Rebirth 2003

Chapter 286: The vast action of book fans

   There are several well-known game companies in Shanghai, such as Shanda, Jiucheng, and Giant. These three giants are only domestic. In addition, there are several well-known foreign game companies stationed in Shanghai.


   After the car on the asphalt initiated this plan, the more than 300 book fans who decided to participate in this plan have discussed the main goal of this attack in a separate group.


Someone suggested that Shanda be the first to exclude Shanda, because the starting point was Shanda. Wen Chou suggested that it has been a long time since Shanda was operating with full copyright. It stands to reason that Shanda should have known about this a long time ago, but he has never stood up and said that Shanda is willing to come. Buying the game adaptation rights of Wen Chou's works, so many book fans feel that it is meaningless to focus on Shanda. If Shanda had this meaning, it should have been announced long ago.


This proposal has been approved by many book fans, but since some people agree, there will naturally be opposition. The opponents mean that maybe Shanda is considering and hesitating, and so many people go to Shanda and strongly recommend it, which may make Shanda make up his mind and buy. The right to adapt the game for the ugly works below.


  The opinion of the opponents is to attack the nine cities or giants.


   At the end of more than three hundred people, no one can convince anyone. In the end, the undead master, Wang Lin, proposed that everyone vote and the minority should obey the majority. This proposal was unanimously approved by everyone. Who could not convince anyone?


After getting everyone's unanimous consent, Wang Lin said in the group: "I will divide three pictures in succession soon, everyone is optimistic! My first picture will be posted to Cangjing Kong, and I will choose to focus on Shanda's friends. After the empty picture comes out. Hurry up and speak, five minutes later, I will post the picture of Ii`shima` love. People who choose Ninetowns, speak under the picture of Ii`shima` love, and after another five minutes, I will post a small The picture of `Ze Maria`, choose the friend of the giant, remember to speak under the picture of Xiao Ze Maria! Well, do you understand?"


   At that time. More than 300 people in the group laughed. I don't know how many book fans are sitting in front of the computer when they see this voting method. It happened to be drinking water or eating, and then sprayed it on the computer screen in front of him. Many people laughed. On the one hand, post a comment under the proposal of the necromancer.


   You say: "The Mage Alliance is mighty!"


  He said: "The Mage League is rippling!"


   Someone said: "Why is there no Tachibana "Hitomi"?"


   Regardless of how everyone reacts. Anyway, no one opposes this way of voting. Well, even a dozen female book fans just looked at them with a smile and expressed their approval. Then the undead masters really started to post pictures to the group one by one. Every time you post a picture, you will wait five minutes for everyone to speak below or post a q`q emoticon.


   All three pictures have been sent. After waiting a few minutes, the voting result came out. The people who spoke under the picture of Cangjing Sora were actually the most numerous.


   Everyone saw this result, and many people smiled and said in the group: "Is it because I voted for Shanda because I like Aoi`sora more?"


This sentence was copied by many people and posted in the group. Some unscrupulous guys, who obviously spoke under the picture of Aoi`sora, also made fun at this time, and also copied this sentence and posted it in the group. In, he was found to despise him, and he said shamelessly: "Is there? Huh? It seems to be true! It seems that I remembered it wrong! Haha..."


   Anyway, the result of the voting was to focus on Shanda. The more than 300 **** book fans gathered in Shanghai today slammed under the Shanda building.


The 100 signs that Wang Lin prepared in advance were lifted up by more than 300 people, causing more and more people nearby. This is not over yet. For today’s action, Wang Lin also prepared an expansion. The sound horn. When the crowds around him exceeded hundreds of people, Wang Lin turned on the loudspeaker switch, turned on the power, and pointed the loudspeaker at the grand building, pulling it away like a policeman persuading the gangsters in the building. The voice shouted: "Listen, Shanda boss! Listen, Shanda boss! We are ordinary book fans of starting point platinum author Wen Chou~! We ask for a conversation with Shanda boss~! We ask for a conversation with Shanda boss!"


   Before I finished my words, more than 300 book fans, and hundreds of onlookers nearby all laughed, Nima! Do you think you are a policeman? Did Shanda’s boss kill or set fire? Are you looking for him?


Not only did the more than three hundred book fans and one hundred onlookers outside the grand building burst into laughter, countless employees in the grand office building, when they heard this call, some who happened to be drinking, also burst out. .


   Since its establishment, Shanda has never encountered such a thing. Looking at the whole China, I am afraid that no company’s boss has been shouted like this.


   At the gates and windows of the Shanda office building, curious employees and leaders, when they heard these words, stretched out their heads to see what happened outside.


   This incident quickly spread throughout the Shanda office area, including the editorial department at the starting point. Within ten minutes, all employees and leaders heard about it.


  The editors of the starting point editorial department got the following news, which was caused by Wen Chou's book confusion. One by one, they were speechless, and then they made comments one by one.


  Wen Chou's editor-in-charge, Tiange, and the editor-in-chief, Z, became everyone's ridicule.


   This said: "Brother Tian! You have a Monkey King! Is this here to make trouble in the Heavenly Palace?"


   That said: "Old Z! I want to know now, as the editor-in-chief of Wen Chou, are you under pressure at this moment?"


   even said: "My God! I feel that you are so radiant at this moment! You are so handsome!"


  天哥: "……"


  Old z: "……"


Brothers, you look at me and I look at you. These days, they have also heard that Wen Chou's book fans have activities, and they plan to recommend Wen Chou's works to major game companies. They also thought that those book fans might come to Shanda, but They never thought that this group of people would make such a movement!


   Use a tweeter to talk to the grand boss in the air? Why don't you bring the police directly to arrest the boss? Isn't the torture more direct and effective?


   The boss of the editorial department, Wu, quickly issued an order to let everyone ignore the group of book fans below and wait for the opinions of the head office to convey.


On the Shanda head office, the secretary has reported all the following information to the boss Chen. Since Shanda was founded, he has never encountered such a thing. The secretary and others don’t know how to deal with it, so they can only ask Chen Da The boss personally decides.


   "Let them send a few representatives up! Others are leading the big conference room to rest, don't let them continue to shout below!"


Boss Chen’s order was quickly implemented. Five leaders, Wang Lin, Zhou Qing and others, were led to Boss Chen’s office ten minutes later, while the others were invited to the grand meeting. Have a tea break in the room.


The results of the meeting between Wang Lin and others with Chen Da’s boss were unknown to the outside world. At this time, reporters had already appeared downstairs in Shanda. More than 300 people gathered outside the Shanda building and used a high-pitched loudspeaker to speak directly to Shanda’s boss. This incident can be regarded as a big news. Sensitive media workers will naturally rush to the scene as soon as they receive the news. Unfortunately, when they arrive, there are not many people outside the building, and they are all before. The crowds onlookers, but there are a few crowds, almost enough for them to interview in advance.




That afternoon, Lu Yang’s only book fan group revealed the news, and there were more than a dozen photos of the action of more than 300 book fans today, and the book fans who had experienced this enthusiastically spoke in the group. Before and after today, the book fans who did not participate in today's action can only watch enviously in front of their respective computers. This kind of collective action, if you can participate in it, must be very interesting, right?


   Several leaders who failed to participate in this event showed up one after another, expressing their regrets.


   upset: "Grandma's! Such a fun thing, I actually missed it, ahhhhh! I'm going crazy!"


   Nian Po Xu Kong: "I knew it was so interesting. If you say anything this time, I have to participate!"


   Demon’s tears: "The Mage League is bright! Especially the period when the president of Sheng Da is wanted with a tweeter, why is that person not me?"


   Star stamp: "Next time there is this kind of action, I will count as I say anything!"


  Is not a book fan of the leader. Apart from envy and jealousy, he also expressed his regrets and feelings in the group. No one expected that this action would make such a heart-stirring effect. Is it a bunker?


   News and pictures were sent out in the group. Naturally, many people inevitably asked Shanda's President Chen whether he agreed to purchase the game adaptation rights of Wen Chou's work?


As a result, the people who participated in the operation said regretfully: "Boss Chen said that it needs to be evaluated by people in the game part, and it is necessary to evaluate in detail whether the works of Wenda have been adapted into online games! After the evaluation is completed, we can tell you the results. "


Regarding this news, many book fans are and some book fans say that such a result is normal. A game development costs tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of investments. Boss Chen is unlikely to listen. Hundreds of book fans strongly recommend it, just slap your head and start this project.


   Anyway, this happened. The more than 300 book fans will return to their respective cities tomorrow to continue their work or study.


Everyone can only wait for Shanda’s evaluation slowly. Some book fans are not reconciled to this result, and call on everyone in the group, saying that if Shanda’s final evaluation results do not agree to adapt the works of Wenda, we will organize another 300 people to go to other works. Recommended by game companies.


   This proposal has won the approval of many book fans, but in the end, it is impossible to say whether it will be successful. After all, this kind of collective action has always been a rush, failure, and exhaustion.


   If it fails the first time, even if the second action can be organized, there may not be so many fans who respond. (To be continued...)


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