Rebirth 2003

Chapter 683: September 2

? September 2nd.


  Shanghai`Hai`South Station Exit.


   There are hundreds of people who pick up the car by sitting or standing. The specific number may be more than that. There are signs, banners, and cars, taxis, buses, minibuses...


   Lu Yang parked his car in a roadside parking space tens of meters away. When he got out of the car, he glanced at the dazzling sunlight outside, picked up his sunglasses from the platform, and put them on the face when he got out of the car.


The sun was very strong today, and as soon as I got off the bus, there was a heat wave rushing towards him. Looking at the crowd picking up the bus at the exit, Lu Yang smiled, and he felt like returning to the year he was just in college. From the train station, there were many people outside to pick up the car, but the situation at that time was nothing compared to today.


   There is only one university in H city, A province, while in Greater Shanghai, it is said that including undergraduates and junior colleges, all universities together, there are 74.


   Well, what is Lu Yang doing here?


   Naturally because his sister Lu Ying will also come here to report to the school today.


   Lu Ying was finally admitted to an undergraduate art design major in Shanghai. As for the name of the school, let’s use Shanghai N University for the time being!


   A few days ago, after Lu Ying's college entrance examination scores and undergraduate admission scores came out, she called Lu Yang to ask for his elder brother's opinion and asked her which school to choose and what major?


   Lu Yang gave only one suggestion at the beginning: choose whatever you want to read. Choose a university in which city you want to live in.


   For Lu Yang. As long as my sister is happy, it doesn't matter what she learns. Even if she doesn't go to work all her life after graduation, he can make her live decently.


   Maybe this kind of idea is very undesirable in the eyes of some highly motivated people.


   But Lu Yang just wanted her sister to live well, learn her favorite profession, and do what she likes to do.


  In my last life, because there were two boys in the family, my sister even did well in school. Lu Yang has always apologized for not being able to go to university.


   He has the ability to compensate her in this life. Naturally, he hopes that everything goes well with her. The money he earns in this life will not be spent all his life. If he doesn't let his younger brothers and sisters help to spend a little, what do you want so much money to do?


   When going out today, Lu Yang just found a pair of trousers and a dark blue shirt to wear. For him, it's just a very casual dress, but because the clothes and workmanship are excellent, coupled with the tall and straight figure. The mature and stable momentum, just after getting off the car, attracted the attention of some people nearby.


   A person has money but no money. It can often be seen at a glance.


   And this era is another era where money is supreme.


   Lu Yang, with a faint smile on his face, walked towards the exit of the station unhurriedly. Along the way, oncoming people. All avoid him subconsciously.


   After a short while, Lu Yang came to the exit, glanced around, and saw the banner and school bus of Shanghai N University accepting new students.


  Lu Yang didn't go anywhere else. He just stood not far below the banner. He believed that when his sister came out of the station, she would subconsciously look for the sign of his school.


   "On the right hand side of the exit, I am under the banner of your school."


   Standing there, Lu Yang used his mobile phone to edit a text message and send it to his sister, with a casual and casual look.


   "Hello! Hello! Are you also a freshman of our N University? Which train did you arrive? Why didn't you see you when the previous train arrived?"


   Lu Yang just sent the message, and the tall girl with a sleeve badge on the blue T-shirt cuffs under the banner walked up to Lu Yang and asked politely.


   Lu Yang looked at her unexpectedly and couldn't help but smile.


   subconsciously touched the hard stubble on his chin, Lu Yang smiled and shook his head: "No! I will pick up my sister! She is a freshman in your school!"


   Am I still like a freshman in college?


   Lu Yang thought amusedly when he answered the girl.


   "Ah? I'm sorry! I admitted wrong! Well, what is your sister's name? Is the next car coming? My name is Yin Qingying! What do you call it?"


   Yin Qingying smiled awkwardly, and she pulled a strand of hair behind her ear, stretched out her white and slender palm to introduce herself to Lu Yang, and then asked Lu Yang what her name is.


   At this time, Lu Yang looked at her more.


   At least 85 points!


Nearly 1.7 meters tall, among the girls, she is slim, with long melon-seeded faces, a bit like Liang Luoshi when she was young, with long eyebrows and bright eyes, Qiongbiying's peach mouth, and the most special thing is her sideburns. It hangs down like a hero in a martial arts movie, but it also has a special charm, and has the feeling of a woman.


   Yin Qingying...


   Lu Yang couldn't hear the specific three words, but they sounded pretty good and very pleasing.


   Listen to her accent, like the accent of Su Zhou.


   "Hello! My surname is Lu! My sister is Lu Ying!"


   Lu Yang smiled and stretched out his hand and shook it with her.


  During college, those who receive new students are usually sophomores.


   Junior students are about to go for internships. In the two years of university, they have long become old fritters. Generally speaking, they are not enthusiastic about receiving new students, while sophomore students are different.


   These people have just been promoted from the freshman year, and they are very excited about participating in school, especially in this kind of university for four years, and they only have one chance to receive freshmen.


   Some students regard it as an opportunity to exercise their social communication skills, and some students find out the handsome or beautiful freshmen in the first time.


   Otherwise, why does every university always have such a popular sentence every time new students start?


  —Fire and theft, brother!


   Actually, sometimes senpai also needs to beware.


  In almost all universities, the time when freshmen enroll in each year is the peak period for the sophomores and seniors to end their single period.


   These brothers and sisters are shameless! Before many freshmen had reacted, they had already taken down the handsome guys and beauties in the freshmen.


   The freshmen waiting for the singles to recover from the freshness of just entering the university, when they are ready to find a girl before the end of the month. Suddenly found that there are not a few high-quality handsome guys and beauties left.


   Uh, the topic seems to be far off! Closer to home!


   said so much. I just want to say why Yin Qingying took the initiative to come here to receive freshmen. It is probably to exercise her social skills. If she is still a member of the school's student union, maybe she is also a leader of the student union.


   Seeing this, some people may ask, is it impossible for her to come here to end singleness and find the handsome freshman in the first time?


Fellow students!


   Do you think this possibility is really great?


  As a beauty! A beauty who is not introverted, and every university has so many hungry and thirsty single dogs, does Yin Qingying usually lack suitors?


   The answer is naturally no!


   Then, the reason for her presence here. It is probably just to exercise one's own communicative skills, or even just because of the responsibilities of being a member of the student union.


   There seems to be another problem here?


   Why is Yin Qingying probably a member of the Student Union?


   There are so many students in each school, and the membership of the student union is always limited. Why is she likely to be?


  The reason is still simple!


   Outgoing handsome guys and beautiful women are members of student unions in many universities! There are exceptions, but non-student union members have significantly lower enthusiasm for school affairs, and they are less likely to show up at the train station to receive freshmen.


All right! Let's not talk about it.


   Lu Yang is standing here, but the train that my sister took has not arrived yet. Yin Qingying was fine for the time being, perhaps out of curiosity about Lu Yang, she had been standing next to Lu Yang and chatting with Lu Yang.


"Big Brother Lu! Are you here to pick up your sister? Will you go to our school with our school bus later? It's okay! If you want to visit our school with your sister, wait for me to help you in the school bus. Arrange seats on!"


   Yin Qingying is very enthusiastic. Lu Yang's car stopped a bit far away. She hadn't seen Lu Yang get off the car just now.


   Lu Yang still smiled.


   "Thank you! But no need, I am driving here!"


   may be this sentence. Aroused Yin Qingying's curiosity.


   "Oh? Brother Lu! What do you do? I didn't take a closer look just now, but now you look like you. You should already be working, right? Did you ask for leave today?".


   Lu Yang: "Freelance! What about you? What kind of profession? Can you tell me something?".


   Lu Yang asked this question without any other meaning. It’s just that when I don’t want to chat, the topic always revolves around him. Every time his profession is introduced to people in detail, it often arouses other people’s questioning one after another. It can be said in a few words, and people are asked a lot. Lu Yang was bored a long time ago.


   Yin Qingying: "My! Guess what!"


   Yin Qingying put her hands behind her back, holding a sizable chest, smiled, looked up at Lu Yang, and asked him to guess.


   Lu Yang laughed twice, shook his head with a smile, and said, "You don't give any hints, where can I guess?"


   looked up and down Yin Qingying's eyes again, Lu Yang didn't see the clue at all. It was really the major he was studying, and it was really hard to tell from a person's physical characteristics and temperament.


   Yin Qingying also smiled.


   "I study garden design!" she said.


   Lu Yang laughed again when he heard the words: "You are a professional who still makes me guess? How can I guess it?"


   Yin Qingying pursed her mouth and laughed, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com asked again: "Brother Lu! How many years have you been in Shanghai? You are now working here. You used to be at the university here, right? Is it also our school? If so, then I should call you a sound director Oh!"




Lu Yang was just about to answer. The tall and handsome boy who had been watching here not far away finally couldn't help it. He walked in a few strides, inserted between Lu Yang and Yin Qingying, and looked at Lu with bad eyes. Yang gave a glance, turned her head and said to Yin Qingying: "Yin Qingying! The next bus is coming soon, what are you still doing here? Come with me!"


   Yin Qingying's smile stagnated, and Lu Yang laughed inwardly, thinking of the various elite monsters guarding the strange flowers and weeds in the game.


   When he saw Yin Qingying for the first time, he knew that such a beautiful girl must have no lack of suitors around him. He didn't expect to appear so soon. (To be continued...)


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