Rebirth 2003

Chapter 429: Homecoming II

Lu Xiaowei was holding her child in the crowd. Seeing Lu Yang today, her mood is also a bit complicated. The little friends who played mud and played with the house when they were young are now'mixed' so well. She is somewhat envious. Look at Lu Yang. With bright clothes, tall and tall figure, gentle smile, and the silver and gray Land Rover next to him, what the mother said in her ear not long ago suddenly passed through her heart.


   "I knew it, I promised you to him for the first two years..."


At that time, she was still laughing at her mother who was whimsical. At this time, when she saw Lu Yang, she actually felt such regrets in her heart. This thought flashed, and she laughed, and looked down at the baby who could not speak in her arms. This Reality, it was destined that what she had just thought was just a fantasy.


   Lu Qingqinghuang, `Flower' big boudoir`, `Female', she is still a college student, and Lu Yang didn't even want it. She is a child, where is there any hope?


   When Lu Xiaowei was distracted, Lu Yang passed by her and saw her. Lu Yang nodded and said hello: "It's Xiaowei! The baby is so big? Did you bring a handle?"


  Lu Yang's tone was still as casual as when he was a child. Lu Xiaowei recovered, her white face was reddish, and because of the nonsense that came up just now, when Lu Yang asked her, she quickly replied: "Yeah! It's a kid!"


Lu Yang stretched out his hand to'feel' the child's warm little head,'feeling' out the wallet from his arms, and'pulling' out two red banknotes and stuffing them in the baby's swaddling clothes, smiling and saying, "Don't refuse. What we said grew up together. I don’t know if you get married, or if you have a baby. The two hundred yuan is to buy cow’s milk for your child to drink! Don’t be too little!"


   The other villagers around looked enviously, not because Lu Yang gave a lot of money. But after Lu Yang got rich, he returned money to his childhood playmates, and Lu Xiaowei quickly picked up the money to return it to Lu Yang. Lu Yang smiled and waved his hand, speeding up and leaving here, how can the money sent out be recycled?


   The time of talking and dispersing the smoke, Lu Fei and Lu Yang's mother over the reservoir, and Lu Yang's second mother have already speeded up their pace and walked far away with a smile on their faces. Lu Fei shouted: "Brother! You can come back! Take a look! See how our water plant is doing?"


   Lu Yang's mother just smiled implicitly and asked Lu Yang: "Boss! Have you eaten this morning? I haven't eaten, so Mom will go back and give you something to eat!"


   The second mother seems to be a few years younger, and her whole face is full of ‘spring’. The clothes on her body are no longer always greasy like doing things in the hotel before, the whole body is cleaned up and down, and the face has started to'spend' some light makeup. From a distance, he said hello to Lu Yang: "Yangtze! Your second uncle just said why you haven't come yet! Haha! The water diversion equipment over there is about to be installed! Come and have a look!"


   Lu Yang nodded to his younger brother, and first responded to his mother: "Mom! Don't be busy! I have eaten!" Then he smiled and responded to the second mother: "Second mom! You are more beautiful than before!"


   "This kid! Haha!"


   The second mother was talking. Lu Yang also dug his eyes. But the smile on his face is even stronger.


Lu Fei’s gaze was quickly attracted by Lu Yang’s Land Rover. After he walked quickly in front of Lu Yang, his eyes were still fixed on the Land Rover not far away. He rubbed his hands and laughed, and whispered to Lu Yang, "Big Brother Where's the car key? Go up and sit for me? I won't drive! Just sit down!"


   Lu Yang glanced at him with a smile, did not say anything, just threw the car key to him casually, and Lu Fei caught the car key with both hands. Cheered, and said: "Thank you, brother!". So he flew his'legs' towards Land Rover. This kid is so big that he has never taken a'private' car except for a taxi! Now that I see my eldest brother has such a good car, where is it uneasy?


   Lu Yang's mother glanced at the back of her younger son, and saw Lu Yang throwing the key to Lu Fei, and immediately shouted: "Xiao Fei! Don't mess around in your big brother's car!"


   "Hey! Mom! Don't worry!"


   When Lu Fei agreed, he had already ran to the car's'door' and was holding the car key and wondering how to open the car's'door'! After searching for a long time, I didn't find the keyhole on the car's door. It was reminded by a young guy who came around, only to know that the car's door was opened with an electronic key.


Lu Yang talked to his mother and second mother, walking towards the reservoir, and at the same time looking around the water plant. The second uncle built a large yard with hollow bricks. There were three brick houses in the yard. The roof was Covered with purple-red “color” magnetic tiles, it is “very” beautiful. In the yard, except for a large open space, it is a cistern not much smaller than the house. The cistern is four or five meters high and looks like a mold. Decently, Lu Yang didn't understand this at all, and when he walked over, he just smiled and watched a few people install the machines there.


   Both my father and my second uncle lay hands beside me.


Lu Yang stood next to him for a few minutes, and the second mother came over with a glass of hot tea that had just been made and handed it to Lu Yang. Before Lu Yang started to ask, the second mother happily began to introduce to Lu Yang: "Yangtze! Do you know how many people have'paid' money to open an account now? Ha ha! You will be surprised if you say it!"


"How many?"


   Lu Yang asked with a smile.


The second mother raised three fingers and said with a smile: "More than 300 households! Not only our village! There are also many people in the next few villages who have'paid' the account opening money in advance! At present, our water pipes are only spread to us. Village! Your second uncle said it! When our water pipes are installed in other villages, there will be more people opening accounts!"


   More than 300 households open accounts...


   Lu Yang calculated it in his heart. The fee for opening an account is 1,200, and the cost of opening an account for more than 300 households is at least 360,000! As long as there are three hundred more households ‘pay’ to open an account, the investment in the water plant can almost be recovered. From now on, the water bill will be collected from house to house every year, and the water bill for a household should be 100 yuan on average for a year, right?


   600 households, that's 60,000 yuan!


   This is just a conservative estimate! As long as the business can be opened, in the absence of competitors, the number of accounts opened should be more than 600, and the annual income should be more than one hundred thousand in the future!


   It’s easy to get a hundred thousand a year, or even more. Usually, you only need to maintain the storage tank equipment occasionally. Is there any better money to make?


   nodded, Lu Yang teased the second mother: "Second mother! Do you feel relieved now? You can enjoy the blessing in the future! Congratulations! Haha!"


  Second mother smiled and gave Lu Yang a white look, her eyes narrowed: "What are you talking about! When did your second mother worry? Congratulations to me? It should be the second mother to congratulate you? You are a major shareholder!"




Lu Yang stood by the reservoir for a while, and was invited by his second mother into the house next to him. When entering the house, the second mother said to Lu Yang, "I have discussed with your second uncle, and our family will live in the future. Here, anyway, the old houses in the village are not inhabited all the year round, and they are too dilapidated! Yangzi, do you think it’s okay?"


   "Okay! This is a good thing!"


Lu Yang agreed, and the second mother was even more happy. For the convenience of eating and drinking, one of the three houses here has been cleaned up as a kitchen. The middle room is regarded as the living room and the office. The one on the left is the second mother and the second uncle. After letting Lu Yang watch TV in the living room in his bedroom, the second mother and Lu Yang went to the kitchen next to him for lunch.


   The TV was on, but Lu Yang was not interested in watching it. He walked in the living room by himself, looking at the layout inside and outside the house.


   Xigang was not suitable for living in the past, it was before! Now my second uncle has built a two to three-meter high wall around the house to block the cold wind in winter. If it still doesn’t work, install an air conditioner in the house and there is no problem living in it.


   Lu Yang's eyes suddenly lit up when he looked at the wasteland outside the courtyard's gate.


I immediately walked out of the house, out of the yard, and came to the open space outside. There are a large number of waste beaches next to Westport. It used to be flooded every summer, but that has been decades ago, since it was next to Westport. A **** was built, and the back of the **** has never been flooded again. It’s just that the terrain here is not very flat and there are too many weeds and trees. Several nearby villages are just used to bury graves here, and occasionally some people live here. Growing crops here is also a little trouble. Large areas of wasteland are barren all year round. In Lu Yang's memory, he was contracted by several brick and tile factories and breeding farms. The contracting costs were horribly low, and all of them made a fortune. NS.


   Well, there are already two small brick and tile factories on this wasteland, but there is not one farm.


A batch of fruit trees are planted in the farm, and a batch of'chickens', ducks, pigs, etc. are stocked under the fruit trees. Although Lu Yang doesn't like that much profit, he should be interested in doing it for his second uncle or dad. ? Uh, dad, forget it! Let him enjoy the blessing!


When Lu Yang was thinking about this in front of the large wasteland in front of him, Lu Fei ran to him with a smile, Lu Fei returned the car key to Lu Yang, and said hehe: "Big Brother! What are you looking at? What? Your car is so nice! Can you teach me to drive it when?"


   The two sentences are not followed by the preface, because his focus is on the latter sentence.


   Lu Yang glanced at him and nodded with a smile. Lu Fei nodded his head when he saw his eldest brother, and then he rubbed his hands again, and vomited: "Big brother! I...hehe...I heard that you are now building a building in the county seat, right?"




   Lu Yang has already guessed his but just don't click on it, and watch what he says with interest.


Lu Fei approached Lu Yang and gently touched Lu Yang's arm with his arm. Qiqi Ai Ai said in his heart: "Big Brother! Look... Didn't you say that you would give me a house last time? Look... Look. ...Why don't you leave me a set in the building you built?"


   After making this request, Lu Fei looked at Lu Yang expectantly.


   Lu Yang pursed his lips and smiled, stretched out his right hand and ‘kneaded’ Lu Fei’s short hair. This kid had his hair cut short to learn how to cook. It’s not long yet! This kid used to be the most stinking hair.


   "What's the rush? Big brother keeps you a better house! You are my brother! As long as you are obedient, can your big brother miss you? Silly boy!"


   Lu Yang's words made Lu Fei so happy that he smirked and scratched his head. ,


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