Rebirth 2003

Chapter 600: Unexpected

Apart from these two books, Lu Yang was basically sure that they should not be available in the original time and space. In fact, on the New Book List and the Weekly Click List, Lu Yang also saw at least a dozen titles that he did not remember in his memory.


   It's just that, whether these books are not in the original time and space, he can't be sure. After all, even if he has been discussing life at the starting point in his previous life, he dare not say that he remembers the title of each book at the starting point. That is unrealistic.


   Finally, Lu Yang went to look at the top ten of this month's starting monthly ticket list.


   As a result, in the fifth place on the monthly ticket list, I saw a newcomer's work with an author level of 0. The title and author of this book were not impressed by Lu Yang in his memory.


   There is no pursuit of the monthly ticket list, so naturally there is less attention.


   And this work ranked fifth in this month's monthly ticket list is called "The Peacock King" and the author is called Tiansha Roulette.


   This puzzled Lu Yang, wondering what was going on? Wouldn't it be my book fan again?


   With a feeling of doubt, Lu Yang clicked on the title of the book with the mouse, and came to the page of "The Peacock King", and found that the book was a work of the fairy-cheater genre of the prehistoric and frightened gods.


   The total number of hits has exceeded 2.58 million, and the total recommendation is nearly 200,000, but the total number of words is only 1.12 million.


   Seventeen leaders on the fan list. The total number of book reviews in the Book Review District has reached nearly 20,000.


The popularity of    is for a newcomer writer with a rank of 0. It was already very impressive, and Lu Yang didn't believe if this book had appeared in the original time and space. He will not be impressed at all.


Clicking on the catalog page of this book, Lu Yang read the book's first chapter from a few narratives related to the work, but still can't remember that he had read this book before. No one can tell from these places that the author is a fan of his own book.


   is not that Lu Yang is arrogant, thinking that such a work that may not have appeared in the original time and space, the author should be his book fan. It's the doubt, how did this book appear? Does it have anything to do with his rebirth?


From the content of the first chapter, this is a typical prehistoric work. The protagonist is a modern gang leader who is inexplicably reborn into the prehistoric world. At that time, the saint Hongjun was still preaching. The voice of the voice, and the protagonist's body after rebirth is not a human being, but a peacock.


   Lu Yang only read the first chapter of this book. I guessed the route of this book, it should be the peacock who was reborn as the protagonist, and eventually cultivated into a super master like the Peacock King, even more powerful than the Peacock King in "Journey to the West".


have to say. This newcomer named Tiansha Roulette set this point very well. Who is the Peacock King? The peerless great demon who almost defeated the Tathagata Buddha is just such a setting. It can attract many readers who don’t know how to follow this book.


   The five-color light of the Peacock Daming King, everything is not brushed. Want to **** the throne of Tathagata Buddha.




   The three books that Lu Yang found at the starting point this day really touched Lu Yang a lot. It's not that these three books are better than what he wrote, but history seems to have really changed. From various signs, the online literary circle has gradually deviated from the track in his memory.


However, after thinking about it, it feels normal. Yuan Shikong Lu Yang is only a second- and third-rate writer, and now he is already a top-notch author at the starting point. He has written many popular works that Yuan Shikong doesn’t have. The starting point website itself, based on his suggestion a few years ago, appeared in advance of reader rewards, writer level and other systems, and even created online games such as "Magic Sword Eternity" that did not exist at all, and it was still in San Shao Ye and so on. People have previously sold the right to adapt the game.


   Recently, he created a bookworm reading on the mobile phone. He has changed a lot. Because of an author, he has changed the life trajectory of many people. Hasn't he seen a lot in his previous life?


The continuous high-speed update of the Three Young Masters has driven Internet writers to generally pursue daily update speed; Big Tomato's "Star Change" has led to a large number of postscripts of "Star Change", and even one of the authors who wrote the postscript of "Star Change" As a result, he became famous and shocked the high-levels of the starting point, forcing the author to have to move the postbook to the starting point to update; and "Infinite Horror", which created an infinite type; and even Tudou's "Fights Breaking the Sky" led a retreat stream. The tide of...


   Too many, any one of the most popular works, but it is enough to change the starting point, and even the atmosphere of the entire online literature world, and since he was reborn, he has written many hot works in succession.


   Lu Yang suddenly realized that with the passage of time, there will be more and more changes, and one day this world of online literature will become very different from what he remembered.




Lu Yang was still in front of the computer while sipping chicken soup for a while, while thinking about these things in a daze. Suddenly the phone rang, and the ringtone of the phone drew Lu Yang's attention back to his eyes, and his eyes fell on the phone screen next to the computer. superior.


   The name of the editor-in-chief Tiange is displayed on the screen.


   What's the matter?


   Lu Yang frowned. He is very short of time recently. I really don't want the website to ask him for anything else, but the editor personally called, and he still wants to pick him up.


   "Hello? What's the boss' order?"


   Although he didn't welcome this call in his heart, after the call was connected, Lu Yang still maintained his politeness to Brother Tian, ​​and his tone was also very familiar.


   Brother Tian: "No! Nothing to order, I made this call on my behalf, and has nothing to do with the website."


   When Brother Tian opened his mouth, he first stated this. Lu Yang was a little surprised, but his brows wrinkled tighter. There was no other reason, but he was worried that Brother Tian would take him away from other websites through the friendship between the two.


  This kind of thing is not without precedent in the industry. These years, other websites digging for editors mainly focus on the well-known authors of each editor. If an editor can lead a group of powerful writers in the past, that editor will definitely get rich treatment after being dug over.


   is as thick as the original blood! In addition to fancy his ability to build a digital station in the past, the most important thing is that there are people under the blood!


   There are not only a group of editors, but also a group of great, middle, and small-level writers. One dig is a nest.


Emotionally speaking, Lu Yang would not be very resistant in his heart if Tian Ge could take him to a Niu Cha website, but the problem is that Lu Yang knew that in the next few years, no matter where he went, there would be no It is cost-effective to stay at the starting point. Today, the starting point has become a general trend, and a newly opened website can no longer win the starting point with more investment.


In my memory, after 2009, new original websites have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, but they are basically products with loud thunder and little rain. Just so capable.


In the next few years, despite the increasing number of competitors, the starting point will continue to grow. The annual income of its top gods will directly rise from several million a year to tens of millions a year, exceeding many popular stars in the entertainment industry. .


   These are long stories, but they are actually just thoughts that flashed through Lu Yang's mind.


   Brother Tian just stated that his call has nothing to do with the website. Lu Yang frowned and asked, "Hehe, again, what is the boss' order?"


   "I heard that you are inviting many great gods to invest in a movie called "Jin Yiwei"?"


   Brother Tian asked this question a little hesitantly. It was completely beyond Lu Yang's expectation. Lu Yang realized that he seemed to be thinking too much just now. Lu Yang was taken aback, and Lu Yang replied affirmatively, "Well, yes."


   "Yen Ziyang is the starring role?"


   Brother Tian asked again.


   Lu Yang somewhat guessed what Brother Tian meant, and once again gave an affirmative answer. Brother Tian said embarrassedly: "Then... can I put some money in?"


   After finishing speaking, before Lu Yang responded, he added anxiously: "Ah! I don't have much money, just a few hundred thousand, do you think it's okay?".


   Lu Yang grinned.


   "Okay! Of course! But if the movie loses, you can't blame me, boss!"


Brother Tian: "Of course! I am looking for you myself. If you make money, I thank you. Even if you really lose money, I have no reason to blame you! And, hehe... With Yen Zipong's current popularity, Isn't it very unlikely that his next movie will lose?"


Lu Yang: "That's all right! So, I happened to be in Shanghai recently, and you are also working here, or else! Let's make an appointment, tonight or tomorrow night or someday, we will meet and sign a contract , And then you transfer the money to my account, what do you think?"


  天哥: "Ah, um! All right! Then tomorrow night at 7 o'clock! Then I will invite you to dinner! By the way, do this thing?"


   Lu Yang: "OK!"




After the call Lu Yang looked at the phone in his hand and couldn't help but laugh again. He didn't expect that the news that he contacted those great gods to invest in "Jinyiwei" was passed to the editor's ears. Now even the editor-in-chief. I want to participate in the investment, give him money, but also thank him, it feels good!


Speaking of, in recent days, Lu Yang has contacted many great gods, not only the great gods from the starting point, but also the blood rainbow and others who are still in the digital station. Together, there are at least 20 or 30 people. .


He has already contacted Li Rengang for his 50 million investment. Some of them expressed their willingness to participate in the investment. Some people were afraid of taking risks and only agreed to lend the money to Lu Yang. After the movie was released, he would even return the capital and profit. They will do.


   The next night, Lu Yang met with Tian Ge at a halal restaurant and signed a contract. Tian Ge also used mobile banking to transfer half a million to Lu Yang's bank account on the spot.


  Of course, in the end, Lu Yang didn't really ask Brother Tian to entertain him. How could he say that Brother Tian is also his editor in chief. He has arranged a lot of good recommendations for him over the past few years. How can he pay for a meal? (To be continued...)