Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 79: Counterattack of cannon fodder cat (6)

Straight limbs stretched out a big lazy waist, and even the furry wings that had not faded down on the back also shook, Ye Sinian opened his eyes lazily.

In the heart of the movement, the lazy little milk cat disappeared instantly on the stone bed. Instead, it was a black-haired boy with milky white skin and a slightly thin body.

Just woke up from his sleep, the mind has not fully recovered into the usual Qingming, Ye Si Nian eyes looked around in a blank way, only after a long while to realize where and where he is.

I want to know why my dear lover is not around, and Ye Si Nian slammed his head, and the blue eyes disappeared.

Andy, who heard the movement, looked up and said to the curtain made of animal skin: "Ian? Are you awake?"

Last night, the two brothers chatted outside to sleep very late. Although he did not know when they would return to the house, but now it is almost noon, and Ian should wake up.

"Wake up." Hearing his father, Ye Sinian blinked and swayed out.

The little milk cat son came out from behind the curtain, and Andy looked lovingly at his sleepy red face, his eyes almost softened into a pool of water, he pointed to the stone pot still with the warmth, laughing Road: "Hungry is not hungry? Iss left you a broth, go drink!"

Ye Si Nian blinked and wondered: "Is it going to hunt again? Father?"

"A few days later is the Beast God Festival. Isis followed the patriarchs and they went hunting to prepare food. Eli took people to dig the white stone." In the thought of the lively beast festival, Andy couldn't help but look forward to it.

The Beast God Festival is the day when the beasts worship the beasts. On this day, all the tribes will offer the most delicious and richest food for the beasts. At night, they will also hold a bonfire party. Everyone will be in the joyful song and dance. Grateful to the great beast and pray for abundant food and strong cubs to the beast.

Although the Iger tribes are all deportees, everyone is still very grateful that the beasts are willing to give them a peaceful and affluent place to live, so this day is a very important day for all members of the Igg tribe. .

At this time, all members of the tribe will go out to hunt together, and the most powerful and delicious part of the prey is to be reserved for the beast.

Everyone is convinced that as long as the food is made to satisfy the beast, their future will be better and better.

Ye Si Nian seems to understand and nod his head. He said that although he himself did not catch a cold to the beast, the aborigines here are full of respect and worship, although the beast has never been seen...

Andy looked at the little milk cat who was obviously not very interested in her family. He said: "I am going to help clean the temple. You are at home, don't run around?"

Yesterday, he ran to the beach. Isis had already told him. Although he believed that the mermaid O'Delver would not shoot the people of the same tribe, he still had some concerns.

After all, no matter how big Ian grows up, it seems to him that he is still the little cub who needs to be protected by the palm of his hand.

In my mind, I can’t think of humanity. Ye Sin’s eyes turn and pretend to be inadvertently: “Do you still need to help make the food of the Beast Festival?”

"No." Andy stunned, although he didn't know why he asked this question, but he shook his head and said: "This time they will be responsible for Oude. They all want to pray to the beast **** to make a strong little orc! ”

The clear blue eyes flashed a sinister light, and Ye Si Nian blinked, and sincerely said: "That's great, this time I don't have to eat only the barbecue that my father made!"

It’s not that he is too picky. Eli’s craftsmanship is really flattering, because every year Andy has to help make the food of the beastly festival. Iss is busy chasing behind Bert, the brave Hane has no choice. I personally went to prepare food for my little milk cat, but his craft is limited, so...

Thinking of the original master's enthusiasm in his father's enthusiasm, silently swallowing the scenes of the barbecue that did not know how to describe it, Ye Si Nian unconsciously licked his mouth, revealing a tangled expression.

Andy laughed out loudly. He naturally understood how his own partner's craftsmanship was. He thought that his little milk cat couldn't help but complain. Andy only felt very funny in his heart, and that was because of the problem of Yesian. The raised doubts disappeared, and he licked the two furry ears and smiled: "Reassured, there must be a delicious beast festival!"

Looking forward to nodding, Ye Si Nian smiled and looked at Andy.

As the father of this body, Andy is a tall man with a slightly softer body line. No matter which aspect he looks like, he is a charming handsome uncle, and he is not the weak Liu Fufeng he imagined at the beginning. One paragraph.

At present, it is true that he did not see the weak Liu Fufeng type in the tribe. All of them can be turned into beasts, all of them are tall and strong.

Uh... I don’t know what it would be like to be a human figure.

The thoughts in the brain turned to a strange place, and the blue eyes flashed a glimpse of darkness. Ye Si Nian licked his lips and barely pressed his heart and suddenly began to fly to the beach to let himself The excitement of attacking a body.

"Hungry? Go eat!" Andy patted the little son's furry head and turned around and walked away without saying: "It's not early, I go to the temple, you are at home!" ”

"Okay!" Ye Sinian licked the blue eyes, and the furry ears on his head hang down halfway, and it looked incredible.

A few minutes later, Andy's figure finally disappeared into sight.

After washing, Ye Si Nian turned around in a small stone house, turned and walked out of the stone house to the sea.


Both the father and the brother are strong and brave lions and tigers. The family is treated as wide and the former owner Ian is still very popular in the tribe. From time to time, someone greets him friendly and sees him in the direction of the sea. Go, I am also very kind to remind him not to be close to the mermaid Odley's site, because it is not a friendly guy.

Yersian stood on the coast and stared at the calm sea, trying to find the unfriendly mermaid.

The sea under the sun presents a blue color that is tempting and confusing. The warm and humid sea breeze blows in the face, and Ye Si Nian unconsciously squints his lips slightly.

The line of sight crossed the calm sea.

Daddy, the pupil was violently magnified, and Ye Si Nian’s eyes widened, and his line of sight was almost condensed on the sea not far away.

The calm sea was broken by the sturdy mermaid, and the sturdy upper body floated above the sea. The long hair of the ink fell behind him. The mermaid raised his head and his eyes softened when he touched the people on the shore.

The smile on the lips unconsciously expands, Ye Sinian waved his hand, and the blue eyes were full of expectation and smile.

The wings behind him slammed open, and Ye Sinian pointed to the reefs far from the coast, which fluttered over.

The mermaid's dark eyes have a clear smile, and the strong and powerful fishtail in the water gently swayed and sneaked into the water and went in that direction.

On the flat and smooth surface of the reef, Ye Si Nian gently grasped the irregular edge of the reef with his hands, smiling at the lover who broke through the water.

The crystal clear water drops from his black hair and smooth forehead, and the deep dark eyes are deep to the extreme.

Ye Si Nian was tempted to raise his chin slightly, and exchanged a soft and incredible kiss with the mermaid in the water.

"Try it?"

The fishtail was swaying in the water, and the sturdy mermaid sat down on the reef. He looked down at the side of the stone lying on the stone, and the little cat with his head in his hand, his eyes were full of gentleness.

"What is this?" Ye Sinian let his hand with water stains caress the ears above his head, lazily lying in the sun, curiously glanced at the eyes held by his lover, handed to the dark blue in front of his eyes. Color object.

"It's delicious." Odley squinted his lips and took a piece to the lips of Yessian.

The movement opened his mouth incomparably. After receiving the feeding, Ye Si Nian carefully tasted the sweet and delicious taste of the mouth, while looking at the fish from the lover's tail covered with deep purple scales.

Due to the hunting in the water all year round, the upper part of the mermaid is covered with smooth and beautiful muscles, and the shape of the chest and abdominal muscles is charming. The lavender scales extend from the waist and the lower part of the waist. The color is getting deeper and deeper. It is covered on the strong and powerful fish tail. When I look at it, I only think that the color is fascinating and powerful. Now I observe it carefully, and Ye Sinian found that. The deep purple scales were unexpectedly refined.

Can't help but reach out and caress, Ye Si Nian's blue eyes are full of obsession.

Under the palm is a smooth scale with coolness, the sun shines on it, fainting a layer of faint purple halo, Ye Si Nian holding his breath and stroking down the waist of the mermaid, only feels incredibly good.

The white slender hand caressed on his dark fishtail, the caudal fins were lifted up uncontrollably, and the throat was rolled up and down a few times. Odley’s eyes were undercurrent, but there was no opening, only the abdomen was smooth in the white cat. The ear is gently stroked.

"Have you ever tried to become a leg?" Yessian reluctantly regained his gaze from the fishtail and lifted his eyes on the gentleman's eyes.

O'Dry's powerful fingers were inserted into the hair of the little milk cat. The dark pupils smudged deep and deep emotions. He looked at the blue eyes and his voice was low: "Do you want to see?"

"Is it okay?" A flash of light flashed through his eyes, and Yates couldn't help but sit up and stare at the eyes of the two eyes.

"Of course." Odley hooked his lips, and his fingertips twitched at the end of the eye that the lover had picked up slightly. His eyes were full of pets: "Close your eyes."

Ye Si Nian blinked, and he glanced at the lower half of his lover. He was strong and powerful, and he ended his eyes.

After a while, the sound of the clothes of Sosso sounded, and the two hairy groups of Ye Sin’s head shook with sensitivity, and there was a enthusiasm on his face. With his hands on his eyes, although Ye Si Nian is very eager to sneak a sneak peek, but thinking of such an act would scare people who don't know their loved ones, so they can only give up.

"Done yet?"

Time was so incomprehensible in the darkness that Ye Si Nian shook his head and couldn't help but rush.

"All right."

Odley's magnetic voice with a smile rang in his ear, and Ye Sinian realized that he had accidentally exposed his eagerness, his face was red, and he grinded his hand to block his eyes.

With his lips covering his heart and shyness, Ye Sinian raised his eyes and confronted the pair of ink eyes full of concentration and smile.

The apex of the heart trembled unconsciously, and the lips and corners could not help but **** up. Ye Sinian shrugged his nose and gave him a look. The tone was a hint of threat: "No smile!"

Looking at the smile in the eyes of the lover is finally no longer so obvious, Ye Si young coughed, and then looked down and looked at the two long legs with strong sense of existence.

The lower body was simply enclosed, and the key parts were blocked. Ye Si Nian licked his lips, and his heart flashed a little regret.

But on his face, he was cautiously not revealing his points. His eyes crossed the key parts of his lover, like being stuck, and his eyes gleamed at the two long, sturdy and powerful legs.

Probably rarely because of human form, O'Deal's legs look very white and delicate, and Ye Si Nian's hands move his fingertips uncontrollably, pressing the urge to touch it in the bottom of his heart.

In the burning sight of the little cat, he moved the toe uncomfortably. Odley’s eyebrows gently picked it. I don’t know why, he always has the illusion of being used as a prey.

Can only see and can not touch, Ye Si Nian licked his lips, regretfully sighed in his heart.

Looking down at the small arm and calf that looks very masculine in comparison, the depression in Ye Sinian’s heart is simply to be realized...

In that year, he was also a big president with countless brain powder and hormonal explosions!


"Like it?"

O'Dalry couldn't help but reach out and rubbed his ear on his ear, and smiled and opened his mouth.


Ye Si Nian regained his gaze and nodded, his face was suspiciously red.

Intimate pretense did not see the sight of the little milk cat from time to time on his lap. When I thought about the upcoming export, Odley’s smile in her eyes paused. Some hesitantly said: “I’m going to go out today. It will take a few days to come back..."

Ye Si Nian looked up at his eyes and said, "But is it not a beast day?"

Doesn't the entire continent attach great importance to this day?

Odley licked her lips and reached out and touched her lover's back neck. The voice was a bit low: "I have something to do."

There was a trace of doubt in the fundus. Ye Sinian looked at the lover who obviously didn't want to talk about this topic in front of her. Although her heart was full of puzzles, she finally only licked her lips and said: "Is there any danger?"

"No." Odley hooked his lips, and his heart was full because of the full care of his lover's eyes. He couldn't help but drop a kiss on the blue eyes of the little milk cat. The forehead was in harmony with each other, the magnetic sound. With a reassuring appetite: "I will come back soon."

"Well..." Yesthe year raised her hand to cover her lover's neck and lifted her chin to kiss his lips.

In the sound of the waves, the lips of the people who loved each other finally got together. 2k novel reading network