Rebirth 2003

Chapter 298: Meet

   When he arrived at the booked hotel, the first thing Manager Wang did was to turn on the computer in the hotel room and log in to his Q`Q. As a result, Q`Q was successfully logged in, but there was still no news that Wen Chou added him as a friend.

   By this time, it was already more than three o'clock in the afternoon.

Sun Yafei stood behind Manager Wang and saw the disappointed look of Manager Wang, and softly comforted: "Manager! Don't worry, we are already here. If the address searched by my classmate from the Internet is accurate, we will be able to find the author soon. of."

After consoling, Sun Yafei finally couldn't restrain his curiosity, and asked in a low voice: "Manager! Why are we looking for that author? Does our company also want to open an online novel website? Want to dig him? Today I heard from my classmate, Some time ago……"

Before Sun Yafei finished speaking, Manager Wang's eyes lit up, suddenly stood up, patted the table, and decided: "No more! No matter if the address that your classmate found is correct, let's go to the third middle school now! In case Wen Chou is not on Q`Q tonight, I am too passive to wait for him to hear! We can't afford to wait!"


   Sun Yafei, who didn't know the urgency of the matter, gave a low voice in surprise. She had been a secretary for Manager Wang for so long. She had never seen Manager Wang feel so uncomfortable.

   I just met an author who wrote an online novel, and he flew directly from Shanghai. It was already very exaggerated. How come you just got off the plane and you still need to find it directly according to the address searched on the Internet?

  This...Are you in such a hurry?

   Manager Wang didn't explain, he pulled out the briefcase from the suitcase, called Sun Yafei, and hurried out.

   Among the game companies, most of the employees are in contact with other employees. Sun Yafei is his secretary, and Manager Wang dare not disclose it to her before the matter is settled.

   In case, in case the news reaches Shanda in advance, Shanda gave an order to go down. The starting point is Shanda's subsidiary, so he won't want to get the right to adapt this time.

   For Manager Wang, this is a battle!

   The only key to his victory is time! Only before Shanda could he have the opportunity to get the right to adapt this time.

   Therefore, Sun Yafei can only continue to have some doubts, and follow Manager Wang to go out to that third middle school.

   Sun Yafei was still complaining when he got on the taxi-this guy's internship was far enough! I have been on the plane for several hours. If I take the train, I don’t know how many days it will take.


   Sitting in the taxi, Manager Wang glanced at the time on the phone from time to time, and then urged the driver to drive faster and faster.

   After accelerating twice, the driver said he didn’t want to accelerate any more, and he would pay a fine soon!

   Why is Manager Wang so anxious?

  Why do you keep checking the time on your phone?

   Because the address searched by Sun Yafei on the Internet, only the school where Wen Chou is practicing, and the more specific accommodation address, I don’t know at all.

   He is afraid that they will be late, that school is over, and the leaders are off work, and Wen Chou cannot be found by then, so they will have to run for nothing now.

   After a delay of one night, it is very likely that the result of Shanda's assessment tonight will come out, and then it will notify Wen Chou to sign the contract. Manager Wang cannot accept such a result.

   For an excellent professional, the success or failure of each list is a sum of his own resume. Whether he can go higher and higher in his career in the future depends on his previous performance.

   Finally, a few minutes before the end of school in the third middle school in the afternoon, the taxi stopped at the gate of the third middle school. Manager Wang got off the bus immediately and hurriedly ordered Sun Yafei in the back seat: "Feifei! You pay the fare!"

   Regardless of the driver's surprise and contempt in his eyes, he went straight to the guard room at the school gate.

Sun Yafei stayed for a while, had to take out her wallet obediently and paid the fare. When she ran to the guard room, she just heard the guardian uncle said in surprise: "What? Wen Chou? No no! No teacher in our school called this. Name! How could someone use "ugly" as their name? It might as well be called Shanwa or Gougan!"

   Sun Yafei couldn't help but laughed at the phrase that was just right to hear.

   "What? No? How could it not? Wen Chou! It's Wen Chou! Uncle, please think about it carefully!" The anxious manager Wang was still working hard.

Sun Yafei couldn't stand it anymore, she went up and showed a smile to the uncle who had lost a front tooth, and then said, "Uncle! It's not Wen Chou! Our manager was in a hurry just now, and he was wrong, it was Lu Yang! Land of Lu! Flying Yang! Uncle! Think about it, does your school have a young teacher named Lu Yang?"

The name Lu Yang was also searched for by Sun Yafei’s boyfriend on the Internet. Compared with Wen Chou’s current address, Wen Chou’s real name, and personal information such as age, it is easier to find. As a starting point, there are only five Chinese websites currently available. One of the great platinum gods, Wen Chou's information is included by Baidu Encyclopedia, and you can find it by searching on the Internet.

At this moment, the guardian finally slapped his thigh, remembering it, and suddenly realized: "Oh! So you are looking for Teacher Lu? I said it! Teacher Lu is very famous in our school! I heard that he is still a great writer! Do you know the writer? It's in the office building of the junior high school in front! That! That's the first floor of the red brick building! If you ask there, you will find Teacher Lu immediately!"

   The uncle doorman said, but Manager Wang and Sun Yafei were speechless. Although it was a pleasure to find the author's internship place successfully, is the uncle doorman too cheating?

   also said that Teacher Lu is very famous in this school, and I heard that he is a great writer!

   Knowing that he is a great writer, why don’t you always know that his pen name is Wen Chou?

   "Thank you, uncle!"

   When Sun Yafei thanked the guardian uncle, Manager Wang had already walked to the red brick building speechlessly. He was defeated by this magic guardian uncle, and he was depressed.

  Sun Yafei smiled, speeding up his pace to follow Manager Wang.


   In the office, Lu Yang is boringly studying the writing techniques of routines. Well, he doesn't want to write routines in the future. He just writes and draws on the manuscript paper out of boredom to pass the time.

Lu Yang has never written about the routines. On a whim, he first drew a long wavy line horizontally on the snow-white draft paper. The wavy line was drawn with a pencil. The undulations of the wavy line were relatively large. After thinking about it, he was in this wave again. On the basis of the line, draw another wavy line, and then use the eraser at the end of the pencil to erase some of the valleys on the two wavy lines.

   In Lu Yang's whim, each wave line represents a main line of the story, and the intersection of two wave lines represents the two main lines in a story intersecting.

   The peaks of the wavy lines are naturally the highs and highs of the plot, and the lows are the foreshadowing of the plot or the place of ambush.

   If there is a wavy line, there is only one main line in the story, and the climax part of the story will appear to be less. For the routine, the degree of excitement may not be enough.

   Looking at these two wavy lines, I imagined in my mind how to write foreshadowing and foreshadowing at the troughs of the wavy lines, and to write the high and low tides of the plot at the peak of the wave. As I thought about it, Lu Yang laughed himself.

   I don’t know what kind of thing it will end up writing if you really write a story like this.

Just when Lu Yang was having fun by himself, Qian Xiaoyu and Wang Cuicui suddenly walked into their office. Qian Xiaoyu pointed to a man and a woman at the door. Two strangers said to Lu Yang, "Mr. Lu! These two said they came to you!"

Hearing this, Lu Yang turned his head and saw two people at the door. The identities of these two people are too easy to identify. The man is about forty years old, in a suit and leather shoes, and the woman is in her twenties. It's a white shirt.

   At first glance, these two people are white-collar workers.

What surprised Lu Yang was that these two people seemed to wear a lot. Here in Y Province and K City, the four seasons are like spring. Although this season has entered winter, most of them usually consist of shirts and suits. At noon, suits. They may all have to be stripped off.

The two people at the door were not only wearing suits, they looked like thermal underwear, woolen sweaters, etc., they all had everything. When Lu Yang saw them, their foreheads were sweaty, and the face of the woman was red. There is also a bit of beauty. The face of the man in his forties is a little red, which reminds people of that aspect.

   But Lu Yang didn't think so much. After a moment, he soon realized that the two of them were probably from other cities, and most likely they were looking for him to buy the copyright.

   Seeing that they didn’t have time to take off their sweaters or anything, they came here to look for him, and it was still about to end school now.

   Lu Yang blinked his eyes and stood up with a smile on his face, walked over and stretched out his hand, shaking hands with the two enthusiastically, while greeting each other, "Oh! Welcome! Welcome! Very welcome! What are the two of you?"

   Seeing that Lu Yang is so enthusiastic, whether it is Manager Wang or Sun Yafei, the mood is much better, and they all smiled and shook hands with Lu Yang.

   As they shook hands, Lu Yang felt that the palms of the two of them were very hot, especially Manager Wang's palms, which were still stained with sweat, which was obviously too hot.

   Then, the smile on Lu Yang's face became thicker.

After shaking his hand, Manager Wang took out the business card holder from his arms and pulled out a business card of his own. He handed it to Lu Yang with both hands, and introduced himself with a smile on his face: "Hehe, I am the copyright manager of Giant Game Company. Surname Wang! We heard that Mr. Lu intends to sell the game adaptation rights of his own work. No, let’s talk to Mr. Lu and hope to have a chance to cooperate!"

   After Manager Wang introduced, Sun Yafei also handed over a business card and introduced himself with a smile.

   Coincidentally, at this moment, the school bell rang.

   At this time, a dozen teachers have been gathered around the office to see what’s new.

After listening to Manager Wang’s self-introduction, everyone has been talking in whispers and whispering to each other, although some teachers who read online novels have privately circulated that Lu Yang is trying to adapt his novels into online games. Many people who heard this rumor talked privately. When I started, I even laughed at Lu Yang for not knowing that the sky was so high and the earth was so lofty.

   At this time, these people were surprised.

   Actually, a game company really came to the door? Can **** text like online novels be made into games? Giant Game Company? Isn't it a leather bag company?

  In reality, not everyone has heard of Giant Game Company, but there are also some people who know it. These are the focal points of everyone's whispers at this time.

   Tong Yaqian is not in the office at this time. As mentioned earlier, she is now also in charge of the school radio. Now the school radio is going to ring during school hours, and her beautiful voice has been heard in the radio.

   Lu Yang glanced at the expressions of everyone inside and outside the office, smiled and stretched out his hands, and suggested: "What a coincidence! It's just over school. Why should I ask both of you to go out and find a place to sit?"

   Being watched by so many people, Manager Wang and Sun Yafei, who were already hot, nodded quickly, smiled and said, "Okay! We invite us to please!"

After a while, the three people arrived at the school gate. The bustling students and teachers were all walking outside the school. Almost crowded. Lu Yang swept his eyes across the nearby shops. No coffee house or tea room was found. It was in the suburbs, like that. The shop really can't open.

When Lu Yang was thinking of stopping a taxi on the side of the road, Manager Wang smiled and suggested, "Uh, Mr. Lu! Look, can we go to where you live? Mr. Lu is so young and ~ Feifei and I are very curious about what kind of environment Mr. Lu writes so many wonderful stories every day!"

   When Lu Yang heard this, he understood what Manager Wang thought.

   It seems that the other party is afraid of finding the wrong person, and worried that he is not ugly!

   "Haha! Okay! I live nearby, two of you will come with me!"

   So, the three of them came to the house where Lu Yang was renting. Before entering the door, Manager Wang and Sun Yafei looked around and entered the house, even more like a police dog entering a thief’s den. With two pairs of eyes, they looked everywhere.

Lu Yang knew what the two people were thinking, and he didn't come to a vain, so he took them to his usual small room with codewords, and while turning on his notebook, he smiled and said, "You two must be very curious about my manuscript, right? The manuscripts of several of my books are all saved on this computer, um, and my author backstage at the starting point, I must be curious about this, right?"

   Manager Wang and Sun Yafei both smiled and said yes, no one instigated their suspicions. For Lu Yang, selling the game adaptation rights was the most important thing. When the two people had doubts, he dispelled their suspicions.

   Seeing that December is about to end, the time for Apple's smartphone release is extremely short, and he is also counting on the sale of the game adaptation rights to continue to increase his holdings of Apple's stock!

   As for the Shanda side, who knows the final evaluation result there?

   is still the most real thing to catch!

   The computer started successfully. Lu Yang first logged into the backstage of the author of the starting point, and then opened several works under his own name one by one, and asked them to confirm first. RS

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