Rebirth 2003

Chapter 184: The story of the proprietress of Xingyu

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   Mrs. Star Rain thought for a while, she was already driven away, she is also a skinny person, of course it is not good that zài stays here and does not leave, so she nodded and said disappointedly: "Okay! I'm leaving now!"


   said, he unlocked the door and left. At this moment, her husband's cursing sound came from the stairwell below, and the sound of footsteps approaching—he came back?


The expression of Mrs. Star Rain’s calming expression became panic again. Without even thinking about it, she subconsciously closed the door that had just been opened. She also hid back into Lu Yang’s living room, leaning against the door, panting in shock. With rough air, his full chest was turbulent with frightened breathing.


   Lu Yang looked at her panicked silently. It seemed impossible to want to go out to eat. This woman was afraid that her man would be like this, so she didn't dare to go out. Even if she went out, she probably didn't know where to hide.


   At this time, Lu Yang zhùyì hit her white cheek with five finger prints, which should have been slapped by the man, and there seemed to be a little blood on her disheveled forehead, and some of her hair seemed to be pulled off.


   It's no wonder that this man is so cruel?


   Sorry to destroy the flowers, still to my wife, really awesome.


   "Forget it! Come and sit down!"


   Seeing that she was hurt like this, he didn't dare to go out, Lu Yang moved a little bit of compassion, and finally said that there was no way to rush her away.


   The lady boss of Xingyu glanced at Lu Yang in panic, then calmed down, said in a low voice, she moved away and walked to the sofa. Seeing her limping when she walked up, Lu Yang realized that her leg was also injured, and her leg was injured. When I went downstairs just now, I could run so fast...


   Lu Yang made two cups of tea in the kitchen, brought them out, kept one for himself, and put one in front of the wife of Xingyu. The two sat opposite each other across a glass tea table.


   "You won't drive me away?"


   The proprietress of Star Rain held up a hot teacup. Some worried Lu Yang asked.


   "Do you dare to go out?" Lu Yang gave a wēào.


   "I'm sorry! I'm sorry to disturb you, yes! We have been neighbors for so long, but still don't know how to call you?" It was confirmed that Lu Yang really didn't drive her away. The wife of Star Rain finally relaxed, and finally she could squeeze a little smile on her beautiful face.


   Lu Yang: "My surname is Lu, Lu Yang! What about you? How do you call it?"


   Mrs. Xingyu: "Lu Yang? My surname is Xing, Happy Xing, my name is Xing Xinxin. If you don't dislike it, you can call me Sister Xin or Sister Xing!"


  Happy luck?


   The first time I heard of this surname, Lu Yang was taken aback, and then a little bit ridiculous. Fortunately for the surname, Happiness, but such a destiny, the destiny is full of irony!


  Xing Xinxin seemed to see what Lu Yang was thinking, and smiled bitterly, and said to herself, "It's ironic, isn't it? Last name Xing. But it fell to this point."


   Lu Yang wēào shook his head, and said, "Wait a minute! I'm hungry. Go to soak the bowl of noodles and come here!"


Lu Yang got up while talking. Fortunately, Xinxin heard that Lu Yang was going to instant noodles. After a moment of shock, he immediately reacted and asked a little apologetically, "You just went out, were you going to have dinner? I'm sorry, why not? Should I go now?"


   talked and walked away, but Lu Yang gave her an uneasy look on her face.


   smiled, Lu Yang shook his head and said, "Forget it! I'm not particular about food, instant noodles are fine too!"


Recently, a person stayed in the house alone. Many times he would write and write, forget the time, miss the fààn, ránhòu is too lazy to make a bowl of noodles, or cook a bowl of dumplings to eat, the dumplings were out the other day When I came back from dinner, I bought it at the supermarket by the way.


   "This is so embarrassing! Otherwise, do you have any food at home? Shall I cook something for you?" Xing Xinxin apologized and somewhat delighted and stood up and suggested to Lu Yang.


   Lu Yang still shook his head wēào, already walked into the kitchen, took out two packs of instant noodles, sprinkled them into a soup bowl, and said, “Forget it! I’m so hungry, I don’t want to wait anymore!”


   "That's really sorry!" Xing Xin said apologetically, and sat back on the sofa.


   "Have you eaten yet?"


   In the kitchen, Lu Yang added two redneck eggs and ham sausage to his instant noodles, and casually asked Xing Xinxin in the living room.


   Fortunately, Xinxin touched her deflated belly subconsciously, and replied somewhat bluntly: "I...I haven't yet, do you still have instant noodles here?"


   "Neither do you?"


   Lu Yang glanced at her funny, then smiled: "Yes! Wait a minute! How many packs do you want to eat? Is one pack enough?"


   "Enough is enough! I don't have much appetite!" Xing Xinxin replied and got up and went to the kitchen, saying, "Where is the instant noodles? I'll make it myself!"


   Lu Yang was not polite to her either. Anyway, he didn't have much friendship with her before. He took out a pack of instant noodles and two hillbilly eggs from the cupboard above his head, and put a ham sausage in front of her.


   Fortunately, thank you again and again gratefully.


   When people are desperate, they always give a little help to others and are very grateful, especially women who are psychologically vulnerable.


The instant noodles were soaked quickly. The two of them sat at the table and ate. Lu Yang was really hungry. The food was snoring, and Xing Xinxin was also hungry. However, she was a woman, and she was eating a lot. , Although her image at the moment is a bit embarrassing.


   "I heard that your man has lost a lot of money in gambling, and he continues to bet. Is it because he often quarrels?"


   Half a bowl of instant noodles, Lu Yang relieved his hunger a little, and started chatting with Xing Xinxin casually. Two adults, a man and a woman, sat together eating instant noodles without saying a word, the atmosphere was a bit embarrassing.


Xing Xinxin heard the words and stopped eating noodles, and then gave a wry smile, saying: "I have heard that, I have nothing to hide, yes! That man is crazy! He is addicted to gambling, I sell He opened this new Internet cafe in his original house, and he didn’t have much money. He had to gamble every day. He already owed a gambling debt outside. If he didn’t repent, I couldn’t help it! He just started gambling without giving him money. Hit me, you saw it just now."


   "He was not like this before, right?" Lu Yang.


Xing Xinxin: "In the past, he drove to the leaders in the government. It was his old man who asked someone to find guānxì to get jìnqù. He didn't do well on his own. Last year, he was brushed down by the leader. I asked him to buy a taxi by himself and he took it. The money was gone, the car was not bought, and they all lost to others. Ránhòu still told me that he took the tens of thousands of dollars left from the sale of the house at home to bet. The deeper the sink, the life of this family can no longer go on."


   Lu Yang: "Have you never thought about divorce?"


   Hearing this question, Xing Xinxin smiled bitterly, and said: "He is not a fool, and now he depends on me to support him. How can he agree to divorce me? He is playing a rogue, no one can do anything."


   Hearing her answer like this, Lu Yang raised his eyes to look at her and asked in confusion: "He doesn't agree, won't you leave?"


   Fortunately, Xinxin also looked at Lu Yang suspiciously: "He doesn't want to leave, what can I do?"


   Lu Yang was speechless when she asked.


   "Do you mean-divorce must be agreed by both parties? If the other party does not agree, you can only spend your life with him?"


   Fortunately, Xinxin was taken aback by Lu Yang's question and thought: Yes! If this is the case, is the current divorce rate still so high?


   Xing Xinxin: "You mean, even if he disagrees, I can divorce him?"


Lu Yang was about to be defeated by the lawlessness, and reluctantly explained: "If you really want to get a divorce, go to the court to sue him! Apply for a divorce with the court, and tell the court about your current situation. As far as I know, the first time an appeal was made by the court. Generally, you will be mediated in a routine manner. As long as you insist on divorce and do not accept mediation, half a year later, if you file for a divorce, the court will force a judgment! At that time, even if he is not yuànyì, you will be taken by the court. Judgment for divorce. Of course, if you don’t want to be so troublesome, there is another way, and that is to separate from him from now on. After you have been separated for two years, you can apply to the court for divorce, and the court will also judge you for divorce."


   These things are all memories of Lu Yang before he was born again. It is not certain whether the degree of divorce in 2006 was like this, but he estimated that it should be the same.


   Fortunately, Xinxin's eyes lit up, and she asked with some surprise: "Is it really possible? You didn't lie to me?"


   Facing her expectant look, Lu Yang nodded slightly, and said: "If you don't believe it, you can go to the court to find out. It shouldn't be possible for both parties to agree to get a divorce!"


Xing Xinxin nodded heavily and said, "I will go to the court for consultation tomorrow. He is now abolished and continues to live with him. If he loses all his family property, I can't stand his beatings every two days. ."


   Lu Yang nodded, somewhat pleased with her decision.


  This kind of thing, if a woman herself is not determined to divorce, no one can save her.


   "However, you have to be psychologically prepared. In the event of a divorce, your property may be divided, and your Internet cafe may not be able to open."


Xing Xinxin smiled and shook her head and said: "It's okay! Anyway, even if I don't divorce, according to his current prodigal law, in a few months, my Internet cafe will be ruined by him, instead of going there. At that time, I had nothing left, and now it is good to be able to save half of the divorce!"


   After she finished eating and rested for a while, Lu Yang started to drive people again.


   However, this time the rush is just because the lone man and widow are in the same room at night, so it’s not good to say it.


Lu Yang smiled and took out two hundred yuan from her wallet and put it in front of her, and said, "You don’t sleep with me at night. I don’t think you have any money with you. I borrow these two hundred yuan and go find a hotel. Live!"


Xing Xinxin looked at the two hundred yuan, then took another look at Lu Yang, nodded, and said with a little smile: "Thank you anyway! I will pay you back the money as soon as possible, but I don’t have an ID card. Those don’t need it. I don’t dare to stay in a small hotel with an ID card. Can you bring your ID card and accompany me to find a more formal hotel?” (To be continued...)


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