Rebirth 2003

Chapter 180: Heart changes

Bai Jingjing felt the big hand of Lu Yang's groping. She lifted her face slightly, her big watery eyes were a little drunk, and she looked at Lu Yang so much, her little red face looked very cute.


Lu Yang was a little embarrassed. The motion on his hand stopped, but he was still a little reluctant to take it away, and just touched her soft **** and didn’t move. He blushed and looked at Bai Jingjing to see how she reacted. As a result, Bai Jingjing just twisted her round buttocks, still looking at Lu Yang drunkly, but still did not speak, as if she was about to defeat Lu Yang with her eyes, and asked Lu Yang to take the initiative to remove her hand.


   But Lu Yang, who had drunk, was very courageous. Seeing that she didn't say anything, he couldn't help but feel the big hand on her hip again. The movement was not big, and the hand feels really good! Soft and warped.


Bai Jingjing's long eyelashes blinked twice, her eyes drooping slightly, she did not dare to continue staring at Lu Yang, which encouraged Lu Yang, and she just touched it slightly tentatively just now. Bai Jingjing did not rebuke. Without pushing him away, the movements on his hand became presumptuous, touching, grasping and pinching. Finally, the other hand also touched, and the breath of Bai Jingjing nestled in his arms became obviously thicker, and his small face became more and more serious. The added red was so red that it seemed to bleed.


Gradually, Lu Yang's lower body also pressed against Bai Jingjing's lower body. The soft belly and the wonderful buttocks touch made Lu Yang aroused his passion. As soon as he lowered his head, he kissed Bai Jingjing warmly. Click on his forehead.


  Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long. The bus soon arrived at Bai Jingjing's grandmother's house. The sober Bai Jingjing pushed Lu Yang's chest with her little hand, and whispered, "Okay! I'm getting off the bus."


   Lu Yang was a little reluctant to let go. "Would you like me to send you?" Lu Yang asked softly, and Bai Jingjing quickly glanced up at him blushing and shook his head. Push him away and get out of the car.


Seeing her back hurriedly leaving, Lu Yang still seemed to have the same hand feeling on his hands, and the scent of Bai Jingjing was still lingering on the tip of his nose. Lu Yang licked his dry lips. Suddenly, Lu Yang felt that he still felt good. ! Cao Xue was basically absent from him last year, and lived like a little monk in the mountains. It's dull and tasteless, and I don't feel much happy when a sum of money is paid for the manuscript.


   In high school. Although he has always liked Feng Tingting's, beautiful girls like Feng Lan and Bai Jingjing have occasionally fantasized about them.


   Especially Bai Jingjing, the first semester of high school. She was sitting at the table in front of him. Every day that beautiful face, **** lips, white teeth, round and curled breasts, and the round and curled buttocks that seemed very soft, dangled in front of his eyes. Maybe!


   And just now, what he had never dared to do before, just did it, and it feels wonderful. Bai Jingjing was like a seed of evil, which instantly opened Lu Yang's desires.


   In the past year. The repeated relationship with Cao Xue also made him a little tired and just guarding the days of a woman. In this year's classmates, many beautiful female classmates showed up.


   Lu Yang went to a liberal arts class in high school. There were more than 80 students in the class, and there were nearly 60 girls. The more girls there are, the more beautiful naturally.


   Not to mention the goddess of the whole school like Feng Lan, there are seven or eight in the class of Bai Jingjing, and they can almost see the eyes of the flower people.


   A little drunk Lu Yang suddenly flashed the name of a master-Gu Long.


   Gulong’s life is glorious and short, but how many people envy...


  The image of Gu Long in Lu Yang's heart is too chic, writing the most classic novels, in his spare time, it is either wine or beauty. Many people criticize Gu Long for being indiscriminate, but how many men do not envy that kind of life?


  With good wine, while drunk, he writes lifelike martial arts characters, expressing gratitude and enmity, and when you are tired from writing, you will be accompanied by all kinds of beauties.


   is simply a **** in the world.




Soon after Lu Yang arrived home, he received a call from Wushun. On the phone, Wushun's tone was still so hearty. After a few random words with Lu Yang, he told Lu Yang that he would contact him often in the future, and then the call came to Chen Yi. Chen The meaning of righteousness is the same. I hope that everyone will be able to contact more in the future, especially during the winter and summer vacations, get together more.


When he put down the phone, Lu Yang's water plant plan that was shelved last year came to his mind again. Now he has a good relationship with Wushun. As long as he can maintain it, he can accumulate a little more funds when he has a background in Wushun. Build a larger water plant locally to give my family a stable income. As long as the water plant can be built, I don’t have to worry about my family’s life in the future.


   While thinking about this, Lu Yang's cell phone rang again, and a new text message came in.


   I turned on the phone and found that it was Bai Jingjing who came here. Wouldn't it be a condemnation of me?


   At this time, Lu Yang’s wine spirit has almost passed. Thinking of the molestation of Bai Jingjing on the bus this afternoon, I can’t help but feel a little ashamed. It seems a bit nasty to act on the female classmate!


I clicked on the text message sent by Bai Jingjing, but the content of the text message made Lu Yang's heart hot. It turned out that it was not condemning him. The content was as follows: "Lu Yang! Do you have time tomorrow? You promised my signature book in the morning. Do you have time to give it tomorrow? I'm sending it to the county seat?"


   This is lifeless, I still want to get in touch with it further!


   The expressions of girls are usually so subtle. Lu Yang is not stunned. Seeing such a text message, he can almost guess Bai Jingjing's thoughts.


   It seems that she doesn't feel bad to him.


   This is the case with women. If she hates you, even if you just look at her, she will feel that your eyes are very annoying. If you have a good impression of you, even if your hands are irregular, she will think that you like her.


   "Okay! I'll bring it to you tomorrow morning! What time are you free?"


   Lu Yang smiled and replied.


   Soon, Bai Jingjing's reply came. "It's ten o'clock in the morning! See you at Fengya Old Tree? I invite you to have coffee."


"okay, see you tomorrow."


   Lu Yang smiled and replied.


The meaning of    Bai Jingjing is already obvious, this is to take the bait!


   Bai Jingjing, this girl, is in Lu Yang's memory. Later, she seemed to mix well, working as a white-collar worker in a foreign company in Shanghai, and she liked traveling and food. I like to show pictures of scenery and food in the q`q space when I'm fine, and occasionally take selfies, and look confident about my appearance.


   Nothing happened in the afternoon, Lu Yang shut himself in the bedroom codewords, one afternoon plus one night, and three chapters were written out, adding a little bit of his dwindling amount of manuscripts.


  It's eleven o'clock. I went to bed.


   The next morning, Lu Yang didn't get up until after seven o'clock in his sleep, and he was refreshed. After breakfast, I felt very alcoholic on my body, so I took a shower and changed into clean clothes.


   Then I made a cup of tea. Moved a small table on the balcony. Move the laptop out, sit on the balcony while drinking tea while coding.


   It is a rare sunny day today. Although there is still a little snow on the ground, it still feels good to be bathed in the warm sun, warm and comfortable.


   In such a comfortable environment, Lu Yang's inspiration is also very good. The whole person was relaxed physically and mentally, and lines of text jumped and appeared on the blank document.


   It was less than half past nine. A new chapter is coded out.


   Glancing at the time under the computer, Lu Yang took a sip of the cold tea, got up and put away everything, then went out with his phone and wallet.


   Fengya Laoshu Café, next to the commercial street in the county town, Lu Yang got off the bus and walked a few steps to arrive there. After entering, he chose a booth on the second floor, ordered a latte, and sat there and waited.


   On the bus, he had already contacted Bai Jingjing by text message, and she was already on the road at this time.


   Sure enough, a few minutes later, Bai Jingjing appeared with blue jeans on her lower body and a pink sweater on her upper body, holding a small and exquisite Kun bag in her hand.


   Sweater is in the form of a coat, which is fluffy when worn on the body, which is very fashionable.


   Seeing her coming, Lu Yang didn't get up either, smiled and stretched out his hand to gesture to the opposite seat, and said, "You don't want to wear so little clothes, you are not afraid of beautiful people?"


   Seeing Lu Yang, Bai Jingjing also showed a joyful smile on her face. She sat down opposite Lu Yang with a faint scent of wind, and smiled: "What do you know? Clothes are not thick to keep warm!"


   A waitress came up behind her and asked Bai Jingjing what to drink. Bai Jingjing casually said "Cappuccino", then took the sample book that Lu Yang had placed on the table in her hand and turned her eyes brightly.


This sample book was published by C Publishing House, which was brought back to my hometown by Lu Yang University in the first year. Although it has been kept at home for two years, it is basically brand new. Only my younger brothers and sisters have read it a few times. .


   is printed in traditional characters, and Lu Fei and Lu Ying can’t read it either, so I only read it a few times.


Bai Jingjing looked at this sample book enthusiastically, and felt very strange about the traditional characters printed vertically in the book. Nowadays, there is no new book in the mainland of China in such traditional characters, thick paper, exquisite cover, and cover. The introduction to Lu Yang later made her feel very strange.


   "It's so beautiful! I heard that you have published a lot of books, so you should have made a lot of money, right?"


While flipping through the book, Bai Jingjing asked Lu Yang enviously. Lu Yang smiled casually and moved his eyes on Bai Jingjing’s beautiful face and chest, thinking about what happened on the bus yesterday. A little bit ready to move.


The two drank coffee in the Fengya old tree for a Bai Jingjing never mentioned it back. Lu Yang tried to invite: "Student Bai Jingjing! Are you interested in going to a movie together? The cinema next to it hasn't been for a long time. I've seen it, and I want to revisit it again. Are you interested?"


   Bai Jingjing looked at Lu Yang sideways with smiling eyes when he heard the words, pursed his lips and smiled: "Okay! Please!"




   Lu Yang smiled and got up.


  Bai Jingjing also closed the sample book in her hand, picked up Kun Bao and smiled and went out of Fengya Old Tree with Lu Yang. (To be continued...)


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