Rebirth 2003

Chapter 183: New book preparation

After reading these two emails, Lu Yang was depressed, but also gave birth to the idea of ​​finishing the book as soon as possible. Little Japan has already asked for copyright fees. Once this matter spreads, it is difficult to guarantee that other film companies will not follow suit. If more film companies come to ask for copyright fees, I am afraid that e-publishing may not pay them on his behalf.


Originally, the next movie scene of "Infinite Killing", Lu Yang arranged "Legend of Ghosts and Ghosts", but after this copyright storm, Lu Yang dispelled this idea in his heart and planned to write another world of "Resident Evil 3", anyway. The copyright fee for "Resident Evil" has already been paid, and writing one more is not a big deal.


   When the scenes of "Resident Evil 3" are finished, and another regional battle is written, the book is over.


   It's just a pity that this endless stream of creativity has won him three consecutive titles on the monthly ticket list since the book was released. The original plan was to continue this brilliance for a few more months!


   In Lu Yang's memory, the most on the monthly ticket list should be Shenji. A few years later, before he was poached by a certain Heng, with the book "Yangshen", he achieved an unprecedented eight consecutive championships on the monthly ticket list.


   It’s rare for him to have such a good start to "Infinite Kills". He has achieved three consecutive championships. He was trying to create a record, but he encountered such a **** thing.


   It seems that the "Magic Sword Eternity" planned at the end of last year will be launched ahead of schedule. Lu Yang also has more ideas for that story these days. I believe that with his current popularity, after writing it, the popularity should not be bad.


   Thinking of this, Lu Yang closed his mailbox. Re-create a document, start to structure "Magic Sword Eternal", first type out the definable information at the top of the document.


   Title: Magic Sword Eternal


  Type: Xianxia


   Author: Wen Chou




   How to write a brief introduction. Lu Yang couldn't make up his mind for a while, so he used a series of ellipsis, then after thinking about it, he first set the world background of "Magic Sword Eternal".


  Background: Human beings developed into the 48th century, and their footprints have spread across 14 huge galaxies, including the Milky Way. The aliens that humans once imagined have finally discovered dozens of races. However, all the extraterrestrial life cannot be as intelligent as human beings, and they have been conquered one by one by humans. Humans seem to be invincible in the universe.


   However, a piece of information from a different space made the human seniors finally find out where the greatest crisis of mankind lies-thirty-three days.


   The thirty-third heaven in the original myths and legends. Not in the depths of the universe. In a different space outside the three-dimensional universe, the world there is big and small, strong and weak, and the strongest of these is the three realms of gods, immortals, and demons.


   The three-dimensional universe where humans live is the human world in myths and legends.


   The current strength of the human world has aroused the vigilance of the three worlds of immortals and demons, and the gods and demons have already proposed to attack the human world. Destroy the current humanity.


   The high-level human beings were shocked by the news. A few months later, the x plan was launched, using the most powerful technology today-Soul Descent, and all the most powerful First Legion all through the Soul Descent technology, through the barriers of time and space, descended on the residents of the Three Realms of Immortals and Demons. , Trying to subvert the order of the Three Realms before the Three Realms of Immortals and Demons attack the Human Realm, as well as steal the secret methods of practicing the Three Realms of Immortals and Demons.


The x plan was quickly implemented. The first legion, the most powerful mankind, all souls descended on the Three Realms of Immortals and Demons. In the past few thousand years, mankind has used this technology to occupy one planet after another, and one galaxy after another. , It’s just that the soul descended to other dimensions, and it was still the most powerful three realms of immortals and demons. The soul descending technology, which had never had a problem, had a small range of energy dissipation, which also descended the souls of some civilians.


   One of them is Li Feng, a young man who has been in bed for more than ten years.


   A legend began.


   At this point, Lu Yang stopped his hands typing on the keyboard, lit a cigarette, and thought silently.


   Such a background structure, the novelty of the story should be there, but the following plot, can it be exciting, can readers have a look at it, can't stop it, or look at the more detailed and novel settings later.


   In many cases, whether a fairy-tale story is attractive or not, what you look at in the early stage is the setting of the background of the story, and in the middle and late stages, it depends on whether the plot of your story is wonderful or not.


   If the background and settings in the early stage cannot capture the hearts of most readers, the plot in the later stage is useless even if it is exciting, because the readers have given up your book in the early stage, and the highlights of the later stage will not be seen at all.


The story of   Xianxia, ​​Lu Yang had only written one book before, and the popularity was average, so writing such a complete story this time is under a lot of pressure.


   After thinking for a while, a cigarette was almost finished, and Lu Yang's ten fingers tapped on the keyboard again.


   This time, what he set is the various magic weapons and magic weapons of the Three Realms of Immortals and Demons.


   Since this book is called "Magic Sword Eternal", there must be a duel between the various treasures of the gods in the book.


  When setting up these magic weapons, Lu Yang referred to the mythological stories he had read last year, such as "Journey to the West", "Feng Shen Bang", "Shan Hai Jing" and other books.


   In the realm of the gods, Lu Yang set up the Emperor’s Nine Dragon Jade Seal, the Queen Mother’s Fengyin Tianqin, and the legendary three-pointed two-edged sword of Yang Jian, the true monarch of Erlang.


  The world of immortality, the top magic weapons set by Lu Yang include good luck jade butterfly, landscape painting of mountains and rivers, Qibao exquisite pagoda, magic whip, golden dragon scissors, immortal rope binding and other magic weapons.


  The first piece of the Demon World was the Heaven-Swallowing Demon Sword of the Yuanshi Heavenly Demon. In Lu Yang's setting, the Heaven-Swallowing Demon Sword had been lost with the fall of the Yuanshi Heavenly Demon.


The second is the five-color light. In "Journey to the West", the five-color light is the five sword-like feathers on the tail of the peacock's Ming king Kong Xuan. The nemesis of all the magic weapons among the magic weapons, in Lu Yang's setting, the five-color divine light fell into the demon world after Kong Xuan's end of life, becoming a powerful treasure second only to the devil sword of the swallowing sky.


   The third piece is the Jiuyou Lihuo Mantle. The Jiuyou Lihuo Mantle is invisible and invisible, just a black flame. Once it is sacrificed, the thing covered will become nothingness.


The fourth piece, Lu Yang set up a six-winged golden silkworm nest. In Lu Yang's setting, a cold-blooded and ruthless demon emperor appeared in the devil world. Before the end, he used his lifelong cultivation skills to train himself into a cruel magic weapon—the six-winged golden silkworm nest, which was left to his children and grandchildren, with the intention of allowing his children and grandchildren to rule the entire demon world forever.


Six-winged golden silkworm nests, under the stimulus of mana, will continuously fly out of the energy body of six-winged golden silkworms, which can swallow the aura of all things. Once the six-winged golden silkworm nests are fully activated, they will surely become a piece within a radius of ten thousand miles. In the desert, all living beings, vegetation, are all turned into dust.




Lu Yang writes these settings very slowly. Often a magic weapon is set up. If you are not satisfied with it, you will delete all of it. Another flash of light flashes in the middle, and if there is a better setting, it will be deleted all again, and so on again and again.


When hundreds of magic weapons and weapons of the Three Realms of Gods, Demons and Immortals were set up, it was already dark outside. Lu Yang sighed lightly, stopped his hand, got up and walked to the window, opened the curtains, and opened the window. Just now when I was writing the setting, I could vaguely heard the sound of firecrackers one after another outside. At this time, the curtains and windows were opened, and the sound outside immediately became clear. It seems that the night of the city is setting off firecrackers and fireworks one after another.


   The couple's quarrel sounded upstairs again. After standing by the window for a moment, Lu Yang shook his head, turned around and took the jacket on the back of the computer chair, took the phone and wallet, and was about to go out to find something to eat.


   It's almost eight o'clock in the evening now, he hasn't eaten dinner yet, his stomach is very hungry.


As soon as I opened the door, I heard a rush of running sound from the stairwell. The running sound came from the top of the stairwell. Lu Yang looked suspiciously, just in time to see the beautiful proprietress of Xingyu running upstairs with disheveled hair. Coming down, it seemed as if a fierce ghost was chasing her again.


   Seeing Lu Yang and the door opened behind Lu Yang, the lady of Star Rain lit up in panic, and said to Lu Yang in a low voice, "Big brother! Let me go in and hide!"


Before Lu Yang could answer, she squeezed in from Lu Yang with a gust of fragrance. It didn't count if she entered. She turned her head and stretched out her hand. She also pulled Lu Yang into the room, who was about to go out, and then "bang "With a sound, the door was closed.


"what are you doing?"


   Lu Yang was confused by her, just frowned and asked this question, and there was another chasing footstep from the stairwell outside, and at the same time the man's angry cursing sounded.


   "You stinky bitch! Do you dare to run? Stop for me! Otherwise, wait for me to catch you and not tear you!"


   There is no need to explain to the wife of the Star Rain, Lu Yang already knew what was going on when he heard the man outside screaming and chasing.


   This is the escalation of the war!


   Before the New Year, the couple only quarreled and fight at home, and now they have expanded the battlefield outside.


   The sound of men chasing and yelling quickly went away, and Lu Yang's living room quieted down again. Only vaguely he could hear the yelling and footsteps below the stairwell, as well as the faint sound of firecrackers and fireworks outside.


   Lu Yang looked at the shocked Xingyu boss somewhat speechless.


   He is hungry, and is planning to go out to find something to eat! As soon as the door was opened, she was pulled in.


   "Thank you just now!"


   The starry lady proprietress who was a little more frightened said softly to Lu Yang.


   But Lu Yang asked her: "Can you go now? Your man has passed."




   The wife of Xingyu had a snack, and then she became embarrassed. She didn't expect Lu Yang to drive her away when she spoke. She thought that Lu Yang was resenting what happened at the end of last year! (To be continued...)


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