Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 78: Cannon gray cat's counterattack (5)

The blue eyes of the eyes looked at themselves like this, and the bright moonlight seemed to condense in it.

Odley’s breathing was almost chaotic, and the lips couldn’t stop moving up. The straight back was not moving. The tail fins that fell down the reef were shot uncontrollably on the surface of the sea, rolling up one silent after another. swirl.

The tip of the **** hanging on the side of the body fluttered, and the sharp and sharp nails quickly popped up and quickly recovered. He rubbed his lips and bent slightly in the clear and transparent eyes. Red tongue tip.

The soft and warm tongue flicked over the fingertips, and the apex seemed to be gently rubbed a few times by the feathers. The pupils were instantly enlarged, and Ye Si Nian took a breath.

"It's delicious..." O'Del raised his head and stared at the little milk cat who was close at hand. I don't know if the fish in the mouth is delicious, or it means other.

The low-pitched voice whispered in the ear, and Ye Si-nian blinked and blinked as if he was confused. He looked straight into the cold pool where the bottomless bottom was not seen.

More and more scorching breathing with suppressed enthusiasm, the cool sea breeze can not blow out the flame of jumping in the heart, Ye Si Nian looked at the pair of gradually enlarged eyelids, slowly closed his eyes.

The eyes were full of dark colors that could not be opened. Odry couldn't help but reach out and touch the lean waist of the little milk cat. The distance between the two was getting closer.

The soft, soft lips slammed into contact, and the enthusiasm in the heart spurted out like a volcano. O'Dalley couldn't help but hold the waist of Yates, and his tongue entangled his soft and delicious tongue. .

The waves slammed against the reef, and the mist that caused it made the bright moonlight a little bit awkward. The two people who were coated with a layer of silver moonlight kissed on the wide reef, and the picture was incredible.

Ye Si Nian licks the neck of the mermaid, the blue eyes are gently closed, and the long eyelashes tremble with the owner's movements.

The fluffy ears on the top of the head shook sensitively from time to time, and the long tail behind him did not know when it came out and swayed gently in the air.

The strong and powerful deep purple fishtail patted the sea, and O'Dal accurately reached out and grabbed the little milk cat's furry hair and his completely different tail, and gently stroked it.

The apex of the heart trembled, and Ye Si Nian opened his eyes violently, and the blue eyes overflowing with water were so big that he stunned two times in surprise.

The hand that grabbed his tail was touched by the tip of the tail, and the pupil tightened. Ye Si Nian slammed his tail and escaped the palm of his hand.

"What's wrong, huh?" O'Delley said, so he bowed his head and the little milk cat in his arms crossed his forehead. The voice had a shallow nasal sound, which confuses people to the extreme.

Ye Si Nian’s hairy two groups shook, but when he thought about his bad behavior, the face was unconsciously red again, and the red lips that were kissed with bright colors were stunned. He said: "The tail can't be touched!"

The color of the twilight was a few degrees uncontrollably. O'Brien's lips were getting bigger and bigger. He couldn't help but get close to the little milk cat. He tapped his tongue and rubbed it on the red lips. Shen Shen said: "Then I will touch it later..."

In the heart turned a big white eye, Ye Si Nian reached out and pulled him with a wet hair, said: "I have not asked you."

"What?" O'Deal nostalgicly kissed the pair of seductive lips, which opened the distance and asked in confusion.

The tail that swayed behind him suddenly stopped the movement, and the ears on his head shook. Ye Sinian licked his lips and coughed softly: "You...cough, haven't said...I don't like me..."

Aldley raised his brow in surprise and looked at the little milk cat in his arms.

Like being smothered by his thin red face, Odley reached out and gently stroked his furry head, his voice was low and sweet, with a solemn promise: "Of course, I like you."

There was an accurate enthusiasm on the ring finger. Ye Sinian’s eyes were full of disguise, and the sparkling phoenix slammed slightly. He smiled and reached for the lover’s neck, and kissed his face. "I like you too!"

The heart was filled with an unspeakable emotion, and O'Dry looked at Yesin, who was full of joy, and reached out to his chest with some slyness. Under the palm of his hand, it was a heartbeat that rang the rhythm.

The lips curled up in a pleasant arc, and Odley licked his lips and tentatively reached out.

Isaiah looked down and looked down. I saw an ink-colored rope lying quietly in the palm of the mermaid. The pure black stone beads were tied into a strange shape, which looked very special...special.

The rear fins of Odrich stretched to almost the point of rigidity on the surface of the water. The sound of the waves slamming the reef, the cool sea breeze, and the bright moonlight seemed to leave him, and the time seemed to be stagnant.

His slightly pale lips clung into a sharp line, and the ink-colored pupils stared at the little milk cat with his head down and not talking.

I was surprised by this... Oh no, it’s a special stunned Ye Si Nian who finally recovered in the eyes that almost turned into a substance. He pulled his lips unconsciously and slowly reached for it. It’s up.

The eyes and expressions softened, and O'Deal unnaturally hooked his lips. The voice after the tension was hoarse: "I will help you wear it?"

The furry ears on his head couldn't help but shake. Yesi couldn't bear to look straight away from the special stone beads on the palm of his hand, and he was full of serious eyes on the pair.

The eyes were full of joyful light, and O'Deal's fingers bent unconsciously. The voice explained a little low: "I did this myself, look good?"

As he spoke, he tapped his fingertips and clicked on the poor stone bead that was **** by the five flowers. His eyes filled with expectations: "And my eyes are a color!"

The heart smashed into a piece of softness. Ye Si Nian coveted the surface of the stone that was not very smooth. He rubbed his lips and smiled a little bit in his eyes. He said, "Come on me!"


Early the next morning.

Ready for the food, but he did not see his brother get up, Isis curiously scratched the back of his head.

In the past, Ian was the first in the family!

I thought about it, although I thought that my brother couldn't have anything to do with it, but Is couldn't help but worry about it. He stunned and slammed his feet and went to his brother's room.

The door curtain made of animal skin was smashed, and Isis carefully entered a head.

A small milk cat that fell asleep and fell into a beast type was quietly lying on a stone bed. The white belly was gently undulating, and it was still asleep at first glance.

With a worried look, Iss almost softened into water when he touched the small group on the bed. He thought that he had pulled his brother last night and talked late at night, and his self-blame was overflowing!

For fear of disturbing his brother's sweet dreams, Isis carefully lowered the curtain and quietly retreated.

On the stone bed, the little milk cat licked his eyelids, and a pair of blue eyes were clear and without a trace of drowsiness.

Lazy to turn over, and a lover who sneaked back to his lover, yawned, and slowly squinted.

Put the cooked broth back into the stone pot with the temperature and find that there is no other omission. Isis, who made up his mind to return as soon as possible, walked out of the house lightly.

After last night’s conversation, it’s like a slap in the face, and the eyes of Isis, who are very clear-minded and rational, are more determined.

Bert and Casey, he must not let go, but in the end, he should consider it.

Since you can't face it directly as you thought before, you have to think about a comprehensive plan!

The most important thing now is to figure out how many people are really behind Beth. As long as these people are excluded, others can just fight for it!

Everyone has shortcomings, he doesn't believe it! As long as he has prepared himself, can Bert still be invincible?

As for the Casey who will be rescued by Bert in the near future...

Solving Bert, is Casey still a big problem?

As he walked, he bowed his head and thought about the plan. He did not notice that the object in his mind was turning to look at him.

The eyebrows wrinkled unconsciously, and Burt looked at Iss, who was slowly coming from a distance, and his eyes were a little unpleasant.

I don't know why, Ise, who was only full of worship and love when he faced him, suddenly became like a person. Although he did not show too much, he still followed him every day, but he did not feel at all. The same.

Take yesterday's business, if you put it in front, if you see Ay and yourself talking so close, Iss must have been very unhappy to insert in. But Yess did not respond at all!

In order to verify this idea, I even did not even push Ayle's hand on my shoulder! But Isis is just like not seeing it at all!

Is this the Iss who likes to follow behind him and be determined to be a partner with himself? !

Although he was tired of being always attached to his behavior, he thought that if one day he disappeared completely, but...

But how can he not care about it like this? !

At this time, Ess did not notice the anger of Bert's heart. He smiled and greeted others. He inherited the handsome face of his father and filled with a confident and handsome smile. The blue eyes were crystal clear and beautiful. It is.

The fighting power of the winged lion and tiger beasts is deeply felt by the entire Ig tribe. If it was not because of the fact that there was only Bert in the eyes of the former Iss, he turned a blind eye to the diligence of others, and he was also a very popular figure among the younger generation of the tribe. .

Just like now, his hearty smile and his focused eyes make a dry animal type a herbivore, and the younger man who is thinner than the body can't help but smile.

The orcs have always been worshipping the strong, and Isa’s combat power is only weaker than that of Moribert, and they are a very good companion in their hearts.

You know, although everyone's animal type is strange, but not everyone can accept a cold Mori as a companion, especially the Mori is so proud, they are always dismissive of fighting power is not as good as him.

In comparison, the animal type is a furry winged lion and beast, and even the Iss who can fly in the air makes them feel close.


There is only Bert in the eyes of Ess...

It was thought that only Ebert, who had only Bert in his eyes, smiled and nodded his head to say hello, which converges a part of the smile and walks to Bert.

Although he has decided to start to change his impression in everyone's mind, it is still not suitable for Burt.

At this time, it was a human figure. But the copper-yellow eyes of Bert gave a feeling of coldness and thorns that belonged to the snake. He looked at Iss, who was approaching the front, and opened his mouth with anger: "No. I think you are very popular!"

Being stared at by such a pair of eyes, Ess’s face did not change at all. He blinked innocently, as if he did not understand him at all, and he did not understand the truth: “What is popular?”

Deeply took a breath, not far from the patriarch has announced that he is about to leave, Burt looked at Iss deeply, saying: "Taste the present position, the people in the tribe who want to replace you are beyond imagination."

After saying that, instead of responding to Iss, he snorted and went to the patriarch.

Iss had been in the same place for a long time. He patted his own brain. He only felt that he had definitely entered the sand in his mind, and he would fall in love with such a arrogant and disrespectful person!

But this is also good.

Such a arrogant person is better than no faults, indestructible and better! 2k novel reading network