Rebirth 2003

Chapter 289: That night, there were a few gangsters

That night, Lu Yang was crackling codewords in front of the computer. He had just exploded ten chapters in the afternoon and went out. The saved manuscripts he had finally accumulated were gone for another half. There was almost a kind of hard work for decades, and he returned to the pre-liberation period overnight. a feeling of. . . If this continues, don’t even think about fighting for the monthly ticket list next month. The ten chapters broke out in the afternoon. "Magic Sword Eternal" quickly exploded the top two on the monthly ticket list. It is now ranked fourth, but Lu Yang took it. The number one and the number four have made him unhappy.

A chapter has just been written for most of the time, and the mobile phone placed next to the computer rang suddenly. It was not a short sound or two, but a happily non-stop ringing. It was obvious that someone was calling him.

Lu Yang doesn't like this kind of phone that interferes with his codeword thinking. If it's not for fear of missing some key calls, he will definitely shut down every time the codeword.

He frowned and picked up the phone, only to find that it was Cao Xue calling. At this point in time, Cao Xue knew he was in the code, and would normally not call at this time. What happened?

This kind of thing and that kind of thing happened in Cao Xue's house in the past two years, making Lu Yang a little afraid of her sudden call.

"Hello? Xiaoxue! What's the matter?" Lu Yang answered the phone and asked with some worry.

"No, uh, there is actually a surprise for you, do you want to guess?" Cao Xue's somewhat playful voice came on the other end of the phone. Lu Yang hadn't heard her tone for a long time. For a while, let Lu Yang I recalled a lot of happy time with her before.

"What surprise?"

Because of those happy memories, a gentle smile appeared at the corner of Lu Yang's mouth. The frowning brows also stretched out, and the whole person relaxed, before Cao Xue could answer. Lu Yang said that he was born from his heart, and said, "Xiaoxue! I miss you very much."

Cao Xue on the other end of the phone blushed a little bit ashamed under her mother's gaze, but when she heard Lu Yang's words, her face showed a sweet smile and her heart was warm. In an instant, all the previous worries and worries disappeared.


Lu Yang: "Of course."

Cao Xue: "Then guess what surprise I gave you!"

The corner of Lu Yang's mouth curled up, and he smiled: "You don't have any hints. How can I guess?"

Cao Xue: "The hint has been given to you!"

Lu Yang: "Where is it?"

Cao Xue: "Yes! Guess quickly! There will be rewards for guessing!"

Lu Yang smiled and scratched his head, wanting to admit defeat, but didn't want to spoil Cao Xue's interest, so he casually said, "Are you going to see me recently?"

The sky is the proof. Lu Yang really guessed casually. I never thought that this could become a reality.

Then, Lu Yang with a relaxed expression heard Cao Xue's surprised voice: "Huh? Did you really guess it? Lu Yang! When did you become so smart?"

Lu Yang was startled, and said, "Are you really coming?"

This surprise of Cao Xue really surprised Lu Yang. Cao Xue had only been here recently and had never seen her come so frequently before.

Cao Xue: "Yes! And, I decided to resign tomorrow. This time I'm here. I won't leave for the time being and will stay with you until the end of the internship. How about? Gao is not happy?"

At that moment, in Lu Yang's mind, the first thing that came to mind was Tong Yaqian. Cao Xue didn't leave when he came this time... Can Tong Yaqian endure that long? More than half a year! Lu Yang has a headache, is it going to catch a fire in the backyard?

With complicated thoughts in his heart, Lu Yang could only smile and said, "Of course I am happy! Great!"

The two chatted for a while before ending the call. At this time, Lu Yang was not in the mood for the code word. Cao Xue's surprise was really shocking, but how happy was it?

After sitting blankly in front of the computer for a few minutes, Lu Yang picked up the phone and dialed Tong Yaqian's number. Tong Yaqian's tone on the phone was very brisk. As soon as he answered the phone, he said, "Codeword madman! You shouldn't be a madman at this time." Is it in the codeword? How come you call me at this time for the first time? Will the sun come out from the west tomorrow morning? Slightly..."

Tong Yaqian, who didn’t know that Cao Xue was coming to live for a long time, still talked casually like usual with Lu Yang. As usual, Lu Yang at this time will definitely match her tone, and may say: "Not necessarily! Maybe! Tomorrow's sun will come out of the room!"

But at this time, where does Lu Yang still have that mood?

He said dullly: "Cao Xue called just now and said that he would come over... long stay."

On the other side of the phone, Tong Yaqian fell silent for a while, and then said dryly: "I see."

Lu Yang: "..."

At that moment, Lu Yang hated his sentimentality. Tong Yaqian's simple three words made him realize the mood of Tong Yaqian at the moment. She is the proud girl of heaven, with great talent and appearance. If she didn't like him, she could have An enviable life, a handsome boyfriend, and now, because he has a few boats on his feet, he has to be so wronged.

Lu Yang's conscience was still not eaten by the dog. At this moment, he didn't know how to comfort Tong Yaqian. He didn't coax her sweetly because he wanted to continue on two boats. He only felt ashamed and didn't know what to do. Say what.

After a good call, the people on both ends of the call were silent.

A few minutes of silence probably disappointed Tong Yaqian. She finally spoke and said, "You can continue to code! I'm fine, that's it, I'm asleep."

After speaking, she waited a little for two seconds, and still did not wait for Lu Yang's other words before she hung up the call sadly.

In a small dark room, Lu Yang sat in front of the computer screen that had automatically turned black, silently put the phone on the desk, and subconsciously reached out and picked up the electric cigarette on the desk. He was about to put it in his mouth, think about it again. Put it back, pick up the cigarette case and pop a cigarette in your mouth to light it.

In the dark room, there was only the reddish light from the cigarette butts, which flickered brightly and darkly as Lu Yang breathed.

In the darkness, Lu Yang's brows were frowning again. He has been reluctant to think about his current feelings, but the current situation, to the point where he has to think about it, Cao Xue is coming over. This time it is not just a few days, Tong Yaqian can Will you bear it forever? If the two quarrel, he must choose one of the two. Whom does he choose?

Besides, there is another Rui Xiaoxiu in city h.

Just when Lu Yang was so entangled to bite the cigarette filter in his mouth, the phone on the table rang again, and only one sound, it was a text message.

Lu Yang, who was upset, picked up his mobile phone, and the text messages were actually sent by Yu'er. She usually sent them in the middle of the night, but it was unexpectedly early today.

"The baby kicked me just now..."

Lu Yang saw the content of this text message and was speechless for a while, before sending one: "Baby kicked you, you tell me too? Tell your husband to go!"

Yuer: "I just want to tell you that this is the first time the baby kicked me."

Lu Yang looked at Yu'er's reply, thought for a while, and threw the phone back to the desk. This old phone was thrown on the desk, and the cigarette case was dropped to the ground. Lu Yang glanced at it and thought about picking it up. Not at all. At this time, he couldn't take care of these little things at all.

The cigarette in his mouth was almost burning to the filter tip. Lu Yang sighed and pressed the cigarette **** out in the ashtray on the table, then stood up, took the phone and wallet, and went out. There was no computer on the desk. Mind shut down.

Walking out of the room, the moonlight is like water outside tonight, the moon is sparse, and the cool breeze blowing on your face is actually a bit cool. The four seasons are like spring...K city in November, the season is still exposed at night.

The third school in K City is in the suburbs. At this time, although the night is not deep, there are not many pedestrians on the street. The dim street lights illuminate the shadows of the trees on both sides of the street, making rustling noises, making it even more quiet at night.

Lu Yang remembered turning around on the street in front of him. There was a dog meat restaurant. The dog meat restaurant is usually the main business at night. Lu Yang estimated that it should still be open now. At this time, Lu Yang wanted to drink, so he walked there in silence. go.

It may be fate, or it may be just a coincidence. Just after walking down a street, Lu Yang found that a man and two women in front were running desperately in exclamation, and behind the three, they were closely chasing five big men with knives. The knives in the hands of a big man are more than one foot long.

This kind of situation is not uncommon at night in K city, because it is close to the national border, and the knives and even firearms here are a bit flooded. Repeated prohibitions have continued. In the daytime, you can even see open knives selling knives, a certain ethnic minority. You can even walk with a saber legally.

When Lu Yang and the others first came here for an internship, a few interns returned from a night out and were robbed by a few big men with knives. Now, another such robbery happened directly in In front of Lu Yang.

Lu Yang knew who they were as soon as he heard the exclamation and cry for help of the man and the woman.

Zhou Shaofeng and Qian Xiaoyu, who came here with him for internship, and Qian Xiaoyu's best friend Wang Cuicui! These three are not afraid of death. When everyone first came, such a thing happened. They dare to come out tonight? Because this is near the school? Because Zhou Shaofeng has practiced taekwondo?

After all, he is an ordinary person. The first reaction to seeing this scene, Lu Yang thought of protecting himself and staying away quickly. This is the way of doing things left to him from his previous life, but then Lu Yang rushed over, maybe he wanted to do it once. Good person; maybe because he feels that he has achieved some achievements in martial arts and can deal with those gangsters; it is also possible, just to vent his sullenness.

Lu Yang squinted his eyes, and rushed towards the four or five gangsters with knives. The speed was extremely fast. When he rushed past, the breeze brought out a few pieces of falling on the ground and rolled up and down.

Zhou Shaofeng, Qian Xiaoyu, and Wang Cuicui, who were fleeing in terror, were already desperate. At this moment, they saw Lu Yang rushing towards him. The three of them were overjoyed, and they rushed to Lu Yang's side with all their strength, but the back was tight. The four or five big swordsmen who were in pursuit were furious. One of them shouted fiercely: "Where is the turtle? Do you want to die or want to live?" (To be continued.)

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