Rebirth 2003

Chapter 428: Homecoming

This morning, the red sun rose early, and Lujia Village gradually became lively. It is almost December, and the crops in the ground no longer need to be taken care of every day. The villagers enjoy the comfort of the slack season. As the country’s economy grows stronger The better you come. Young people are either studying abroad or working outside. Those who stay in the village are either old people or children, or young women.

In such a sunny day, the elderly men get up in the morning, pick up some water and chop some firewood to make a cup of tea, bask in the sun at the door, or go out to find someone to play mahjong or chat.

Lu Xiaowei's father didn't do anything this morning. After breakfast, he took a cup of tea and went out to watch others playing mahjong. Lu Xiaowei is Lu Xiaoshan's sister, and Lu Xiaowei is the younger brother of Lu Yang, who grew up with Lu Fei.

After graduating from high school, Lu Fei studied cook for more than a year. Lu Xiaoshan went out to learn about water and electricity installation with his uncle. As a result, there are only two elderly people left in the family. However, Lu Xiaowei recently took the baby back to her family’s home. She was married in 2005, and Lu Yang gave her family tea on the first day of the new year.

The baby is more than one year old this year and has to be watched all day long. Lu Xiaowei has not been able to go out to work. Her husband is working outside. She will inevitably feel bored from time to time with the child at home, so she often goes back to her natal home. Good choice.

In her natal family, she doesn’t have to cook and wash herself every day, and there are people to talk to her, and occasionally she can sit at the mahjong table and play mahjong with a few little ladies in the village.

This morning, seeing the sun was good. Lu Xiaowei sat at the gate with her baby in her arms, lazily basking in the sun, while her mother was washing the sheets in a tub next to her. Niangs can chat without a word, which is also a good enjoyment.

In many cases, enjoyment does not need to play or eat, and it is a good state of comfort to be able to spend time without doing anything.

Two years ago. Lu Yang came to her house to give tea to her son, and Lu Xiaowei was a little bit shy as a young woman. Nowadays, there are a lot of changes. She is only in her early twenties, sitting at the gate with her baby in her arms, with people passing by from time to time. Among them, there are many young and old. She can also show a white tender breast without changing her face and breastfeed the child safely. Even if the passing young men and old men look on her **** occasionally, she can greet her with a smile. .

Rural wives, many people are conservative before they get married. After they get married, they are completely let go, when their children are hungry. Whenever you feed your children, regardless of occasion or location, men are accustomed to it.

This is a very harmonious picture. The two of them were chatting, and they talked about the water plant that Lu Yang's second uncle was working on. The topic was brought up by Lu Xiaowei's mother.

Mother Lu Xiaowei, who was washing the sheets and sweating on her forehead, swiped the sweat beads on her forehead with her arm, and complained to her daughter: "Your dad is getting lazier and lazier! Get up in the morning and ask him to go to the field to order food. When he came back, he didn't bother to go. There was not much water in the tank, so he asked him to pick up two loads. Don't go! I knew I would go to see someone playing mahjong! If he was like this when he was young, I would not have had it with him!"

Listening to her mother's complaint, Lu Xiaowei pursed her lips and smirked, and comforted: "Mom! Don't think so! Dad is considered good, so he will watch other people play mahjong and not play! If he gambles like others every day, You really can eat him? You can't say anything when you are old! Besides, Uncle Lin said yesterday that the tap water can be used today! Dad doesn't want to waste energy! When the tap water is available, tell you to use him I'm afraid you don't want to use the water you picked! By the way! I'll go to see Tai Lin's water plant in a moment, and I heard that Lu Yang is a major shareholder!"

Actually Lu Xiaowei's mother just complained habitually! Older women are always more temperamental and talk more often, especially when they are working on their own and when men are resting, they will complain a few words when they are unbalanced in their hearts.

Listening to her daughter’s comfort, Lu Xiaowei’s mother sighed softly, “I didn’t expect it! The most prosperous guy in our village now is actually the kid Lu Yang! That kid didn’t talk much since he was a kid, and he didn’t hear how good his grades are in his studies. I didn’t expect to be more and more prosperous in the past two years. I had known it earlier, and I would have promised you to him in the first two years..."

Lu Xiaowei was amused by her mother's words, smiled and rolled her eyes, and said, "Mom! What dream do you have? Can Lu Yang see me? In terms of beauty and academic qualifications, why is Lu Qingqing not much better than me? Didn’t you hear about the two years? Lu Qingqing’s mother told Lu Yang his mother, what happened? Did Lu Yang agree? Also! You don’t know if you don’t! When Lu Yang was studying, The results are very good! Especially elementary and junior high schools, elementary school Chinese and mathematics often take first place, and junior high school is also the top ten of the whole grade. I don’t know high school, but it’s amazing to be admitted to the county’s first high school! How many county No. 1 middle schools can be taken in a year? Nonsense!"

Lu Xiaowei’s mother didn’t take Lu Xiaowei’s words into her heart, but felt that her daughter’s first few words made sense, nodded and laughed: "Yes! Qingqing is so beautiful, he still learns to be a doctor! Lu Yang doesn’t like it. You……"

Lu Xiaowei's mother glanced at the daughter who was nursing the baby next to her, shook her head, and said, "It's really impossible for that kid to see Lu Yang!"

Lu Xiaowei was choked by her mother. Did anyone say that to her daughter? Is it your own?

"I'll take a look at the water plant in Tailin's house! Mom, go ahead and wash the sheets!" Lu Xiaowei got up angrily, regardless of whether her mother agreed, and walked to the east of the village with her child. The water plant was built in the east of the village. On the edge of Westport.

The south of the Yangtze River is a water town with dense water networks. There are five major ports connected end to end under M County. The five major ports have vast water areas, and the normal water surface is one or two hundred meters wide. No one knows how deep the deepest place is, because of these five major ports. The water never dries up.

When Lu Yang was a child, he heard the legend of Westport from his grandmother. In her mouth, a dragon was locked in Westport, saying that there was a fisherman in the past. One day, a net was thrown down, and an iron chain was dragged up. I thought that the chain was not long, so I wanted to tow it on the boat and took it back to sell it for money. As a result, the chain was almost full of the cabin, and the chain hadn't seen its end.

This is one of the legends, and another related legend is that when the older generation was young, whenever thunder rumbling in the summer, the rattling of iron chains could be heard in Westport, and occasionally dragons could be heard.

When Lu Yang heard this story from his grandmother when he was a child, he felt that Xigang was so mysterious. Little was full of awe there. A little older, even learning to swim, would not dare to swim there alone.

The water in Xigang is deep and wide, and there is no industrial pollution in the countryside. The water in it is very clean. The water supply site that Lu Yang and his second uncle discussed was chosen there.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, Lu Yang drove the Land Rover directly to the side of Xigang. When Xigang was approaching Lujiacun, it was already at the end. There were no people here, because in winter, the cold wind came from the wide water. The places are much colder, not to mention that people can’t stand it, even the animals grow slowly. Because there are very few people here and the vision is broad, as soon as Lu Yang drove here, he saw the water plant that had just been built.

From a distance, I saw many people watching. Some children were frolicking around the adults. Lu Yang saw him, smiled, and drove the car into the courtyard. Hearing the roar of the car, the eyes of the onlookers were all attracted. , Far away from the hospital, there were two silly children who didn't know how to avoid them, but they were also hurriedly pulled away by the adults.

"It's Lu Yang back!"

"Lu Yang has bought a car? What kind of car is this? It's beautiful! Does it cost one hundred thousand yuan?"

"The eldest son of the Lu family is in his early days! I heard that this water plant is his big head!"

"Shi! One hundred thousand yuan? Uncle! That's Land Rover! Does Land Rover know? I'm afraid it will cost millions!"

"What? Millions? My dear! A car is more expensive than this water plant? How much money did the Lu family earn?"

"I heard that this kid is now engaged in real estate in the county seat! The whole building is built..."

Lu Yang just opened the door of the car and got out of the car. He heard the crowd whispering about him. When he swept his eyes, they were all acquaintances in the village and neighboring villages. Even if they didn't know their names, they were familiar with each other. He looked at him. Coming here, except for the little children who didn’t understand anything, they just looked at him curiously from a distance. The old people, women, women, and a few young boys all smiled at him. , When we meet, we always face each other with smiles, unless the two families have had feuds in the past.

Lu Yang took out the Chinese cigarettes in his arms, smiled and walked over to the old men and lads to loose cigarettes one by one. Recently, he smoked less cigarettes, usually with the code word for electronic cigarettes, a pack of cigarettes, sometimes for a week. He couldn’t finish smoking, and he smoked less. Cigarettes are often a communicative prop for him, so he prepared two Chinese cigarettes at home. This time I brought two packs, one in the car and one pack. On the body.

When the villagers saw that Lu Yang had made a fortune and he was still friendly, they took the initiative to disperse cigarettes for everyone. Although Lu Yang only smiled rarely spoke, it also attracted everyone's praise.

This said: "Yangtze is so promising!"

The one said: "Chinese? I want to taste this! I heard that it costs 40 to 51 packs!"

Lu Yang's ears filled Lu Yang's ears with babbled praises.

"Yangtze! A lot of money in your car?"

"Yangtze! I heard that you are now building a building in the county seat? What a big business, right?"

"Lu Yang! Are there any more people on your construction site? Do you think I am in?"

While dispersing cigarettes one by one, Lu Yang responded to everyone's questions with a smile. They were all folks and elders. They were courteous. He didn't lose anything, but he could earn some face for his parents and family. Although Lu Yang himself doesn't care about fame, he knows that his parents care about face. In the older generations, face is more important. He certainly doesn't want everyone to say strange things about his son behind his back. (To be continued)

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