Rebirth 2003

Chapter 179: Fellow learners

When the bus just stopped, some of the chatting and laughing classmates over there were paying attention to this side. When they saw Bai Jingjing and Lu Yang getting off the bus, several girls over there cheered and greeted Bai Jingjing. Several boys also greeted them with smiles. Some were happy because they saw Bai Jingjing, and some were because they saw Lu Yang.

Although Lu Yang's popularity in the class was not bad, he definitely did not reach the level of welcoming everyone. Of course, there are some who have not seen each other in a few years. Goodbye is so kind, and there are also Lu Yang who write novels. reason.

Seeing each other again, everyone, whether they are boys or girls, looked at Lu Yang more. It seems that Lu Yang is not the same Lu Yang it used to be.

Wang Haiyang was also there. He arrived a few minutes earlier than Lu Yang. At this time, he also came forward and punched Lu Yang on the shoulder with a smile, and said, "Yes, you kid! Why did you get in with Bai Jingjing?"

Lu Yang gave him a white look, then smiled and cursed: "What the fuck! Why did I get mixed up with her? It's not easy to say, be careful when Bai Jingjing hears you!"

Other girls may not be able to do this kind of thing, but Bai Jingjing has a criminal record. Don't look at her delicate appearance, but a lively temper. If anyone provokes her, she will really hit you with a smile. Punch and kick your feet.

Squad leader Wu Shun was also at this time, smiled and looked at Lu Yang up and down, then laughed, stepped forward and hugged Lu Yang, and smiled: "Your kid has changed so much! You used to be about the same as Wang Haiyang. Body shape? Now they are almost as tall as me, what a big eighteen man!"

"Let's pull it down! You're only a big eighteen man!"

Lu Yang smiled and pushed him away, and then Chen Yi, the richest in the class, also came up and shook his hand with Lu Yang. He also smiled and said with a smile: "Wu Shun can't speak, but your kid has changed amazingly over the past two years. Hey! Don’t tell me when I grow taller, my brain grows smarter. After I heard about your novels, I read them online and they are really wonderful! When will we be included? Let me and Wushun and the others also mix up with martial arts masters?"

"Okay! I'll be nine thousand years old for you then!"

Sincerely, Lu Yang, who has been in contact with these frequently in the future, was very open, and made a joke in person. Chen Yi didn't react for a while, and said with a smile: "Okay! This is enough buddies!"

It was Wu Shun who reacted more quickly and immediately slapped his thigh and laughed.

"What are you laughing at? Lu Yang promised to be nine thousand years old for us! Your reaction is not right!" Chen Yi hadn't reacted yet. Hearing him still ask this question, both Lu Yang and Wushun couldn't laugh. At that time, he also reacted, chuckled, and shouted: "Chen Yi, you fool! You don't know what nine thousand years old is? That's an eunuch!"


Chen Yi was taken aback, then pretended to be angry, and wanted to come up and pinch Lu Yang by the neck.

Everyone laughed and made a lot of noise together. They were happier than when they were in high school. Many classmates who didn't talk much before seemed to have become more cheerful.

Everyone has changed.

A group of people laughed at the school gate like no one else. For the Chinese New Year, there are people coming and going on the street. From time to time, some people look at them with strange eyes. Some people envy them for their youth and vigor; some people secretly frown, thinking that these young people are too crazy. Yes, there is no quality at all.

The male and female classmates who came to the class reunion came one after another. No matter who arrived, there were always a few good classmates who would greet them.

Everyone is in a very good mood.

I haven't seen each other for more than two years. Many times, just because I see a familiar face, I will have a lot of interesting memories from the past.

The boring high school life at the beginning, now that I think about it, I suddenly feel that there are many interesting things.

When Lu Yang was chatting happily with Wushun, Chen Yi and others, Wang Haiyang suddenly touched his arm, and whispered to the front left of his mouth, "Feng Tingting is here!"

When I was in the class before, everyone basically saw whoever liked whom, so when he heard this reminder, Wushun and others around Lu Yang looked over there.

Lu Yang looked over.

Sure enough, Feng Tingting in a crimson trench coat smiled and walked towards the girl, and several girls who knew her screamed to greet her.

Not only a few men are paying attention to the expressions of Lu Yang and Feng Tingting, but a few more curious girls are also paying attention to their expressions, including Bai Jingjing.

However, they soon discovered that not only Feng Tingting's face was calm, but Lu Yang's complexion was also calm. The two who liked each other before seemed to have nothing to do with each other.

"What? Your relationship with Feng Tingting is so cold now?"

Wu Shun asked Lu Yang in a low voice, and several people next to him also looked at Lu Yang. Lu Yang smiled slightly and said, "Don't gossip like this, OK? Don't ask this question, we are still good friends!"

Several people were taken aback, feeling that this sentence was so novel that they had never heard of it before.

Chen Yi gave a thumbs up and praised: "Sure enough, he is a great writer, he speaks well!"

After Feng Tingting arrived, everyone waited for another ten minutes. It was still cold on the sixth day of the first lunar month. Although everyone was wearing winter clothes, they still felt very cold. It's like being cut by a knife, especially the feet. It's okay for a short time, but you can't stand it for a long time.

A few charming girls first shouted how long to wait, it was so cold.

Then several boys and girls agreed. Wu Shun and Chen Yi discussed it and called a few boys to stop a taxi at their feet and asked everyone to come and get a few in a car, and they all met at Chen Yi's Jindi Hotel.

In fact, the reason why everyone is called to gather at the gate of No. 1 Middle School today is mainly because buses generally pass through here. It is more convenient for everyone to gather here, but Wushun and Chen Yi obviously forgot what the weather is now. It is such a cold day. Everyone is here. Waiting for other students here, no one can stand it for a long time.

When the taxi was stopped, the girls were naturally asked to go first. Lu Yang and Wushun and the others squeezed into the car from Chen Yi to go to the hotel until everyone was in the car. As for the other classmates who have not yet arrived, Wushun They called and informed them one by one, asking them to go directly to the Jindi Hotel to meet up.

"Hey! Will Feng Lan come today?"

With a few big men squeezed in a car, Huang Liang, who was at the same school as Lu Yang, couldn't help but ask this question.

It stands to reason that it is impossible to get Feng Lan's favor on his terms, but this is how a man is.

Wushun rolled his eyes speechlessly. Although he already has a girlfriend, he had chased Fenglan for so long before, and he even passed the college entrance examination, which was also the city where Fenglan University was chosen.

Now hearing Huang Liang ask this question in front of him, he was naturally speechless.

However, after Chen Yi glanced at Wu Shun with a smile, he explained, "Feng Lan has already arrived, and she sent me a text message to tell me that she had already arrived at the hotel directly!"

Several boys who really wanted to see Feng Lan were so excited.

Chen Yi drove the car and arrived at his Jindi Hotel in less than ten minutes.

The square at the entrance of the hotel is surrounded by a marble fence, with a pool and a rockery in the middle, and there are many flowers and plants around it, but now the weather is cold and many of them are withered.

But even so, the Jindi Hotel is still very imposing, with a four-story building covering an area of ​​more than ten acres, and the gate and the signboard are shining golden.

When he got off the bus, Lu Yang already saw many of his classmates in the lobby.

A few people entered the hall, meeting with everyone, naturally it was a lot of excitement.

Chen Yi took everyone directly to the third floor. There are several large private rooms that are connected, and each of them can seat more than 15 people. There is a row of private rooms, all of which have doors in the middle, and they usually serve wedding wines. It is used, when the wedding reception is not held, the door in the middle is locked, and it is also a private room.

For today's party, Chen Yi was generous! As you saw when you went upstairs just now, on the sixth day of this year, the business of Jindi Hotel is very good, and many married people are hosting wedding banquets here.

But Chen Yi left all the four large private rooms connected to the third floor in one go.

Lu Yang and his class used to have more than 80 people, but it is certainly impossible for everyone to come to the reunion of classmates, so Chen Yi's set aside four large private rooms is definitely enough.

As a result, those who arrived at the end at noon, including the former head teacher and English and Chinese teachers, only barely sat at three tables. Some did not enter the university, and the university exams were not ideal. Although Wushun also notified them, basically None came.

The boys finally saw Feng Lan.

After not seeing each other for more than two years, everyone found that Feng Lan had become more beautiful.

In the past, she was the most beautiful girl in school. After two or three years of college, her temperament has changed again. She has a pure white woolen coat, black sweater and trousers. The leather shoes are also black, and the same black jet black is added. Long hair, even though it is simply rooted in a ponytail, is still so beautiful that people don't dare to look at her.

A pair of eyes that seem to be able to see through people's hearts, with a sense of coldness from time to time.

In Lu Yang’s memory, in the entertainment industry for more than ten years, there is no female star more beautiful than Feng Lan. The whole person is perfect, not only the incarnation of beauty, but also the incarnation of wisdom. When you see her, you can A sentence came to mind: You can watch from afar, but not play with it!

When the banquet opened, Feng Tingting did not sit at the same table with Lu Yang, and there was even a table in between. Lu Yang was not surprised and did not respond at this point, but what made Lu Yang feel strange was that such embarrassment happened on the bus. When the banquet started, Bai Jingjing actually sat beside him grinning.

Wang Haiyang sat on the other side of Lu Yang. Wushun, Chen Yi, Feng Lan, the teacher in charge, Chinese and English teachers were all at this table.

Lu Yang looked around at random and found that the people sitting at this table were not teachers, or girls with good grades, or beautiful girls, or rich and powerful at home.

Lu Yang sighed in his heart, people really have a circle.

At noon, the specifications of the wine and dishes are very high, at least more than 1,000 per table, which is rare in such a small county in early 2006.

Chen Yi not only arranged wine and food, but also cigarettes, fruit juice, and melon seeds and tea before the feast.

The head teacher was the happiest at the dinner. No matter who came to toast, he would definitely be toasted first, and then the students would say thank you. He also praised the students with a smile on his face. For more than two years, some students can’t remember some of them. What's the name, but the character of the other party, what happened before, I still generally remember.

When Lu Yang made a toast to him, the smile on his face grew thicker, and he patted Lu Yang on the shoulder and said, "Lu Yang! The monitor and the squad have already told me about you. It's not bad! Good job! In the future! Keep working hard! You are a **** horse in our class!"

When toasting to the English teacher, the English teacher also praised Lu Yang a few words. She knew about Lu Yang's writing of novels, and she just came to know about it today.

Only when he was toasting to the Chinese teacher, the Chinese teacher was a 60-year-old pedant with big eye bags, and his muddy old eyes glanced at Lu Yang, nodded, and put his lips down on the wine glass, and then he was there. When everyone thought he could not speak, he coughed dullly and said in a thick voice: "Online novels, I have seen that thing a few times. I remember that when you were in high school, I hadn't taken you. This online novel, right?"

Lu Yang nodded awkwardly. At that time, he was very obsessed with reading novels. One afternoon when he was in class, the old man was talking about grammar. He was drowsy, so he took out a novel in the drawer and read it under the textbook. Then, I was fascinated, but was confiscated by the dim-eyed Chinese teacher.

Up to now, Lu Yang still remembers that the book is called "Long Song Fencing Record", a very rare name, and the content is not very exciting, but because the memory is too deep, it has been remembered for more than ten years.

Unexpectedly, the old man would come out and say at this time.

The old man continued: "Internet novels are all things that are not on the stage. You still have to study hard in the future, and strive to find a stable job after graduation, write novels, hum, I don't see it as a long-term solution!"

Many of the classmates who heard the old man's words were snickering. The joke was that Lu Yang ran into the muzzle of his gun. Lu Yang didn't know what to say, so he grudgingly said yes.

When Lu Yang sat down again, Bai Jingjing and Wang Haiyang, who were sitting next to him, were still laughing.

The Chinese teacher used to be a famous old and stubborn The master who dared to lose his temper with the principal, and no one was wrong when he was trained.


When I went back, Lu Yang was a little bit drunk, and Bai Jingjing's cheeks were a little red. She was also forced to drink two large glasses of red wine at the dinner party.

When she went back, she actually took the initiative to go back with Lu Yang.

On the bus going back, the people were still crowded. The two of them still stood face to face in the aisle. As the car shook, Bai Jingjing came up with Jiujin at this time. The car was swaying, she was a little unsteady, and she almost fell down in the end. In Lu Yang's arms, Lu Yang had a problem. Every time he drank alcohol, he was very courageous. After drinking alcohol, he dared to act with his thoughts on many things that he only dared to think about.

This was the case when I kissed Rui Xiaoxiu twice before, and the last kiss with Tong Yaqian was in the room this year. Today, standing on the bus with Bai Jingjing in his arms, his soft body and faint fragrance make him again Impulsive. When Bai Jingjing sat in front of him before, he found that Bai Jingjing’s buttocks were very sexy, round and warped, and seemed to be particularly soft. At this moment, when he was impulsive, a big hand quietly touched Bai Jingjing’s round circle. , Qiao Qiao, soft fart` shares.