Rebirth 2003

Chapter 300: The last straw that overwhelmed the came


   The cell phone in Manager Wang’s trouser pocket rang persistently. If he wanted to say, he couldn’t say it anymore. Lu Yang smiled and stretched out his hand to signal: "Manager Wang first answer the phone!"


   Manager Wang: "Okay! Sorry! Wait a minute!"


   As he said, Manager Wang stood up, and while walking to the balcony, he took out his mobile phone. The name displayed on the mobile phone's screen made his pupils shrink slightly.








   "Understand! Please rest assured!"


Lu Yang and Sun Yafei both smiled and drank tea at the coffee table. No one heard what the person talking to Manager Wang on the phone said. They only heard a few brief words from Manager Wang. Ah, understand what, Manager Wang Soon he hung up the phone with an apologetic smile on his face. He walked over a few steps, before sitting down on the sofa, he said: "Let’s do it! The company president has just given me a task, so let me go back and solve it! Lu! Sir! Now I don’t have time to continue grinding with you, so let’s do it! Since I’m here this time, it’s not good to go back empty-handed. I will take a step back, 1.5 million! After the game is released, 2% of the dividend will be given to you, how about Let’s take a step back, I won’t say 1.2 million anymore, don’t you say 2 million! Ok?"


   Sun Yafei looked at Manager Wang in surprise, and thought: Is there really something serious in the company? Manager Wang wants to rush back immediately? Add 300,000 in one breath, which is rare!


Lu Yang smiled undiminished, and still shook his head slightly, insisting: "2 million! 2% of the dividend can be paid to you. I just said that I don’t have to sell the game adaptation rights for this book in the near future. Years. I can sell more, I have this confidence!"


   Manager Wang fixedly stared at Lu Yang's expression. He wanted to tell whether Lu Yang really thought that way. After a while, Lu Yang's expression remained the same. He really couldn't tell. He sighed secretly. Manager Wang took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. It seemed that his eyes were tired. But suddenly raised his head and said: "1.8 million! Can't be more! This is really the upper limit! I definitely don't lie to you!"


   "2 million! This is my bottom line, I won't lie to you!"


   Before Manager Wang had finished speaking, Lu Yang followed this sentence. The smile on his face was even worse. If Lu Yang was not sure about Manager Wang's determination just now, he suddenly added 1.8 million. Lu Yang knew that 2 million would be no problem.


Sun Yafei next to    has been dumbfounded. What is the situation? Why did Manager Wang insist on not letting go of 1.2 million just now, and in a blink of an eye he added 1.8 million to her. What made her even more incredible was that this guy with the surname Lu had 1.8 million. Still not letting go? Must 2 million? Do you want to be so principled?


   Still the bottom line? Isn't the bottom line used to break through?


   It's a pity that in the end, Lu Yang didn't break through his "bottom line". Instead, Manager Wang broke through the upper limits he said before.


   "Okay! Mr. Lu! If you are a businessman, you must be a profiteer! Ok! 2 million is 2 million! However, I really have something to rush back as soon as possible. So the contract must be signed immediately, is this okay?"


   Manager Wang raised his hands. As if surrendering, he promised Lu Yang's request with a wry smile.


   Lu Yang: "No problem! You can sign now!"


Then, Manager Wang ordered Sun Yafei, who was still opening his mouth slightly, and was shocked to write the price that the two had just negotiated on the contract, and then the two signed the contract separately. Manager Wang even covered a giant company copyright. Ministry of Red Seal.


   "Happy cooperation!"


   When the contract was exchanged, Lu Yang smiled and stretched out his hand. Manager Wang shook Lu Yang with a wry smile, and then said in a frustrated tone: "Happy cooperation!"


After the contract was signed, Wang Jing wanted to say: "Mr. Lu! The copyright fee, after we go back, the Finance Department will review it and will credit your account as soon as possible. Well, I have a small request now. I don’t know if Mr. Lu can Can’t you send us back those maps and character images in your room? I think having these maps and character images will be very helpful for our cooperative game development! The game can be better, yes Both you and me are a good thing, what do you think, Mr. Lu?"


   Want a map and a character image?


Lu Yang thought for a while, shook his head, and apologized: "I'm afraid this won't work! I will also need to use those maps and figures for the plot later, so let's do it! You can use the camera to shoot it, or find someone to refer to it. Copy a copy and take it back. As for giving it to you, sorry!"


   "It really is a profiteer!"


   Manager Wang sighed with a wry smile again, nodded and said, "Okay! After I go back, I will advise the people in the game department, that's it? Let's go back first!"


   Lu Yang: "Really in such a hurry? Let's have a meal together? I'll treat you!"


   The smile on Lu Yang's face was like a flower in full bloom at this time. How did Manager Wang and Sun Yafei feel that they were awkward, Manager Wang resolutely shook their heads and left.


When he was about to leave the house, Manager Wang probably wanted to vent his depression. He suddenly turned around at the door and said to Lu Yang solemnly: "Mr. Lu! Today, when we asked about your position in your school’s guard room, your school’s guardian uncle If the name Wen Chou is not good, it is better to call Shanwa or Gougan! Well, I think you think about it!"


   Lu Yang: "……"


   Sun Yafei looked at Manager Wang in surprise, and Manager Wang continued to nod seriously, and finally went downstairs.


   Sun Yafei saw him, and hurry up to keep up.


   At the door, Lu Yang was stunned for a few seconds, and then suddenly laughed. How depressed is Manager Wang's heart that makes him sick when he is leaving?


  Mountain baby? Dog eggs? creative!


As soon as the door was closed, Tong Yaqian came upstairs carrying a few vegetables, and saw Lu Yang standing at the door laughing haha. It's rare to see Tong Yaqian frowning, rolling his eyes, and saying, "What are you laughing about?" What? Picked up a dime?"


Lu Yang laughed twice before closing his laughter. With a smile on his face, he took Tong Yaqian's hand into the living room and closed the door. Tong Yaqian, who was still carrying vegetables in his hand, pulled to the side of the coffee table and put it on the table. The contract just signed was stuffed into Tong Yaqian's hands. I proudly pointed my finger at the copyright fee.


   "Look at you!"


   Tong Yaqian subconsciously despised one sentence, but in the next second she widened her beautiful eyes.


   "2 million?"


   turned his head. Tong Yaqian stared at Lu Yang blankly.


   In 2006, millionaires were not like they were in 13 years. Millionaires at this time were really rich.


   But in such a blink of an eye, she went to buy a dish after work, and Lu Yang earned 2 million here. I was mentally prepared, knowing that if the game adaptation rights can be sold, there should be a lot of money.


   But when he saw the giant of 2 million, Tong Yaqian still felt a powerful impact.


   Is the money so profitable now?


  Are all the people who start game companies with stupid people and a lot of money?


   Tong Yaqian looked down at the few vegetables in her hand, and suddenly raised her head and said to Lu Yang: "Typical! Do you think we should celebrate tonight? Only eating vegetarian dishes, it seems undesirable!"


   Lu Yang: "Haha! Okay! You can eat whatever you want! Uh. It's not right! I don't have much cash now, hey! You can buy whatever you want in my wallet! Buy what you want now!"


   When he said this, Lu Yang took out his wallet and stuffed it into Tong Yaqian's hand.


   The game adaptation rights can be sold for 2 million cash, which is absolutely beyond Lu Yang’s expectations. For Lu Yang, these two million bought Apple’s stock. In a few years, it will become 20 million or even more!


   There is money for a villa!


   "It really is a local tyrant!"


   Holding Lu Yang's wallet, Tong Yaqian gave him a white look and threw it back to him. Carrying a few vegetarian dishes into the kitchen, leaving a sentence: "The local tyrants have to eat vegetarian dishes with me too!"


   Lu Yang smiled. Not angry.




   Lu Yang suddenly thought of the 600,000 he owed some great gods, his eyes moved, and he decided not to pay it back for the time being! It's important to buy stocks first! As for the six hundred thousand, let's wait until the publisher's royalty share and the starting point of the manuscript fee come down! Two months should be able to pay off!


   Happy, Lu Yang wanted to share it with his book fans, turned around, took the contract, and walked into the small room.




   On the side of the road not far from Lu Yang’s residence, Manager Wang and Sun Yafei were waiting for a taxi on the side of the road.


Sun Yafei finally asked her doubts: "Manager! What happened to you just now? Was the price too rushed? Then it will increase from 1.2 million to 2 million in a while? I think we can delay it for two more days, 1.2 million should be able to Take it down!"


  The depressed manager Wang shook his head and sighed: "Don't say dragging it for two days, another hour, we will pile 2 million in front of others, and we may not be able to take it down!"


  Sun Yafei: "Huh? How is it possible?"


   Manager Wang: "Remember the call I just received?"


   Sun Yafei nodded because of unknown.


Manager Wang: "The general manager is here! The company received the news, and Shanda's evaluation result came out, and it is ready to buy the copyright! Shanda, do you know? The website where Lu Yang wrote the book is a subsidiary of Shanda! You yourself Think about it, once Shanda speaks, will Wen Chou still sell us this copyright? You think I'm stupid, so I will increase the price several times in a while? 2 million...2 million is really so easy to earn?"


Sun Yafei blinked Although she didn't quite understand what Shanda's assessment was, she understood that Shanda was also interested in buying the game adaptation rights for this book, and she finally understood why Manager Wang was so helpless just now. But he didn't get angry, instead he stepped back again and again, and promised to face the 2 million Fang Lion who opened his mouth.


   2 million...


   After the game is released, there is a 2% share, and Sun Yafei secretly smacks.


No one expected that things would develop so coincidental. The negotiations here have just entered a critical stage, and news of Shanda’s decision to buy came through, leaving the battle-tested Manager Wang with no room for manipulation. Able to retreat again and again, pinching his nose and agreeing to Lu Yang's big opening offer. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, and your support is my biggest motivation. For mobile phone users, please read it.)


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