and everyone could hear the deliberate ridicule in Lin Yi's words. The colleagues are enemies, and the other reporters present did not hide their gloat at all. Many people laughed on the spot.

Even if they were all asked to leave by Anbao Zhinao afterwards, everyone didn't feel any trouble.

Song Shu, who was on the way to the verdict, also happened to see this paragraph. Her eyes were full of bloodshot eyes, and she was no longer a lady. The staff in charge of the **** by the side glanced at him and couldn't help being frightened by her.

At the same time, I feel fortunate that the judgment that Song Shu and Ye Jin are going to face this time is really not so easy to carry. One is estimated to have to be in prison for the second half of their lives, and the other is estimated to be lost for the rest of their lives. Up.

The aircraft stopped slowly at this moment.

The footage in the live broadcast continued to play, and Song Shu's eyes were unwilling to move away. Even the staff came up to pull her at this time and almost didn't pull her.

"Hurry up."

Song Shu suddenly screamed to Lin Yi on this screen like a demon, "Are you satisfied! Are you satisfied!"

The staff looked at her inexplicably, "What are you crazy?" He staggered Song Shu with force, and then forcibly took it out, "I can't tell you that you have forgotten who you are."

There is nothing wrong with this. At this time, Lin Yi does not think of Song Shu.

As soon as the reporter left, Qin Nuo opened up privacy protection and isolated the live broadcast footage. Lin Yi tilted her head and finally leaned comfortably on Qin Nuo's shoulder.

Qin Nuo lowered his head and kissed Lin Yi's forehead, and saw Lin Yi lowering his head and turning the ring in his hand, "What are you thinking?"

"I was thinking, we have all announced, can I take our relationship further naturally."

"Without legal proof, I have no sense of security." Qin Nuo had an alpha, and said such words smoothly.

"Then go get a proof, you haven't got off work yet, right?" Lin Yi said with a smile.

Qin Nuo replied subconsciously, "Okay, what did you say?"

"I said to get a certificate." Lin Yi stood up, her face was completely smiled, "Don't you want to go?"

Qin Nuo quickly stood up, and almost collided with Lin Yi, "Of course."

Lin Yi leaned the back of her head against Qin Nuo's back, and layers of warm and hot feelings surged up. Surrounded by tranquility, he also seemed to feel such affirmation and tranquility for the first time.

"Let's go." He took Qin Nuo's hand.