Rebirth 2003

Chapter 599: 2 divine books


The early appearance of Zishu made Lu Yang realize that his rebirth has begun to affect the development of the online literary circle. Zishu appeared early, and several other rising stars in his memory. Will it also appear in advance? I am afraid it is very possible! The cooperation with was mainly discussed by Shang Xuebin. Lu Yang only appeared a few times. In principle, Lu Yang agreed to enter the bookworm reading for the upcoming novels on , As for whether they will recommend more works on their website, it depends on whether their website has high-quality works. If they don’t have high-quality works themselves, it’s mud! What's the use of recommending more mud that can't support the wall? Lu Yang explained his ideas to Shang Xuebin, so he didn't care about it. Lu Yang's attention turned to the major lists at the starting point. The early appearance of Zishu made Lu Yang suddenly think: Since the major events in the online literary circle have changed, those works at the starting point Has it changed? For those great gods in my memory who appeared after 2009, has anyone published their works at the starting point in advance? As a result, this investigation really made Lu Yang found something. The third work on the starting point week recommendation list-"The Invincible Heavy Pupil", Lu Yang has never seen such a popular work at the starting point in his memory. When he first saw the title of the book, Lu Yang was still thinking that maybe some guy brushed up the data, and with the mentality of seeking verification, Lu Yang clicked on the title and entered Pages of this book. Total hits are over 2.87 million, total recommendations are over 220,000, and total words are over 870,000. This data is quite beautiful! Even in 2013, such data is enough to make countless second- and third-rate writers envy and hate. Of course. Both clicks and recommendations can be swiped, and this data does not explain everything. But 558 people commented, the average rating of 9.6 is very difficult to brush. Next, there are 1238 votes this month, and the possibility of brushing is even smaller. This author named lhw is obviously a newcomer. Lu Yang has never been impressed. Even if a newcomer scans data, it is difficult to have the financial resources to scan so much data at the same time. These years, the cost of refreshing clicks and refreshing recommendation votes is not high, but Both the evaluation ticket and the monthly pass cost a few dollars. Especially the monthly pass, which costs five or six yuan per month. How likely is it that a newcomer author is willing to invest so much money to get thousands of monthly passes? If these still do not explain the problem, then the total number of book reviews in the book review area is more than 15,000. It's even harder to cheat. Lu Yang has written books for so many years, and he has never heard of anyone paying money to review book reviews. What makes all the data more real is the number of leaders on the fan list. Lu Yang took a look at the fan list of this book. There are 32 leaders, and the masters and palms below the leader. There are nearly a hundred elders in total. If so much data is all flashed out, then Lu Yang will be able to withdraw from the online literary circle. The rich are so self-willed. How can Lu Yang survive when he writes a book? This author named lhw is currently at zero-level, and he is obviously a new writer who just appeared in 2008. But looking at the popularity of his book, Lu Yang probably estimated it, and it was obvious that he could at least get the title of a third-level author. If he can maintain the quality and popularity of this book and write it in 2009, in 10 years, his author level is likely to climb to level 5. A level 5 author can already be called a great **** at the beginning. The rhythm of a book becoming a god? Lu Yang looked at the title of the book. God came out for a while, from the word "infinite" in the title of this book. I can probably see that the author of this book should have been influenced by his "Infinite Killing". Lu Yang still remembers. In the "Infinite Killing" written by him, there is a superb supporting role that can be exchanged in the world of the main **** is the "double pupil". In "Infinite Kills", the heavy pupil is just a supporting role with few scenes, and this lhw wrote this book with him as the protagonist...for Confirming his guess, Lu Yang clicked on the book and was about to read the first chapter of the book. Suddenly he found that the work of this book had a title like this-"I would like to write a general respect to the article." . Nimei! Lu Yang came up with these two words inexplicably, and he didn't know whether it was pride or speechlessness. With a strange mood, Lu Yang clicked on the title and saw the following paragraph:Wen University’s work, there must be many people like it, maybe you don’t like the work Similarly, some people may like Wenda’s "Magic Sword Eternal", some people like "Dragon and Snake Rise" or "The Lord", or several other works of Wen Da, and my favorite is Wen Da’s "Infinite Killing". One point, I don't mince words! What makes me regretful is that I heard that because of copyright, the "Unlimited Killing" of Wenda has ended hastily. Here, please allow me to say something to the little day who is in trouble with Wenda: Go to Nimal Gobi! After Wenda’s "Unlimited Killing", there have been many follow-ups from the starting point and even other websites, okay! I admit that this book is also a follow-up work. Here, I invite the fans of the University of Wenzhou to give me some tolerance. The "Infinite Killing" that was forced to end hastily left me with a lot of regrets. My purpose in writing this book is to write down those regrets in my heart. As for the essence, guess what ? Finally, say it again: I would like to make a general respect to the article! Dear "Unlimited Kills" fans, if you have any good opinions, you can tell me in the book review section or in the book group, I hope this book will be completed by all of us! Sincerely, a fart! ……After reading these hundreds of words, Lu Yang didn’t know how to describe his own feelings. With such a book fan, he was proud, but this guy looked like More vulgar than him! "Character!"Finally, Lu Yang left this page with this sentence. ……In addition to this book, Lu Yang also saw a work that had no impression in his memory and appeared in this month’s contracted author. Top of the new book list. The coquettish look is very eye-catching. ——"Day in Primitive Society"Seeing this rippling book title, everyone knows why the word "" is used to describe it here. Seeing such a book title, Lu Yang suddenly realized that compared with the author of this book, he still has integrity and can be proud of it! There are a few titles of this style in my memory. Such as "Sun in Hokage", "Sun in Calabash", "Sun in Campus", "Sun in Earth" and so on. However, Lu Yang still feels that the taste of "Japan in Primitive Society" seems to be too heavy compared to the latter titles. Who are the people in primitive society? They are all primitive people whose hair hasn't been sloughed out yet! It takes multiple tastes, so you want Japan to be in primitive society? At the beginning, Dai Xiaolou’s "Teacher White Eyes" was always regarded as "Teacher White Day", which has made people feel very unscrupulous, but compared with today’s primitive society, That's how little it is! The reason why Lu Yang believes that this book has not appeared in the original time and space is because this book is ranked too high on the list of signed authors' new books, ranking first, and it is such a rippling book title. The original time and space have appeared, and Lu Yang believes that he has no reason not to know. Even if he himself did not pay attention to the new book list for a while, there would definitely be someone in the author group discussing the name of this book. Out of curiosity, Lu Yang also clicked on the title of the book and came to the page of this book. More than 570,000 total clicks, more than 50,000 recommendation votes, and a total of 180,000 words. This data is far inferior to the recommended book "Infinity: Invincible", but it is normal! New book! The number of words is only over 180,000, and the number of recommended places given by the website is still limited. It has not yet entered the sight of most readers. At 180,000 words, such data is already very good. The number of evaluators next to it is 182, with an average rating of 9.4. The author-Nian Po Xukong. This author's name surprised Lu Yang, because he remembered that this is the new author of their second editorial team, the guy who is known for his insignificant and shameless second editorial team , I heard that this guy often tells the editor Tiange that he wants to send him an inflatable doll to relax. Immediately, Lu Yang blinked, as if remembering that this guy was still in his original group. Thinking of this, Lu Yang logged on to his q`q, after processing some private messages, quietly came to the original group, searched for a while in the group member list, and found this lurking in the group Scum. Confirmed this, Lu Yang returned to the page of "Day in the Primitive Society" and looked at the total number of book reviews in the book review area and the situation on the fan list. There are already two on the fan list. The leader, according to Lu Yang's experience, the data in this book should not be brushed, that is to say, the results of "Japan in Primitive Society" are true. Another work that has not appeared in the original time and space was born, but...The thought that this guy is a fan of his own makes Lu Yang feel uncomfortable. It doesn't matter if the author of "Heavy Hitomi Invincible" is his own book fan. Judging from the name of the book, it is just a work of infinite genres. At most, the guy seems a bit vulgar. But this thought breaks the also his own book fan, why is it so rippling, shameless, and wretched? "It was definitely not influenced by me!"The unhappy Lu Yang whispered to himself, as if he could distinguish himself in this way. It happened that this sentence was Rui Xiaoxiu, who opened the door and walked into his study, heard it. Rui Xiaoxiu smiled and asked him: "What is definitely not your influence?"Lu Yang: "..."Because it is temporarily Did not buy a house for Rui Xiaoxiu in Shanghai, and Lu Yang did not intend to take Rui Xiaoxiu to his and Tong Yaqian’s villa, so recently Rui Xiaoxiu still lived in the place where he had rented. In order to accompany her, Lu Yang also put his computer and some The change of clothes was brought back. "Where! Just boil it, drink while it is hot!"Lu Yang did not answer Rui Xiaoxiu did not ask any more, she came in At that time, he was holding a bowl of chicken soup in his hand, and put the hot and fragrant chicken soup in front of him. (To be continued)ps: Thanks to the ancient madman and the wind and rain for the reward of 100 coins, thanks to the brother Lian for the reward of 200 coins, thanks to Naihe sigh, thank you for the reward of 588 coins, thanks to the lord Suifengju rewarded 10100 coins again. I recommend Nian Po Xukong’s "Faith and Conferment of Gods".