Rebirth 2003

Chapter 287: There is 1 ** called high-energy warning

The Internet has no boundaries. News and photos were exposed in Lu Yang’s book fan group, and were quickly forwarded to other book fan groups by some book fans, and then the book fans or authors in other book fan groups were forwarded to other places, such as Novel forums such as Long Kong, as well as some author groups.


  Wen Chou's full copyright operation plan can actually be supported by the spontaneous actions of book fans? More than three hundred people gathered outside the grand building, using tweeters to call the grand boss in the air?


   How many people felt weird when they saw this news. Are fans of online novels so crazy? Some readers are surprised, some are envious, and some find it interesting. Authors, after being surprised, they are more envious, envious of why they don’t have such a lovely book fan. It is the happiest thing for a writer to have such a group of book fans. Bar?


   For the staff of major websites, this is an inspiring thing! In this magical country of China, everyone is used to seeing crazy fans chasing celebrities. Now online novels have such an influence. Does this mean that the future of online novels is getting better and better?


   Shanda’s boss Chen Da did not break his promise. After sending away those book fans, he really asked the game development department to assign personnel to evaluate the value of several works written by Wen Chou and whether they were adapted into online games.


As a businessman, Boss Chen has a keen eye. The author of an online novel can get the spontaneous support of so many fans. More than 300 people from all over the country gathered in Shanghai spontaneously to recommend that author to him. The novel, which made him see the huge popularity of this novel, after sending away those fans. He had already summoned several heads of Qidian and asked about the author who wrote the novel at Qidian, when he learned of the author named Wen Chou. The number of works that are being serialized at the beginning has already exceeded 200,000, and the number of people watching piracy is tens of times higher. I have to say that he was very excited at that time.


   Any online game developed is for people to play, and people who read novels and play games. The degree of overlap is very high, and many readers who like to read novels, when it's okay. Will also play games.


   Once this author's novel is really adapted into a game, one can imagine, Wen Chou's loyal book fan. As long as you have the habit of playing games. In all likelihood, I will try to play. If the quality of the game is good, this group of book fans will stay.


   Even some book fans who are not used to playing games may register for a trial after the game is developed.


   After understanding this information, Boss Chen ordered the game department to deploy personnel to evaluate the feasibility of adapting Wen Chou's works to online games.


  In fact, before this incident, someone had recommended Wen Chou's novel to Shanda's game department. Necromancer Wang Lin, he is from Shanghai. When receiving Lu Yang's request for help, he had long recommended Wen Chou's work to game companies across the country, including several game giants in Shanghai.


   It’s just that, before this, none of the executives of these game companies thought it was reliable. A game development investment is so large, adapting an online novel? Are you kidding me?


   But today, after more than 300 book fans recommended it together, not only Shanda, but the giants and Ninetowns who heard the news all saw the business opportunities, and privately also ordered the game department to carefully review and evaluate the feasibility of this matter.


  As long as this game can be developed, before the game is released, there will be hundreds of thousands or even millions of potential users. Isn't this more reliable than their own game department designing a brand new game architecture?


Lu Yang received this news at about two o'clock in the afternoon. Wang Lin called and told him about their entire actions and the response of Mr. Shanda. At the end of the call, Wang Lin was happy. Tell Lu Yang: "Wen University! Waiting for the good news! I think there should be a show this time!"


   When he finished the call, Lu Yang suddenly realized that he had planned to go and recommend himself to those game companies, which was meaningless.


   If so many book fans spontaneously recommend it, it will not be effective. If he is a novel author recommending himself, what is the effect?


When he first answered the phone, Lu Yang was coding in front of the computer. At this time, Lu Yang was in a complicated mood. He was moved by the support of the book fans, but he was also a little dazed. He felt that this incident was so untrue. Hard-core book fans are running for his business. More than 300 people come from all over the country. They are not fans of the Three Young Masters, nor are they fans of Xuehong and Yanyu Jiangnan. These fans are all his!


   Lu Yang, who was in a complicated mood, suddenly felt that he should do something. The fans supported him so much, and he had no reason not to thank them.


   And what do they want most?


   Two things flashed in Lu Yang's mind—addition and signature book.




Thinking of adding more, Lu Yang immediately checked his current manuscript. The result of the inspection is that he now has 70,000 characters in hand. It stands to reason that such a small amount of manuscript is not suitable for outbreak. The publisher is absolutely Would not agree.


   But at this moment, where does Lu Yang care about so much?


  As an internet writer, publishing houses are not his roots! His roots are those lovely book fans! As long as his fans still support him, what if the two publishers are unhappy? Even if his next book, those two publishers are not willing to publish it for him, as long as his book is not abandoning him, most of the other publishers are willing to publish his book.


   Without hesitation, Lu Yang directly logged into the backstage of the author of the starting point, and passed ten chapters with more than 30,000 words in one go.


   After the ten chapters were passed, Lu Yang wrote a special chapter.


"Just now the undead called to tell me that today, more than 300 book friends from all over the country gathered in Shanghai. For my sake, I strongly recommend to Shanda. At this moment, I don’t know how I can thank you dear friends. Zhang Jiageng, let’s talk about my feelings! In addition, I will contact the publishing house and pay a batch of physical books of "Magic Sword Eternity" for my friends who are running for me this time! I should have given you a sample book. Yes, it’s a pity that I don’t have so many sample books. I will seriously write a blessing to every friend who participated in this action on each book, and sign my name, hoping to give Everyone is a commemoration. Unfortunately, there are only two ways of thanking I can think of. I will always remember that I have such a group of people who support me the most. Thanks!"


The addendum was sent out, and the single chapter was also sent out. When he stopped, Lu Yang sat in front of the computer for a while before he recovered, picked up his mobile phone, and sent them to e Province Children's Literature and Art Publishing House and Taiwan respectively. e Publishing House made a call and told them that he had purchased 350 physical books of "Magic Sword Eternal" at his own expense! For the first episode.


   The telephone communication was very smooth, and both publishers agreed in one fell swoop. As long as the money is given, who is not selling? Of course, because Wen Chou bought it this time, both publishing houses took the initiative to offer a 30% discount.


   It doesn't matter to Lu Yang that he does not give a discount. Three hundred and fifty books, 700 books in simplified and traditional Chinese, are just a small amount of money to him today.


   What he wants is to express his heart.


After these two calls, Lu Yang hung up another call to Wang Lin, asking him to send the list of all the fans who participated in the operation to his mailbox, so that after the physical book arrived, he could write to everyone one by one according to the list. Greetings.


   Twenty-four hours a day, there are always some boring book fans who will refresh the catalog page of "Magic Sword Eternity" from time to time, looking forward to the fact that there has been no outbreak of ugliness this month, there will be a whim, and suddenly add a few chapters.


Many book fans have been working on this matter for almost half a month, and the miracle has not appeared, so that many people gradually lose their hope. They continue to refresh the "Magic Sword Eternity" page from time to time, which is just out of boredom. The psychology of passing the time.


For example, a book fan whose screen name is Gao Neng Zhi, he was as boring as usual this afternoon. The young woman next door did not dry his underwear today. He was stifled by his interest in peeking into each other’s underwear. Love action movies on the hard drive. I'm tired of watching it. The high-energy warnings were listless throughout the afternoon, like eggplants beaten by frost, lying softly in front of the computer, with a newly bought pacifier in his mouth. I'm almost 30 years old. There is also the habit of drinking baby formula. People who know him say he is abnormal, but he doesn't care.


   Metamorphosis is metamorphosis! I am perverted and proud! Can you control it?


   Perverted hobby is different from normal!


Other book fans see Wen Chou’s "Magic Sword Eternal", the protagonist in their eyes is Qin Yu, and Gao Neng Cao always regards the tyrant in "Magic Sword Eternal" as the protagonist. Every time a tyrant appears in the book, he As if a few liters of chicken blood had been beaten, the whole person was full of energy, looking forward to what the tyrant would do.


   But whether he likes the Tyrant and Qin Yu, he also likes "Magic Sword Eternal" anyway.


No, the boring high-energy warning that afternoon is refreshing the catalog page over and over again in front of the computer. At this point in time, Wen Chou has basically never updated it, but he just wants to refresh it over and over again. In other words, perverted. Do you need a reason to do something?


   Maybe, he just likes to look at the computer page as he clicks the mouse once, it will be refreshed immediately.


   Such a refresh, UU reading, he has done it hundreds of times in half an afternoon.


   Just when he thought there was only so much fun, he refreshed again boringly, and suddenly he found that the catalog page that had not changed all afternoon seemed to be different. Why were there seven or eight chapters suddenly added? Dianniang has a convulsion again?


   Wiping his eyes in disbelief, the high-energy warning suddenly discovered that it was not because of her convulsions or her own eyes. The snail in Wen Chou unexpectedly broke out for ten chapters today? One more chapter?


   "Ten chapters? That tyrant should have appeared? What will he do this time? Will there be an uncovered meeting?".


   The perverted high-energy warning, murmured excitedly, unfortunately, the plot of the perverted expectation is different from that of normal people. (To be continued...)


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