Rebirth 2003

Chapter 288: You finally figured it out!

? When refreshing ten new chapters and a single chapter, High Energy Warning did not watch Wen Chou's sudden outbreak of new chapters for the first time, but quickly clicked on his own Q`Q and entered Wen Chou’s only book fan group. Time sent a message in the group.


High-energy warning: "Widow has just learned an exclusive piece of news about Wenda University. Does anyone want to know? If you want to know, please praise the great me below! As long as the widow praises Long Xin Dayue, um, widow will accidentally tell Your exclusive inside information!"


   Not every book fan in the group will always refresh the "Magic Sword Eternity" catalog page, and not everyone will always pay attention to whether there is a new chapter update reminder on "Magic Sword Eternity" on the bookshelf.


   Coincidentally, at this time, only one person from the high-energy warning knew the news, at least in this group of book fans with an upper limit of 500 people, for the time being the only one.


Some book fans who were online or diving, when they saw the high-energy warning statement, came up one by one. The high-energy warning has been in this group for a long time, and many people have become accustomed to this person’s bad ass. At this moment, I saw him saying that he had an exclusive inside information about Wenda. Some people obviously did not believe it, so they did not speak, while some people were suspicious. In order to learn about this so-called exclusive inside information, they cursed high-energy warnings as shameless in their hearts. Speak in the group to praise the high-energy warning.


   Le You: "A Chairman Mao has appeared in the East! There has been a high-energy warning in our group!"


   Quietly like smoke: "High-energy, mighty, high-energy domineering! High-energy is omnipotent!"


   Wood King: "Sisters! High-energy warning! You deserve it!"


   evil boy Liu Yidao: "I wish your majesty the East China Sea, the longevity of the South China Sea, the long-lasting prosperity, and the dominance of the rivers and lakes, uh. There is also immortal blessing forever!"




   A line of compliments against the heart, the high-energy warning is very happy to watch in front of my computer, sucking the baby milk from the bottle.


   is about to put a screenshot of the new chapter list into the group. The Timber King who was still praising him just jumped out and released the chapter list of "Magic Sword Eternity" that just broke out, and added a sentence after the screenshot: "High energy is not high! High energy is the most incompetent!"


   Seeing the screenshots of the new chapter catalogue released by the Timber King, the group of people who were still praising the high-energy against their intentions just turned their faces.


   evil boy Liu Yidao: "High-energy warning! Warning you can't be high-energy!"


   Quietly like smoke: "Sisters! Cherish life, stay away from high energy! Fire and theft, brothers. Be sure to prevent high energy!"


   upset: "Gao Neng! Why did you give up treatment?"


   Le You: "Chairman Mao leads us to fight for the world, and fight for high energy!"




   The high-energy warning in front of the computer was dumbfounded. These traitors just praised him from head to toe. Make him black out of **** in a blink of an eye? Can you still play happily together?


   There are more than 30,000 words in ten chapters. Lu Yang will write for a few days, but I will show it to everyone. It takes ten minutes to finish reading. Then in the book review area and book fans. There was another climax of speaking.


  Lan? Person: "I have seen a single chapter of Wenda, ten chapters plus more, and a signed book as a gift. I want to remind the Master League not to miss the name! Go now!"


  The height of life: "Hehe, I also participated this time. Doesn't that mean that I can also receive the signature of Wenda? Is it worth the fare?"


   Chenfei: "I also want to remind the Mage Alliance."


   The best **** man: "Why didn't I go this time? Who can tell me why? Why didn't Wen University say it earlier, there will be a signed book? Why?"




   Some people are happy, and naturally some people are lost. Those who are delighted are those who participated in the action this time, and those who are lost. Naturally, I didn't go.


   No one thought that Wen Chou would thank everyone in this way.


   personally write blessings to everyone, such a signed book, even if everyone participates in Wen Chou's work signing event in the future, there will not necessarily be a blessing written by Wen Chou.


All the speeches in the group were seen by Lu Yang at this time. These book fans are too easy to be satisfied. It is obvious that they pay more, adding more and not getting the autographed book, can make them happy. so.


Also seeing these chats is Feng Tingting, who is far away in Shanghai. As mentioned earlier, she is also in the book fan group, Lu Yang, whose screen name is Homecoming. This weekend, she doesn’t have to go to work and watch so many people in the group. Cheering, or regretting after being lost, strange feelings arose in her heart.


Her life has been very peaceful recently. The group leader Song, who didn’t know who got it a few days ago, was interrupted by two arms and one leg in the street. Now she is still lying in the hospital without the entanglement of the group leader Song. Feng Tingting goes to work and leaves every day, and her life is plain but comfortable.


In the two days when Team Leader Song was interrupted, the police also came to her to make a transcript. After all, Team Leader Song had been pursuing her during that time, and the police also suspected that someone had come to Team Leader Song because of emotional disputes. It’s just a pity that Feng Tingting has only been chased by Team Leader Song recently. Even if other men like her in the company, when Team Leader Song pursued her, they lost their minds.


   In that case, it is said that the murderer is still being sought, but because there are few clues, the police have never found a clue.


Feng Tingting didn’t think about the matter of Team Leader Song much recently. Instead, it was the matter being discussed in Lu Yang’s book fan group, which occupied her mind. When she saw someone in the group discussing this matter two days ago, Feng Tingting herself also I don't know what to think, my head heated up, I actually joined the activity group, and then I went to the Sheng Building with those book fans today.


Lu Yang said in the newly opened chapter that he would send everyone a signed book. Feng Tingting was thinking at this moment, when he saw that her name was also on the list, could he think of Feng Tingting on the list as her? .


   should remember? The signed letter should be sent to the company where she is intern, and he asked her where she was intern last time.


   I don’t know if he knows that she also participated in this event, will he send her a signed book...




There are definitely more than one person following Lu Yang, Feng Tingting and Cao Xue. As Lu Yang’s true girlfriend, it is naturally routine to follow Lu Yang’s news every day. Although she has no habit of reading novels, she reads Lu Yang’s book reviews. Unfortunately, Lu Yang’s only book fan group, she didn’t get in, and when she wanted to go in, that group’s quota was already full.


Fortunately, the book review area can also understand some of Lu Yang's information. A few days ago, she saw Lu Yang's full copyright plan. At that time, she called to ask Lu Yang's ideas. She also felt that Lu Yang was a bit whimsical. For Lu Yang’s girlfriend, she did not discourage Lu Yang’s enterprising spirit, and she encouraged Lu Yang against her intentions. After work tonight, she saw more than 300 book fans in the book review section of "Magic Sword Eternal" today. Gathered in Shanghai for the right to adapt Lu Yang's game, gathered downstairs in Shanda.


Cao Xue was surprised when she saw this in the book review section. She did not write novels or read novels. Therefore, even though she had known that Lu Yang made a lot of money by writing novels, she had been facing Lu Yang. Yang didn't feel much fame. At most, he just felt that his popularity on the Internet was so high. That's it. The collective action of more than 300 book fans made her realize for the first time that her boyfriend is better than she thought.


Thinking of Tong Yaqian also doing internship with him, Cao Xue was worried. Maybe Lu Yang and Tong Yaqian thought that Cao Xue didn't know that they were doing internship together now, but in fact, Cao Xue knew that she had already returned to China for a year. Too much. Although not all of the girls in the dormitory were contacted before, they also contacted a few. For example, Zhou Jing and Guan Pingping, who have always been in a good relationship with her.


Where did Tong Yaqian go for an internship? Zhou Jing and Guan Pingping, who were in the same dormitory with her, couldn’t be ignorant. Zhou Jing and Guan Pingping didn’t know, they just didn’t know that Lu Yang went to that school, but Lu Yang Cao Xue knew where to practice.


   Recently, Cao Xue also went to Lu Yang's internship place. She thought Tong Yaqian would come out to meet her. As a result, Tong Yaqian never showed up from beginning to end.


   Tong Yaqian's thoughts about Lu Yang are clear to Cao Xue. Tong Yaqian and her had already identified it in the email. Cao Xue once agreed to cede Lu Yang to her.


   As early as when they knew that they were doing internships in a school, Cao Xue had a sense of crisis in her heart. Now she realizes that Lu Yang is better than she thought, and Cao Xue's sense of crisis is inevitably worse.


"what do I do?"


   For the first time, when Cao Xue saw Lu Yang's greater achievements, what rose in her heart was not pride, but a sense of crisis.


   These years, the social atmosphere has gone bad. How many beautiful women chasing rich men like moths into the fire, Cao Xue has seen and heard a lot.


   It has started to spread in college-I would rather sit in a BMW and cry than laugh on a bicycle.


   Cao Xue was in a trance. Mother Wu Yongli sent her an orange. Seeing her daughter in a daze, Wu Yongli smiled and asked, "Xiao Xue! What are you in a daze?"


   Cao Xue blinked, and when she came back to her senses, when she took the oranges handed over by her mother, she suddenly whispered: "Mom, I think Lu Yang..."


  Wu Yongli was taken I didn't expect her daughter to answer like this. Cao Xue, with introverted personality, never said to her that she missed that kid, even if her mind was already on her face.


After a moment of stunned, Wu Yongli smiled and joked: "What's wrong? Didn't you just go to him and stay for a few days? You thought about it so soon? If you continue like this, you might have to stay by his side! "


   "Mom...I want to resign..."


   Cao Xue surprised Wu Yongli again. She was hesitant to say this. Wu Yongli put a smile on her face, frowned slightly, and asked: "Are you serious?"


   Cao Xue nodded.


  Wu Yongli fixedly looked at Cao Xue for a while, then nodded slightly, and sighed slightly: "Silly girl! You finally figured it out!" (To be continued...)


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