Rebirth 2003

Chapter 297: 1 point difference

Manager Wang obtained Wen Chou's q`q number through the relationship with Team Leader Li. Once he returned to the office, Manager Wang sent an application for adding friends to Wen Chou's number on the computer.


After   , it was a long wait. Ten minutes passed and the other party did not respond. Manager Wang comforted himself in his heart: I heard that most of the writing was reversed day and night. At this time, the guy was still sleeping, normal.


   Half an hour passed, an hour passed, an hour and a half passed...


The request to add a friend has been sent five times, and the other party has never responded. In the last few times, when Manager Wang sent the request to add a friend, he wrote Giant Game Company in the reason for adding. It stands to reason that the other party is looking for games everywhere. The company, the game adaptation rights sold, as long as you see such a reason for addition, there is no reason to refuse.


   But the other party has never responded.


   "Damn day and night upside down! You won't have to sleep until dark to get up, right?"


   Manager Wang cursed anxiously. Shanda may end the evaluation at any time. Once the evaluation result comes out, Shanda will also purchase the game adaptation rights for the "Magic Sword Eternal". Their giants have no chance at all.


  Who makes the starting point be a subsidiary of Shanda!


   Manager Wang couldn't sit still, and stood up and walked around in the office. The secretary carefully noticed the abnormal performance of Manager Wang today. After hesitating several times, he finally said cautiously: "Manager! What happened to you?"


   "I'm fine!"


   Anxious Manager Wang waved his hand irritably, with a bad tone. However, as soon as he said it was okay, his eyes suddenly lit up. He looked at: "Help me check a person's detailed information! Especially the other person's current address and contact information! Must be as soon as possible!"


  Sun Yafei: "Manager! Who is it?"


   Manager Wang: "An author who writes about the Internet, whose pen name is Wen Chou! Have you seen "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms"? Isn't there a general named Wen Chou in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms"? That's Wen Chou!"


   Sun Yafei nodded in a daze, a little confused for a while, thinking: It's the Wen Chou in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" again, and the author of the Internet. Which Wen Chou is it?


   blinked his eyes and thought about it carefully, only to understand what Manager Wang meant.


  Sun Yafei also has a computer on his desk. Right now, I started to look around. While searching, I asked myself a former male classmate through q`q. The Internet has developed rapidly these years. As long as you have read the book. Who doesn't have many friends who like to watch the Internet?


   Sun Yafei hasn't provided any useful information yet, her male classmate has already replied.


   Wind rushing: "Wen Chou? Master Banhua, why do you think of asking this person? Are you starting to watch the Internet now?"


   Feifei: "Our manager asked me to check it. Don't ask so much now, just say that you know the author, right?"


The wind is rolling: "Ha ha, ha ha, Lord Banhua! You are insulting me, do you know? Now looking at the Internet, how many people don’t know Wen Chou? One of the five whites of the Central Plains. The starting point is the winner of the fifth consecutive monthly pass! You ask me if I know Wen Chou? Do you say I know Wen Chou?"


   In front of the computer, Sun Yafei blinked. I was a little surprised. I didn't expect that in the eyes of this old classmate, this author named Wen Chou was so famous? Only network, few don’t know?


   Why did the manager ask me to check him?


  Giant Company, this time the evaluation of this project was an order from the boss himself. Only a few people know about it. Employees at the level like Sun Yafei have never heard even a little bit of wind.


   Sun Yafei, who doesn't follow the news in this area, didn't know what happened on Shanda's side.


   However, for Sun Yafei, it would be nice if someone knew the author.


   immediately asked on q`q: "Then do you know where he lives now? Do you know his contact number?"


Feng Chiyun: "Uh, Lord Banhua was still insulting me just now. In a blink of an eye, you can look at me like that? I told you that the author is very famous. Do you think celebrities will publish their contact numbers? As for where he lives now, I will help you ask among the book fans. Maybe someone knows, wait a minute!"


   Feifei: "Okay!"




After getting off work at noon, Lu Yang ate some food in the cafeteria and took a taxi to the Agricultural Bank of the city. He checked the balance in the account with his bank card. It was more than six hundred thousand. The three great gods who agreed to borrow money had obviously already put the money. It's all here.


   There was enough money in the account, and Lu Yang took out his mobile phone and called the bank account manager in H city to ask him about the method of repayment. By the time it was completed, almost half an hour had passed.


   When I hung up the phone, the account manager became very polite again and warmly said that he would welcome Mr. Lu to come to him when he needs capital turnover in the future.


   Lu Yang didn't say anything to slap her face, but agreed casually, and hung up the phone.


When I took a taxi and returned to my residence, the afternoon class time was almost here. Just as I walked in, I received a call from Cao Xue. With this delay, there was no time to turn on the computer at noon, so naturally I did not see the few messages sent by Manager Wang. Add him as a friend application.


   On the phone, Cao Xue told Lu Yang that her resignation application had been approved above, but the job at hand had to be handed over. It would take about a week. After a week, she would almost be able to come over.


   After the call, Lu Yang went to wash his face, and it was time for work in the afternoon.


In the afternoon, Lu Yang sat in the office on the manuscript paper, writing the outline of the new book. Recently, he had new ideas about the title of the new book. He always felt that the name "Ferocious Swordsman" was not grand enough. In his heart, Lu Yang was not willing. Using the name "The Romance of the Dragon and Snake", I always feel that my work, writing the name of someone else in my memory, feels uncomfortable.


   I thought about it for several days, and occasionally got inspired, and thought the name "Dragon and Snake Rise" is good.


   I haven't continued to write the outline of this new book for several days. Today, I suddenly followed the previous line of thinking to write, and suddenly remembered that Teng Hu had passed him the materials on the national arts, but I hadn't read it yet. Thinking of this, Lu Yang stopped writing again.


   I didn't do enough preparation work, so I rushed to write the outline of the new book. There must be a problem!


In his previous life, Lu Yang has a little bit of his own experience on how to write his works as much as possible. In addition to the preparation of several books in this life, as well as the differences in popularity after the release, he asked him to open a new book. The preparatory work is more important.


   Lu Yang remembered reading a short story before.


   is a young painter. He is skilled in painting and self-confessed to be talented. He makes a living by painting and selling paintings. It's just that his paintings are always difficult to sell, and even if they are sold occasionally, the price is ridiculously low, therefore. Think that I am unsatisfied.


   Until I met an old painter who had achieved great fame. The young painter humbly asked the old painter for advice, why can't his paintings be sold? Is it because he is not famous enough?


   The old painter did not answer him immediately, but first asked him how long it would take to paint a picture?


   Young painter, proudly said that one day is enough.


   The old painter asked him again, how long will it take for the paintings to be sold?


   The young painter's pride turned to frustration just now, and he sighed, "It will take almost a month."


   Then the old painter smiled and told him: "Wait when you draw a picture in a month. Your painting can be sold in one day!"


   A very simple story, Lu Yang can't remember where he saw it. But this story was really thought-provoking, and it made Lu Yang understand a lot.


   Painting is like this, but why writing it?


It’s hard for you to imagine how exciting a book you’ve prepared in three days will be after writing it out. On the contrary, if you prepare it for a month, or even half a year or a year, even if your pen is not strong enough, the level of writing will be good. Will far exceed any of my previous works.


   Stop writing the outline of the new book, Lu Yang couldn't help thinking about the evaluation results of Shanda. There seem to be many domestic game companies, but in fact, not many have the courage to make such a big investment and develop their own games.


  The perfect world is one, but as far as Lu Yang knows, the perfect world is developing "Zhu Xian". Now "Zhu Xian" has not been developed yet, and nine out of ten will not buy his copyright again.


   There are a few remaining. If Shanda's evaluation results are not satisfactory and do not purchase the game adaptation rights of his works, then there are not many remaining options for him.




When Lu Yang was considering the results of Shanda’s evaluation, a plane from Shanghai to K city in Y province just landed at this time. Manager Wang, dragging his suitcase, took his secretary Sun Yafei and hurried from the airport. Come out, go straight to a four-star hotel in the downtown area that has been booked online.


   Sun Yafei’s male classmate was pretty awesome. He actually found a post in Longkong, and found the address of Lu Yang’s current internship in that post.


   Wen Chou, still internship...


   The news was beyond Manager Wang's expectation.


   Such a well-known author, it is said that his annual income is no less than one million, so he would actually go for an internship? A monthly salary of a few hundred dollars?


   At that time, Manager Wang shook his head and thought to himself, that Wen Chou was probably for his graduation certificate.


   I am so rich and care about a college diploma. What a good boy!


   After getting the other party's current address, Manager Wang immediately ordered Sun Yafei to buy a plane ticket and asked Sun Yafei to travel with him.


  Shanda is evaluating The results of the evaluation may come out at any time. This news is like an invisible whip behind Manager Wang's ass, and he dare not relax a little.


   For Manager Wang, this mission can only succeed, not fail.


  The investment required for the development of every online game is tens of millions or hundreds of millions. The president personally finalizes this project, and he will never allow trouble in this part of himself!


   This is his responsibility as the manager of the copyright department and his value!


   can't reflect one's own value, this seat is unstable. (To be continued...)


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