Rebirth 2003

Chapter 601: Leave


  &Nbsp;ps: I want to hear more of your voices, and want to receive more suggestions from you, now search the WeChat public account "qdread" and pay attention to give more support to "Rebirth 2003"! That night, Lu Yang drank and signed a contract with Brother Tian. When he returned to the residence, it was about ten o'clock in the evening. Brother Tian had a good drink and was also warm and polite tonight. No, Lu Yang came back with his persuasion by a cup. When I was already a little drunk, I called a driver at the hotel to drive his Land Rover and send him back. Lu Yang went upstairs with half-open eyes and half-closed eyes. When he reached the door, he did not ring the doorbell or pat the door. He didn’t want to trouble Rui Xiaoxiu. He breathed heavily, half-closed his eyes and stretched out his hands on his waist. I fumbled for the key for a while before removing the key from his waist, but when opening the door with the key, it is usually easy to insert the key into the keyhole. Lu Yang pursed his mouth, leaning half of his body against the door frame, and was about to calmly open the door. The door suddenly opened from the inside, and Rui Xiaoxiu, who was neatly dressed, stood behind the door, between his eyebrows. It seemed a little depressed, but Lu Yang, who was drunk, didn't notice. Rui Xiaoxiu saw Lu Yang blushing and leaning against the door full of alcohol. The depression between her eyebrows was immediately replaced by surprise, and she quickly talked and helped Lu Yang into the house. "How much do you drink? Can't you drink less? I just heard the door ringing, and I saw you from the cat’s eyes...""No, not much …Hey, Xiaoxiu, you are so beautiful tonight!"Some drunken Lu Yang awkwardly supported Rui Xiaoxiu, walked to the sofa, softened, and lay down on the sofa. . Don't forget to tease Rui Xiaoxiu. People were drunk, but Lu Yang was sober, knowing that Rui Xiaoxiu would be upset when he saw him drink this way, so he praised her for being beautiful and wanted to make her happy. Rui Xiaoxiu sighed helplessly. He squatted down to help him take off his leather shoes and shifted his slanted lying position. Then he went to get warm water and wiped Lu Yang's face and hands with a hot towel soaked in warm water. After washing his face, he helped Lu Yang take off his socks and wash his feet. Lu Yang leaned on the sofa and watched with half-opened eyes. My heart is full of love for Rui Xiaoxiu. For so many years, not to mention the bachelor life before rebirth, even when he was with Cao Xue and Tong Yaqian after rebirth, no one took care of him like this. He can do laundry, cook, and clean. I can do everything, why? Who is born with it? are all forced out. ……Pour the footwashing water and come back, Rui Xiaoxiu took Lu Yang’s slippers and placed it at Lu Yang’s feet, and shook Lu, who had closed his eyes. Raise his shoulders and yell softly: "Lu Yang! Get up! Get up and go to the bedroom to sleep! It’s uncomfortable to sleep on the sofa!" Lu Yang awakened as he was moving. Lu Yang at this time was no different from ordinary drunk people. She was limp, didn't want to move at all, and opened a right eye in a daze. Weakly shook her hand and said, "No, no...I'll sleep here...just is very comfortable..."Rui Xiaoxiu frowned, hesitated, and looked at it. The sofa was not very wide. After thinking about it, he went forward to help Lu Yang without any explanation. While helping, he said: "No! Sleeping on the sofa, you will get up tomorrow with backache and backache, and what should you do if you fall asleep at night? Good! Come with me to the bedroom to sleep..."Lu Yang this time Just like a child. No matter how Rui Xiaoxiu persuaded, he just said he wanted to sleep here. If Rui Xiaoxiu was Cao Xue, she would definitely not be able to move Lu Yang tonight, but Rui Xiaoxiu is different. Regardless of her appearance and slender figure, she runs the family store with her mother all the year round. She often moves goods and has very good physical fitness. Okay, I have a lot of strength in my hands. Under the force of my hands, I pulled Lu Yang up from the sofa and put one arm on her shoulder. Regardless of Lu Yang's reluctance, he half dragged and half dragged. Got to the bedroom. When Lu Yang was settled on the bed, Rui Xiaoxiu, who was sweating a lot, calmed down again. There was another depression between her eyebrows. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Rui Xiaoxiu watched Lu Yang faintly and closed her eyes. After watching Lu Yang’s face for a long time, she suddenly leaned down and kissed Lu Yang’s lips. Then she looked at Lu Yang silently for a while, suddenly lowered her eyes, and lowered her head to help Lu Yang carefully. After tucking the corners on both sides, she got up and left the bedroom. When she went out, she gently closed the door. This is very abnormal. It stands to reason that it is late at night and she should rest too. Why does she walk out of the bedroom at this time and close the door gently? Rui Xiaoxiu walked into the study again, took out a stack of unused draft paper from Lu Yang’s desk, and wrote some words on it with Lu Yang’s usual pencil. Finally, she will write it. The manuscript paper was placed on Lu Yang's laptop, the pencil was put back in the pen holder on the desk, and he turned and left the study. After another while, Rui Xiaoxiu dragged a small suitcase and a backpack to open the door and went out. In the middle of the night, the door made a soft "click" and locked. The living room was completely dark and quiet, except for the even breathing sound of Lu Yang in the bedroom. ……The next day, when the sun was three poles, Lu Yang opened his eyes, who was completely asleep, and shouted with a smile before he saw anything: "Xiaoxiu! Give me a kiss!"Lu Yang always seemed more fun when he was with his girlfriend. For example, when Rui Xiaoxiu came recently, when he got up in the morning, he was used to not staying open. Open your eyes and call Rui Xiaoxiu to kiss him. At the beginning, Rui Xiaoxiu naturally couldn't do it, but after a few times, she would also cooperate with him with a smile. She usually goes to bed earlier than Lu Yang at night, and wakes up earlier in the morning than Lu Yang. Here, she wakes up early in the morning and has nothing to do. Generally, she wakes up without getting up and playing in bed. Playing on the phone, or just lying down with his eyes open, for this reason, Lu Yang received her response to this request every morning. The two had a great time playing this trick, but Lu Yang called as usual this morning, but did not get the expected response. Lu Yang opened his eyes suspiciously and looked around, where is the bed? Is there Rui Xiaoxiu's figure? Did she get up early today? That's right! I drank too much last night, and I must have slept for a long time. There should be a *point now, right? Xiaoxiu should get up...This idea flashed through Lu Yang's mind, and didn't think much about it. A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he got up from the bed, picked up the clothes on the bedside table and put it on his body, thinking about it when I was getting dressed, waited to go out and see Xiaoxiu. Be sure to lick her face and leave more saliva on her face, so that she won’t be with me in bed in the morning...The clothes will be quickly put on, Lu Yang wore slippers and opened the door from the room. When he came out, there was still a bad smile on his face, and he didn't call Rui Xiaoxiu. Plan to pass quietly and give her a sneak attack. But when he came out of the bedroom, Lu Yang found that the house was quiet today, except for his own slight footsteps. The curtains in the bedroom behind him made a sound of fluttering in the wind. Where is Xiaoxiu? With doubts in his heart, Lu Yang found the; the second; bathroom...the door is open and there is no inside...less than one Within minutes, Lu Yang searched all the places in the house, but Rui Xiaoxiu was not seen. "Did she go out shopping?"Lu Yang muttered to himself in confusion, but always felt that the house seemed a little empty, and it felt like something was missing... But Lu Yang still didn't think much, just with a touch of doubt. Go to the toothbrush and wash your face first, then go to the study to get your own purple sand teapot, planning to make a pot of tea for yourself first. I wondered if Rui Xiaoxiu went out to buy breakfast for him. Because of this speculation, Lu Yang had no plans to go to the kitchen to make breakfast for the time being. Walking into the study, walked to the desk, reached out and picked up the slap-sized purple sand teapot on the table, Lu Yang turned around and was about to go out to make tea. The body has already turned, but then turned back suspiciously. His eyes fell on the stack of scratch papers on the laptop. After rebirth, his memory is very good. He clearly remembers when he left home yesterday. I didn't put a stack of manuscript paper on the computer, and there were handwritings on the manuscript paper, which were obviously Rui Xiaoxiu's characters. The font was neat and tidy. Lu Yang had a bad premonition in his heart and was stunned, but he still reached out and picked up the manuscript paper on the computer, brought the manuscript paper to his eyes, all the text on the manuscript paper came into view. "Lu Yang! After you went out to drink and talk with people yesterday, I received a phone call from my aunt, and the aunt told me that my mother is sick, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I must Go back and have a look. When you read this letter, I should be home soon. Don’t worry about me! You are in Shanghai by yourself. Remember to take good care of yourself. If there’s nothing wrong at home, I’ll come to accompany you again! Finally, I want to say, these days when I came to Shanghai, I am very happy, really!-Xiaoxiu."This letter is not many words, Lu Yang read it in a few glances, and finally knows today Why is the house so quiet? I always feel that something is missing. Rui Xiaoxiu is gone, she will definitely take her things away. Lu Yang held the small teapot in one hand and the manuscript paper in one hand. He stood for a moment like a sculpture, sighed inwardly, and threw the manuscript paper back to the desk and took it out of his trouser pocket. The mobile phone dials Rui Xiaoxiu's number. The phone rang a few times, and Rui Xiaoxiu answered it. On the phone, she still said those words. She hasn't arrived home yet, and she still doesn't know if her mother is really sick. Lu Yang had some doubts that Rui Xiaoxiu's mother had deliberately pretended to be sick, and used the news of pretending to be sick to deceive Rui Xiaoxiu back. But he couldn't use this reason to call Rui Xiaoxiu back, because it was also possible that her mother was really sick. After putting down the phone, Lu Yang silently glanced at the empty house, took a sigh of relief, turned around and began to quietly tidy up the computer and manuscript paper on the desk. Go and pack the clothes in the bedroom...Since Rui Xiaoxiu is not here for the time being, he doesn't want to live here anymore, go back to the newly bought villa! While packing these things, Lu Yang always felt a little empty in his heart. If Rui Xiaoxiu’s mother pretended to be sick, then Rui Xiaoxiu went back this time, and she was afraid it would be difficult to escape again in the future. ……(My novel "Rebirth 2003" will have more fresh content on the official WeChat and a 100% lucky draw gift for everyone! Now Open WeChat, click on the "+" sign "add friend" at the top right, search for the official account "qdread" and follow, hurry up!) (to be continued)ps: thanks to the good flying people, fried potatoes The world is rewarding 100 coins, thanks to Ziyue Youlin for the sandwich biscuits, thank you for rewarding 588 coins, thank you for the clown toy box presented by 灬lhw, and thank you for your monthly pass.