Rebirth 2003

Chapter 682: So 1 night

   When He Baiming and Huang Xiaolei returned to the villa, Bai Jingjing was already asleep in Lu Yang's arms, and fell asleep before drinking a box of yogurt.


   "Mr. Lu! I'm really sorry, since Jingjing is asleep, I will call a car to take her back right away?"


   Huang Xiaolei said apologetically, she was going to look for the number while taking out her mobile phone.


"no need!"


   Lu Yang said lightly: "I have prepared the guest room for Jingjing. You don't need to take a taxi, Sister He! You can drive her away!"


   The next sentence was naturally addressed to He Baiming.


He Baiming responded and gave Huang Xiaolei a please gesture. Huang Xiaolei glanced at the sleeping Bai Jingjing worriedly, but when she thought of the mixed relationship between Bai Jingjing and Lu Yang, she barely squeezed out a smile and thanked Lu Yang. Turned and left.


  Looking at the two people leaving, Lu Yang looked back, glanced at Bai Jingjing's sleeping face, sighed slightly, and picked her up and walked to the guest room on the second floor.


   The housekeeper and the nanny aunt watched from behind, hesitating, but still did not follow.


To this boss, the housekeeper and the nanny aunt are very good in other aspects. It’s a bit messy about the girlfriend, but it’s normal to think about it. Such a young rich person has a few relationships before getting married. What's so strange about your female friends?


   Both of them have worked in wealthy people for more than one year or two years. What kind of situation has not been seen?


   The two looked at each other, and the housekeeper said to the aunt: "Go and clean up and go to sleep!"




   Auntie responded and went to clean up.




  Upstairs, Lu Yang carried Bai Jingjing into the guest room all the way. Gently put her on the bed, and help her to remove her coat, shoes and socks without any hassle. He went to the bathroom and took a little warm water from the basin, and gently wiped Bai Jingjing's face and hands. When it's over, think about it and change the foot basin and bring her some warm water to help her wash her feet.


During this process, Bai Jingjing opened her eyes in a daze. Seeing that Lu Yang was washing her face and feet, she did not resist. She laughed unconsciously, and lay half down on the bed and squinted her eyes. Young waits.


   Waiting for Lu Yang to finish everything, come back and put her down. When helping her to cover the air-conditioning quilt, she subconsciously reached out and grabbed Lu Yang’s wrist, and said in a daze, "You, did you not, didn’t you like, like to move or move with me? Tonight, I will , I will give you everything... Okay, okay? Ming, I wake up tomorrow, you and you don’t have to be responsible to me... You, you, don’t you, are you afraid of being wrong, being responsible to me, and being responsible? Yes, Right?"


   Lu Yang sat on the edge of the bed, watching and listening quietly.


   After she finished speaking, she smiled faintly, looking at her drunk beautiful face, as if she saw her as a student, at that time. She sits in front of him every day and can see her smiling face every day is a kind of enjoyment.


   Especially the depression in the middle of her lower lip, always attracts his eyes. I feel very sexual, and I always fantasize about what it would be like to kiss.


   Although at that time, he preferred Feng Tingting.


   But when I was young. When there are all kinds of beautiful classmates around, there are a few boys in their hearts. Are you only interested in a certain girl?


   When I was young, the love between men and women was unstable. Easy to break up, why? Is it just because they don’t know how to tolerate each other?


   may not be!


   When I was young, regardless of men and women, there were several opposite sexes around me that made me interested. I always felt that this was not good. I could try to pursue others. Why are the relationships between handsome men and beautiful women so unstable?


   After all, there are still more people to choose from than ordinary people.


   During the exam, there are only four options for a multiple-choice question. When many people don’t know the real answer, they swing around and don’t know which one to choose.


   What's more, in life, are there so many people of the same age around us?


   Lu Yang stared at Bai Jingjing's face in awe. As mentioned earlier, she and Liu Yifei are six to seven points alike, and their looks are naturally beyond doubt.


   If it were a past life, Lu Yangneng and Bai Jingjing would be as sweet as drinking honey.


   Now, being alone in a room with her, watching her lying in front of him seemingly unguarded, and inviting him to spend the spring evening together tonight, Lu Yang is inevitably shaken.


   The slightly rough right palm gently stroked the white and smooth surface of Bai Jingjing, the thumb gently stroked the depression of her lower lip, Lu Yang smiled slightly.


   A woman is like a flower. This delicate flower is willing to let him pick it. At this moment, his heart is peaceful and beautiful.


   silently bent down her upper body and gently kissed her lips, like a dragonfly, but that was all.


   "Go to sleep! Obedient!"


   Talking, Lu Yang helped her to cover the air conditioner, and with Bai Jingjing's blurred eyes, he exited the room, turned off the light, and gently closed the door.


   Coming out of the guest room and walking in the quiet corridor, Lu Yang's expression remained calm, his eyes were deep, and there were many ways of maturity. As long as he was clear-headed and asked himself to face anything, he was mature.


   As for this mature state of mind, is it good or bad, or evil? That might be the case.


Returning to the study, sitting back in front of the computer, Lu Yang picked up the small purple teapot next to the computer, took a sip, and put the electronic cigarette in his mouth, looking at the words already written on the document, looking for the status for a while, then continued. Start codeword.


   continued to write until nearly two o'clock in the middle of the night. After finishing writing the manuscript of today's third chapter, he saved all the manuscripts, turned off the computer, and went to take a bath and rest.


At night, it’s already very quiet. Big Shanghai is indeed a city that never sleeps, but the island where this villa is located is quieter than other places. In such a night, everything is already silent, even if the city outside the island is still brightly lit and the avenue is still The traffic is endless.


When    came out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom, Lu Yang did not turn on the light.


   With his current net worth, it is of course not to save a little electricity bill, but a habit.


   I said more than once in the previous article that he likes the dark night. When there is no need to turn on the lights at night, he rarely turns on the lights. What's more, the faint moonlight outside the window spills into the bedroom. When he walks into the bedroom, he can see.


   Just when I walked to the bed. His footsteps stopped.


   Calm but slightly tired eyes fell on the bulge of the big bed...


  Bai Jingjing actually slept peacefully on his bed, draped like waterfalls of hair on the pillow towel. To set off her sleeping face, Lu Yang thought of a word-Haitang Chunshui.


   is like a quiet crabapple flower.


   smiled silently. Lu Yang understood Bai Jingjing's mind.


   should have been drunk, not knowing when he stumbled on his bed, that little head was still thinking of the thought of dedication tonight.


   It's just that she shouldn't have expected that he would write the manuscript so late at night, and she really fell asleep after waiting.


Lu Yang casually threw the bath towel that wiped the water stains on his head on the side stool, and did not go to carry Bai Jingjing back to the guest room, so he gently opened the corner of the air conditioner on her body, and lay gently behind her. One arm reached under her head, and one hand embraced her. Bai Jingjing didn't wake up, and he didn't make any other movements. He sniffed the fragrance of her hair lightly, and quietly closed his eyes and fell asleep.


   After a short while, he also fell asleep.




   The next day, a faint morning light shone into the window, and the morning light sprinkled on Bai Jingjing's eyelashes. Perhaps the faint warm feeling made her eyelashes itchy, and the eyelashes quivered twice. Opened blankly.


   The scenes that greeted her were familiar and unfamiliar, not the dormitory she was familiar with.


   watched for two seconds. She finally realized that this was the master bedroom on the second floor of Lu Yang's villa, this discovery. She was shocked, and then she felt a thick arm under her head. She still had one arm around her waist, and what made her stiffen--she clearly felt a heavy thigh resting on her leg. Both of my legs seem to be numb.


   The white crystal face changed.


   The snow-white teeth clasped his lower lip subconsciously, and his head turned grain by grain. After a lot of work, he finally saw Lu Yang's sleeping face behind him.


   Bai Jingjing opened her mouth, her eyes closed tightly, her brows were frowning together, she felt ashamed and mad, her eyes closed and opened again, her pretty face was quickly stained with red clouds.


   One hand frantically scratched his hair a few times, messing up all the hair.


Regarding the memories of last night, I remember little by little, remember that I was drunk last night, I also remembered taking a taxi, and the situation of getting drunk in Lu Yang's place, and remembering that Lu Yang gently wiped her face, Hands, and the condition of washing feet.


   even remembered the situation when he swayed and supported the wall and touched Lu Yang's bedroom while sleeping.


But all the memories are over here. As for when Lu Yang went to bed, when did he stretch his arm under his head, when did the other arm put his arms around his waist, and what kind of thigh was that frame? When it comes to me, I can't remember it at all.


  Even, Bai Jingjing didn't know whether he possessed her last night.


  The reason all came back to her mind, Bai Jingjing couldn't help feeling regret and ashamed for her actions last night.


   I am a girl, and actually climbed onto a man’s bed...


   If this matter spreads out, how will I behave in the future?


   Blinked his eyes and carefully felt some of the conditions of her chest and lower body. Bai Jingjing was still not sure what happened last A small face was already wrinkled in embarrassment.


In the end, she still didn't dare to alarm Lu Yang. Little by little, she pulled herself out of Lu Yang's arms, and then slipped into the bed little by little. , But somehow after that, I felt disappointed.


Looking at Lu Yang’s sleeping face intricately for a while, Bai Jingjing’s expression gradually calmed down, the red glow on her face faded, her expression was a little sad, and she left Lu Yang’s bedroom with mixed feelings and went to the guest room last night. Putting on his coat, shoes and socks, and lightly stepped downstairs.


   "Miss Bai is early!"


Downstairs, the housekeeper who was feeding a few turtles saw Bai Jingjing go downstairs, smiled and greeted, and suddenly made Bai Jingjing feel like a fire on her face, and she responded with a low voice. He didn't dare to look at the butler's expression, so he subconsciously The ground speeded up and hurriedly fled and left. (To be continued...)


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