Rebirth 2003

Chapter 299: negotiation

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   Seeing Lu Yang's ten fingers flying on the keyboard a few times, he entered the author's account and password, and entered the author's backstage smoothly. The doubts in the hearts of Manager Wang and Sun Yafei have gone to ninety-nine percent.


Lu Yang entered the account and password very quickly. Absolute practice makes perfect. The two of them stared at each other. Lu Yang did not block their vision with his hands. After Lu Yang entered the account and password, he pressed Enter. When the key was pressed, the two of them were stunned that they didn't see which letters he had typed just now, and they didn't even see which letter was the first one they typed.


   The two words "Wen Chou" at the top of the author's account, as well as the work management area, those familiar book titles, especially after the title, the number of collectors is more than an exaggerated number, has dispelled all the doubts in their hearts.


   Waiting for Lu Yang to call up the outline, detailed outline, and manuscript of the "Magic Sword Eternity" they are writing. The two have already affirmed that this person is the deity of Wen Chou!


  Sun Yafei is a female, she likes to look around and is more careful. She suddenly noticed on the four walls of the small room, and even on the ceiling, there were large maps and portraits of people posted.


   Pointed to the maps and portraits in surprise, and asked Lu Yang: "Mr. Lu! What are you pasting on the wall and ceiling?"


The light in the small room is not bright, and Lu Yang always likes the dark environment regardless of the code word, so thick curtains are drawn on the windows. Otherwise, Manager Wang and Sun Yafei may note those maps and characters as soon as they enter the door. portrait.


   Hearing Sun Yafei's startled tone and the direction of his fingers, Manager Wang took a closer look. Also followed by surprise.


Lu Yang: "Hehe, let the two of you laugh at me! The book I am writing about "Magic Sword Eternity" is relatively long. I am afraid that I will write it later and forget some of the previous settings, so I am opening Before the book, I found someone to help me draw these, and it cost more than 10,000 yuan!"




   Sun Yafei exclaimed, although Manager Wang did not exclaim, he was very surprised. He had also heard of online novels before, and it seemed that no matter where he heard it, they were all negative comments like garbage, fast food literature, running accounts, and superficiality. Before coming here, although he was determined to sign the game adaptation rights for this work, it was only because of work needs. In fact, he didn't really appreciate this online novel in his heart.


   But this time. This thought in his heart was shaken.


   The outline and details of the work that Lu Yang opened just now. He noted the number of words displayed at the bottom of the document. The outline was more than 30,000 words, and the detailed outline was more than 120,000 words.


   The number of words in the outline and the detailed outline is enough to publish a book, and now I suddenly discovered that in addition to the outline and the detailed outline, before the book started, it actually spent more than 10,000 yuan to find someone to draw a map and character images.


  There is such a well-prepared novel, is it really **** text?


   This is not over yet. In order to increase the price a little later when negotiating. Lu Yang has been out of Taiwan's bestseller list in recent months.


   Seeing that "Magic Sword Eternity" ranked in the top three bestsellers for several months, Manager Wang and Sun Yafei were completely shocked.


   The Chinese Net monthly ticket list has won five consecutive titles, and Taiwan’s best-selling book list has ranked top three for several months in a row. The preparation of this book is so well prepared that Manager Wang finally understands why the author dares to call out a full copyright operation plan on the Internet.


   A novel has achieved this level, and the Internet and physical books have almost reached the limit. As the author of this book, why dare not to pursue higher?


After the surprise, Manager Wang nodded, smiled, and said politely: "Mr. Lu has changed my view of online novels! We must be well aware of our intentions, Mr. Lu, you see... Let’s go out and talk about cooperation. thing?"


  Sun Yafei: "Yeah! Since Mr. Lu has shown us so many things, presumably the game adaptation rights for this book should still be in your hands?"


   Lu Yang smiled and said: "Of course! If you can successfully cooperate with your company, I will be very happy! Two of you come to the living room with me!"


   So, the three of them moved to the living room. Lu Yang asked them to sit down on the sofa by the coffee table, while making three cups of tea.


After Lu Yang sat down on the other sofa by the coffee table, Manager Wang went directly to the subject and said: "Mr. Lu has several works under his name, but what we want to buy is your copy of "Magic Sword Eternal". Game adaptation rights, but this book seems to be far from finished. I don’t know, will this affect our adaptation?"


  Sun Yafei was only listening by the side at this time, and shí didn't interrupt for the time being.


Lu Yang smiled slightly when he heard the words, and shook his head slightly: "No! The two of you just saw it. My outline and details of this book are very complete. Even the maps of various scenes in the book and the characters are designed. , Let’s not hide it. Before I started writing this book, I deliberately adapted it into an online game. Therefore, the various training systems in the book are set up very well, even including the various treasures and magic weapons that will appear in the book. All the weapons have been designed. As for this book is not over yet, I don’t think this is a problem. First, the development of an online game should not be completed in a short period of time. It’s just me. The first two million words of the book are probably enough for you to develop for more than a year. When you complete the development of the first two million words, my book is almost finished. Even if it is not finished, the plot behind will be enough for you. Continue to develop for a period of time. In short, I can guarantee that the progress of your development will never catch up with the progress of my writing; secondly, I personally think that the longer the serialization of my book, the more beneficial to your company, because this is not only possible Continue to grow the popularity of this book, accumulate more potential users for this game, and, shortly after the end of my book, you just released this game, and the enthusiasm of the fans who read my book was the highest. On the contrary, if the book is over now, and after a year or two, or even longer, the game will be released, then many book fans will not be so enthusiastic. What do you think?"


When Lu Yang finished talking about this, Manager Wang and Sun Yafei looked at each other. Manager Wang shook his head speechlessly and sighed: "Who will tell me about writing novels in the future. Even if my eloquence is not good, I will let him come and talk to you." Chat!"


  Sun Yafei also smiled: "Mr. Lu can talk too much!"


   Lu Yang smiled, he usually talks very little. That's because of my personality, I like to be quiet, but when this kind of negotiation, if silence is golden, it is silly!


   Manager Wang opened the briefcase he carried with him, took out the two promised contracts from it, and put them on the coffee table. Pushing it in front of Lu Yang, he smiled and said, "Mr. Lu! This is the contract I prepared before coming here. Have a look! The general content of the contract has been drawn up. Only the copyright fee is empty. Negotiation!"


   Lu Yang nodded. Picking up the contract with a smile. Go through all the six-page contract content in a glance.


   The content of the contract is generally okay. If it wasn't for signing the right to adapt this book as soon as possible, Manager Wang would not have come up with such a kind contract document for the first time.


   When putting down the contract, Lu Yang asked, "How much does your company plan to pay me for the copyright?"


   Manager Wang: "500,000! How about? Mr. Lu! Isn't this price okay?"


   can your sister!


   Lu Yang pouted his lips in his heart, smiled and shook his head.


  Sun Yafei: "Mr. Lu! 500,000 yuan is not too small for you, right? Now 500,000 yuan, you can almost buy a house in Shanghai!"


   Lu Yang: "I have heard about the cost of the game adaptation of "Zhu Xian" purchased by Perfect World!"


   When deciding to sell the game adaptation rights of "Magic Sword Eternal", Lu Yang spent the copyright fee of "Zhu Xian". Some people say that it is 1.5 million. It seems that after the game is released, there will be dividends.


   Therefore, Manager Wang offered a price of 500,000 yuan, and Lu Yang would not accept him at all, but shook his head slightly.


   Manager Wang and Sun Yafei heard that Lu Yang had heard a little about the cost of the adaptation of "Zhu Xian", and they knew that the idea of ​​wanting to deceive Lu Yang and not knowing how to do it could not go on.


   Manager Wang smiled without changing his face and said, "Okay! What about your psychological price, Mr. Lu? Let's talk about it!"


  Sun Yafei: "That's right! Mr. Lu! Talk about the price and negotiate the price! The price is all negotiated!"


After seeing Lu Yang, Sun Yafei learned that Manager Wang rushed over this time to win the right to adapt a novel game by the author. Although this left her unprepared, it did not prevent her from giving it in a timely manner. Manager Wang helped.


Manager Wang and Sun Yafei both asked Lu Yang to make a price, but Lu Yang smiled and reminded them: "For the price, don't worry, I think the two seem to be very hot! The four seasons are like spring in K city, and the two wear so many clothes. , Or else, take it off first! You see, both of you are sweating on their foreheads!"


Manager Wang and Sun Yafei arrived in a hurry. They hurried over as soon as they left their luggage in the hotel and their clothes were not reduced. At a glance, Lu Yang could see how anxious they were. When they discovered this, how could it be possible for Lu Yang? Will you sell your copyright cheaply?


   Manager Wang and Sun Yafei are both veterans in the negotiation field. Lu Yang's words seem to care whether they are hot or not, but they already point out their eagerness.


   This point was discovered by the negotiator to shǒu, Manager Wang immediately regretted it, and Sun Yafei also gave his manager a silent glance, yes! Don't say the price is lower this time, I don't know how much the other party will bid!


With a wry smile, Manager Wang really took off his outer shirt. After thinking about it, he also took off the sweater inside. He was only wearing a shirt and loosened the necktie with his hands. He had been envious before. The four seasons are like spring in the province K city. For the first time today, I hate the **** four seasons like spring. Winters all over the country will be cold. Why do you play in this city like spring? It's silly!


Picking up the teacup on the coffee table and taking a sip of tea, Manager Wang spread his hands and said helplessly: "Yes! I won't play with Mr. Lu you anymore! 1 million! This is the upper limit set by the president himself, and I won't have any more. It's a solution! I hope Mr. Lu can sign the copyright to us in view of our sincere attitude! Let us also go back for business!"


Sun Yafei is a woman, so it’s hard to take off her clothes in front of two big men, resisting the heat on her body, and once again helping her: "It’s 1 million Mr. Lu! This price is not low, right? How many people can’t earn for a lifetime. So much money!"


   I have to say that Manager Wang is indeed a competent manager of the copyright department. It's all about this time, and the price is still under pressure. Did the president tell him the upper limit of 1 million?


   Lu Yang doesn't know if 1 million is the other party's upper limit, but he will buy things, no matter what, it must be right to bargain half the price first! A little bit more cruel, a price of 100 yuan for a thing, people can give you back up to 10 yuan, let alone, Lu Yang has really seen such a cruel person.


   When you buy something and cut it in half, and sell something, then you have to double up and shout, Lu Yang smiled and stretched out two fingers.


Manager Wang: "One hundred and two hundred thousand?" He looked very surprised. He shook his head and smiled bitterly: "Mr. Lu! I just told you the upper limit, and your price is so high that we can't talk about it. "


  Sun Yafei: "Yes, Mr. Lu! 1 million is really our upper limit. No matter how high it is, our manager has no right to call the shots. If the price is reported, Shangàn may give up the copyright purchase."


   abandoning the copyright purchase, this is putting pressure on Lu Yang.


Lu Yang also shook his head like Manager Wang, and said with a smile: "It's two million! Manager Wang and Ms. Sun! The country is developing and the times are progressing. When "Zhu Xian" was sold, it earned a bonus of 1.5 million. Now that the country’s economy is developing so fast, it’s reasonable for me to increase my price by 500,000, right? Well, I also want to pay dividends!"


  Sun Yafei: "Mr. Lu! 1.2 million, our manager can't accept, you still offer 2 million? Are you trying to drive us away? This price is definitely not good!"


Manager Wang: "It seems that Mr. Lu has misunderstood our psychology! Did Mr. Lu come to you when he saw that we didn't reduce the clothes? UU reading thought that we would buy you no matter how high the price was. Copyright? Actually it’s not like that, what about me! I’m a quick-witted person, I pay attention to efficiency in everything I do. I don’t like to postpone it until tomorrow if I can do things today. 1 million, it’s really an upper limit for me, if Mr. Lu I'm really not satisfied, I can cut it first and play it later, and add 200,000 to you at my own discretion, but 2 million..."


   Manager Wang shook his head with a regretful expression: "We really can't accept it! I hope Mr. Lu can think about it again!"


Lu Yang still smiled, shook his head and said, "Two! You have to look at the problem from a developmental perspective! When "Zhu Xian" was sold for 1.5 million, many people felt it was a high price, but now? Now! According to the current market, 2 million to buy my copyright may be a bit expensive, but I believe that I will not sell this year. After two years, I should be able to sell more. What do you think? In fact, I don’t have to be I recently sold this adaptation right, and I agreed to sell it to your company for 2 million. It is also because I recently announced to the outside world that I want to operate with full copyright. I hope this matter can make more progress as soon as possible!"


   Just when Manager Wang wanted to keep pressing the price, his mobile phone rang... (To be continued...)


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